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  1. The Doc's List: 1:Devourment 2:Opeth 3:Cannibal Corpse 4:Novembers Doom 5:All Shall Perish 6:Prostitute Disfigurement 7:Job For A Cowboy 8:The Sawtooth Grin 9:The Locust 10:In Flames Sorry I havent posted in awhile, But im back...Partialy
  2. Ah, musical knowledge is a wonderful thing.
  3. PUT HER BACK IN JAIL!, Im pretty sure that if i or anyone else was sent to jail for her charges they wouldnt let me see sunlight untill the end of my sentence....
  4. ROFL, I love this, iv always loved gwar there one of the first bands I listend to (and still do).
  5. LOL!, makes me wonder what else is on google maps and google earth .
  6. Dr.S

    3D Logic

    Great game, realy gets the mind working, level 10 then I had to tell myself to stop.
  7. By the looks of it there all albums, Whoracle is In Flames, Enthrone Darkness Triumphant is Dimmu Borgir and Blackwater park is Opeth.
  8. Anything by Novembers Doom, Opeth or Lacuna Coil. Hope you enjoy these artists.
  9. Dr.S


    Excelent connection Corey, they do sound like Rammstein. But they have less songs which is upsetting, id love to see another album come from them.
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