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  1. This album was produced, recorded, written, and created by Michael Manning under Creative Commons license in 2012. You may not trade this work for commercial gain. You may copy and produce in whole this work. You may not change the work without prior permission from its creator. contact @ [email protected] I encourage you to share this work. Give it to a friend. :) Post it on a torrent website. Do something. archive (direct download, 44 mgbt zip): <--- USE THIS http://www.archive.org/download/JugOfWater2012-MichaelJohnManning/JugOfWater2012-MichaelJohnManning_vbr_mp3.zip Soundcloud for Jug of Water (2012): http://soundcloud.com/michaeljohnmanning/sets/jug-of-water-2012-michael-john/
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