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    Rock, Rap, and Hip hop
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    Camp Normal, silvertide, nickelback

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  1. Jenni78

    Camp Normal

    They have some new stuff, if you guys want to go and check some more out about them. They are really awesome. To me anyways, everyone has their own thing they like. I myself like alot of different thing and they play alot of different things, even their own. But I just thought I would share my favorite band with everyone.
  2. Jenni78

    Camp Normal

    Thats cool, everyone has their own thing. I really enjoy their music. They really know how to put me in the mood for real rock.
  3. Jenni78

    Camp Normal

    Thanks, I love getting to go out and see them play.
  4. Jenni78

    Camp Normal

    CampNormal, a Tennessee based, four-man Rock/Hard Rock band, who are musically inspired and driven by the thrill of creating and performing something that feels so natural it’s like a sixth sense. The band came together in September 2004 when the last member of CN was added. Within 4 months, CampNormal released a 5-track demo, produced by Jeff Williams of Hipp Studios in Nashville, TN. The guys of CN were very excited about their experience in the studio and having their material laid down. They distributed the demo everywhere including local venues, radio stations, and fans. From such high demand for information, and the need to grow lead them to long time friend Brad Mounce of “Web Devised Web Design“. After many hours of combining input, they established what would become CampNormal.com. The internet brought acknowledgement and recognition of CN, helping connect them to their fans. Not expecting the internet alone to bring them shows, they went to venue after venue passing out their demo. Soon CampNormal was playing gigs three to four times a week. From the bar scene all the way to wedding receptions, no matter the size of the audience, the bands presence never went unnoticed. With every performance the quantity of the crowd grew larger. The guys didn’t stop there. CampNormal threw their demo CD to a local radio station called “Rock 105.5” and began receiving weekly radio play on Sunday nights between 10p.m.-12a.m. By chance, another local DJ from “93.5 The Wawl” was at a CN show and asked if he could play one of their songs during his program on Thursday nights. They were more than happy about the offer and agreed. So by late 2005 their songs were being spun on two different radio stations in Chattanooga, TN. The group has since been doing a lot of maturing and made unbelievable progress on stage and off. Their performances are energetic, keeping the fans on their feet from beginning to end, and behind closed doors the guys of CN are recruiting new fans all the while writing new and undoubtedly impressive material every day. These guys are really kick ass! I call them the Real Show Stoppers, They always keep me on my toes. They really love their music, and so do I. Just check them out and let me know what you think.
  5. I also have a great band to check out. Camp Normal they are awesome! www.campnormal.com and www.myspace.com/campnormal.
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