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  1. i'll park up your girl like its park and ride my man'll base with the nines my man'll base with the grime flows so cold spit frozen lines i got flows and rhymes come to the war with exploding nines u man will never run riots in the dark but you man will try get busy with your bars but you know ha comes cold and hard like streets with the frozen cars my man'll get backed out then sparked cuz whats past is the past now i've mastered the arts im a star with the barz so im always in the limelight always gonna grind tight always gonna rhyme nice
  2. anonymous


    theres one thing in life that everybody lives for your mom your dad yeah you might wants kids or you might wanna live for the rest of your life lowe all the stress and lay down your knife kids just ignore what they hear on the news but they cant empathise put themselves in the shoes of the people whose suffering fate just keeps on keeps on shuffling sometimes for good sometimes for worse parents dont wana see thier kids in a hurse cause it digs down deep, then stays there for life kids nowaday loose a friend to a knife. and thats why the truths gettin told kids cant go out on the road on thier own cause they just get scared and run to thier home its where they feel safe and nobody knows where their hidin they got a reason to hide and a reason for cryin, turn on the tele and you'll see that reason killins in the world how many a season ask yourself cause we just loose count, cause they wana be the top man have the last shout, but we should all be equal the rich the poor whats all of that real for they should have the same money and have the same rights but we cant do that why its just life people say to me thats not fair, yes it is no its not ok i dont care yes, well i think you should theres kids gettin killed we should have done all we could cause we can be better, we can never stop this hey never say never we can do anything if we put our mind to it we need participation and then we can do it put our heads together and we can just pull through it pull through what? there's kiddin gettting stabbed n shot. --by hazard ya' dnt knowww www.myspace,com/dathazardman rate my tunez plz
  3. can someone give me some feedback? even just a rating out of 10?
  4. not finished yet.. some parts of it i plainly dont like.. and some part's i think flow well levelin you with my lyrical view these lyrical bars they'll leave u a clue a clue to say this is how u spray spray bars till im levelin u (<< hate this) these bars have flames in the fray no lyrical sway, merc man everyday. bars spray cause im followin through write of your name with my lyrical brew wipe of your shame like shit off my shoe swipe of your jaw as the strap fly's through
  5. well.. i've yet to find a proper flow. so help with this would be appreciated. a few of my mate's are mc's and i get bored sitting there whilst they spit, so i'm writing my own. good and bad comments wanted. i'm new to the grime scene slashin my way yeah, through the chorus drillin hole's in ur face, makin it porus my indigenous race, british they call us dont bring beef to my door i'll cut up all of yus now i'll carve my pride, into your chest right about time, to invest. in a stab proof vest, to cover your breast my origional crest, dig in deep with a knife pray i wont, take ur life i'll wash man up with a wave of the grime rinse man out with the rhythm an the rhyme man should be skeptic this chorus is hectic i;ll mould this stage with my own dialectic
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