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  1. The biggest earthquake in the UK for nearly 25 years has shaken homes across large parts of England. People in Newcastle, Yorkshire, London, Manchester, the Midlands and Norfolk and also parts of Wales, felt the tremor just before 0100 GMT. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/7266136.stm
  2. Detectives plan to interview other guests at a cafe party where a man died during a fairy cake-eating competition. The owners of the Monkey Cafe and Bar in Swansea said they were devastated by the death of Adam Deeley, 34, from Birmingham, in a "tragic accident". http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/wales/7262435.stm
  3. Happy Birthday DudeAsInCool have a great day.
  4. Oasis, The Killers and Razorlight are to cover songs from The Beatles' Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band to mark the album's 40th anniversary. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/6530959.stm
  5. Lets hope the forum stays on its a great forum you are welcome to pop over to Share Central have a look see what you think of the forum. hope this post is ok
  6. Tiger Woods drives his BMW into a petrol station in a remote part of Ireland. The pump attendant who knows nothing about Golf or Tiger Woods says "Top of the morning to yer sir" Tiger nods and bends to pick up the nozzle to fill his car. As he does so 2 tees fall out of his shirt pocket. "What are they" asks the attendant "They are called tees" replied tiger "They are for resting my balls on when i am driving" "F**k me" says the Irishman "BMW think of everything"
  7. An Octopus walked into a bar and says " I can paly any musical Instrument you like" Englishman hands him a guitar which he play better than Jimi Hendrix. Irishman gives him a piano which he plays better than Elton John. Scotsman throws him a set of bagpipes - the octopus fumbles about for a few minutes and the scotsman says "Whats the matter can ye no play it" The octopus says "Play it? Im gonna f**k her brains out once ive got her pyjamas off"
  8. To many cant remeber them all but it was ok at the time.
  9. joiner


    Happy Birthday have a good one
  10. She must have had a lot of hair the amount they are selling on Ebay http://search.ebay.co.uk/britney_W0QQfromZR41QQfsooZ2QQfsopZ3QQsbrsrtZd
  11. This is it, the opportunity of a lifetime. You can be the proud owner of Britney Spears' hair, extensions, the Omega clipper used to cut it all off and even the can of Red Bull she was drinking at the time. You also get her blue Bic Lighter and this valuable domain and website to use for publicity purposes. This is the Ultimate Britney Spears Experience! It is a piece of history that can not be duplicated! http://buybritneyshair.com/
  12. Yes they play a lot of irish music they are booked for St Patricks night in a pub where a lot of irish people go
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