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    bowie ,duran duran , beatles

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  1. Queen - Pop Royalty !! best band of the 70's - 80's... Loved the coporation with George Michael after freddie passed away. Visit My Website - MusicBlog
  2. The best Album that was ever made !!I remember recording it on a tape and listen to the new music ... It was new and interesting . too bad they never came to Israel ... : Visit My Website - MusicBlog
  3. They came to Israel last summer . The show was spectacular and m a g n i f i c e n t !!! Roger Waters was at his best !! I'll never forget it @!@ Visit My Website - MusicBlog
  4. Saw the movie at the age of 18 . Got me so hard so I flew all the way to England to visit the places he started the revolution. Visit My Website - MusicBlog
  5. Brother Luwie - Modern Talking Visit My Website - MusicBlog
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