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  1. I keep my d*ck wrapped up cuz tricks is mad ill/ cuz now a days hoes are more toxic than a hazard spill/ yea the p*ssy is good, she make me wanna f*ck for days/ but ill be damned if she have a dude pissing razor blades/ so when I go deep, Im wrapped up, full suit on/ and I still spread that p*ssy like mustard-"poupon"/ Usher had it bad, with his confession of what its made for/ Cuz Shorty dont seem so pretty behind the clinics door/ With the doctor writing notes and shaking his head/ And tells you a box of trojans are cheaper, compared to meds/ Heres your prescription, you need to hurry to the store/ And you need to be thankful that this one can be cured/ ...Be Safe...
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