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Everything posted by moonglow

  1. Dire Straits, CD is ALCHEMY, song is Telegraph Road Hi all , I am back for awhile Moonglow
  2. wonder if Paris knows that lots of us REALLY DON'T CARE
  3. saw that guy on some talk show awhile ago.......he had just traded for a camp stove I think....wow. got his house
  4. Great article Kiwi......Very sad about Syd.......There is no other band to match Floyd in my eyes period
  5. I'm sure the Waffle House waitresses will be pleased
  6. Better log out now before people think I am a non-person I always get my ass in trouble about now
  7. and What Exactly does he plan on doing about this scurge
  8. Pics would be FANTASTIC and yes going home for a little while is probably just what I need to do :D I am counting the days :D
  9. must have been some fine hooch
  10. I am a massive fan haven't missed a concert in Houston (actually The Woodlands Pavilion) since 1998 and I can't wait....get to go back home for a week and see DMB too...August 18th
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