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  1. Pitbull's new video is out, It's so catchy and positive, but the lyrics are...ugh! It's unfair how he can make me enjoy a song with lines like: "I might drink a little more than I should" ah well, at least it's positive andno matter how cheap or simple the lyrics are, they gel surprisingly well with the pumping dance beats and the overall effect is quite gripping what do you think? Is a it a good song despite the lyrics (or even because of them?! ) or should it matter on a party song [url=http://www.muzu.tv/ie/pitbullgyx9oll1pa/pitbull-feat-neyo-afrojack-nayer-give-me-everything
  2. We have here the 4th single from the electronic collective of Skream, Benga and Artwork, how would you describe it? It's a sort of dubstep with a deep brooding beat and a mechanical, "magnetic" sound. Would it be deep-dubstep-house? [url=http://www.muzu.tv/ie/magneticman/magnetic-man-feat-p-money-anthemic-music-video/1022834/]Anthemic[/url] [url=http://www.muzu.tv/]Homepage[/url]
  3. This has been my song of the summer, in retrospect. I heard it at least three times a night in Ibiza, heard it in restaurants, on the way to and from the airport. I don't mind though since it's nice and melodic and easy enough to listen too! What was your song of the summer, and seperately your preferred song of the summer? links: [url=http://www.muzu.tv/ie/jenniferlopez/on-the-floor-music-video/923658/]On The Floor[/url] [url=http://www.muzu.tv/]muzu.tv - music videos[/url]
  4. The Bangor boys are back with a smooth flowing song in their signature sound. It really appeals to me, although I'm not sure about the video. The lyrics are always meaningful... But should they stick to their sound or try different tempos? It could be a choice between showing greater musical proficiency and possibly losing their identity, in the same way bands like Arctic Monkeys and the pre 2010 Chili Peppers had a certain sound. Links below to aid judgement: [url=http://www.muzu.tv/ie/snowpatrolofficial/called-out-in-the-dark-music-video/1053809/]Called Out In The Dark[/url] [u
  5. Everyone on the glam side of pop is talking about these, and their new album is expected to be big. Are they as goo as Girls Aloud though? From this video it looks promising enough [url=http://www.muzu.tv/ie/thesaturdays/all-fired-up-music-video/1046540/]All Fired Up[/url] Do you like The Saturdays more, or like them at all... I'm not usually a big fan of pop, but was pretty impressed by this -------[url=http://www.muzu.tv]muzu.tv[/url] links to pay artists for views...
  6. The wunderkind that is Bjork has a new track out, leaning more towards the electro side of the spectrum of her comprehensive work, What do you think? [url=http://www.muzu.tv/ie/bjork/bjrk-crystalline-music-video/1034010/]Crystalline[/url] Is she one of the multitalented, genre bending artists and are there any like her? I seem to only find this level of different ideas in prog rock and experimental electronica :( It's a [url=http://www.muzu.tv]muzu.tv[/url] link to give the artist a revenue source
  7. Some new guy going by the name of Maverick Sabre has a video out and I have to say he's pretty good, his voice is quite original and the whole track just comes across as classy here's a link: [url=http://www.muzu.tv/ie/mavericksabre/let-me-go-music-video/1040872/]Let Me Go[/url] Anyone know of other simlar artists with a standout voice or who give a nod to the high life maybe Sinatra-rap :D >>>> actually, he kinda reminds me of Amy Winehouse at the start [url=http://www.muzu.tv]muzu.tv[/url] link used to give the artist some revenue, be nice!
  8. Hey does anyone on here like rap, specifically UK stuff? My favourite up and coming solo act Dappy has a new and I'm wondering what you think of it... The music video is here: [url=http://www.muzu.tv/ie/dappy/no-regrets-music-video/1043109/]No Regrets[/url] It has all the usual slick production, but I find there is a bit of edge there too Any takers, is it high quality and do the lyrics appeal? >>>>[url=http://www.muzu.tv]muzu.tv[/url] used to give artists revenue for video streams, kthx
  9. Cher Lloyd's video for Swagger Jagger is so colourful, It's an eclectic mix of bright settings, clothes and graphics Is it the best video from an XFactor contestant? It's certainly the most out there! [url="http://www.muzu.tv/ie/cherlloyd/swagger-jagger-music-video/1004582/"]Swagger Jagger[/url] <object width="482" height="323" id="muzuplayer-cherlloyd-1313168524923"><param name="movie" value="http://www.muzu.tv/player/getPlayer/a/eLWEaJKzyu/vidId=1004582&includeAll=n"></param><param name="allowfullscreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowsc
  10. JLS have brought out a new video for She Makes Me Wanna, I thought I'd share it with you. [url=http://www.muzu.tv/ie/jls/jls-feat-dev-she-makes-me-wanna-music-video/1007280/]She Makes Me Wanna[/url] It has a good energy to it and Dev's refrain is pretty catchy, it was a good choice to feature him The rest of their videos are here: [url=http://www.muzu.tv/ie/jls/]JLS channel[/url] ..but I still think this new one is the best, what's yours?
  11. Hey the new One Direction single is out, called What Makes You Beautiful. It's pretty good, but I'm wondering why they haven't released a single before this? Or have they. Anyway here is a share of that single: [url=http://www.muzu.tv/ie/onedirection/what-makes-you-beautiful-music-video/1047950/]What Makes You Beautiful[/url] If anyone could get back to me on that, it would be great thanks! ( btw, I'm using [url=http://www.muzu.tv]muzu.tv[/url] to give the artist a revenue source)
  12. I'm loving this new band Foster the People, Their sound is pretty awesome and I'm wondering if there any other bands like this out there combining sorta guitars etc and electronic stuff in this way Video link: [url=http://www.muzu.tv/ie/fosterthepeople/helena-beat-music-video/1018427/]Helena Beat[/url] or [url=http://www.muzu.tv/ie/fosterthepeople/]Foster The People[/url] for the rest of their stuff. So basically music like this recommendations go go go! p.s. muzu links b/c they pay the artist
  13. Pixie's back with a slick new vid She's doing a pretty goo Diana Vickers impression don't you think ;) in the video: [url=http://www.muzu.tv/ie/pixielott/all-about-tonight-music-video/1015960/]All About Tonight[/url] the production are sticking with plenty of black and subtle glamour, just look at the rest: [url=http://www.muzu.tv/ie/pixielott/]Pixie Lott Channel[/url] Does anyone else pull off this kind of vibe? p.s. they are [url=www.muzu.tv]muzu.tv[/url] links to give artists an income
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