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  1. Hi Guys, listing was slowed up because I had to get my site on a new server, it's no longer slow (yay!). These are just a few of this week finds I've listed thus far, have plenty more that will be listed the next couple days. I hope you enjoy. Afro Blues Quintet Plus One - La La La La La/ Where Did Our Love Tempests - What You Gonna Do / Can't Get You Out Of My Mind Doris Duke - The Feeling Is Right / He's Gone Spellbinders - Chain Reaction / A Little On The Blue Side Muddy Waters - Got My Mojo Working / Rock Me Blondell McCloud - Help Me To Hold Out pt. 1 & 2 Tarheel Slim & Little Ann - Can't Stay Away From You/ Forever I' Little Esther Phillips - It's Too Soon To Know/ You're The Reaso Some Garage / Rock 45s Fire And Ice - Mirrors / You Don't Know Banchee - I Just Don't Know / Train Of Life www.popculturedude.com 45s, LPs, comics & toys
  2. Swift start to a busy weekend of listing. Here are a few new items I fetched last week, just getting to list. Expecting some really nice finds, so please visit us on http://www.popculturedude.com all weekend. We have sound clips of our rarer finds listed on http://blog.popculturedude.com. Thanks! Mack Simmons - I'm Gonna Keep On Searching Till I Find Mine/ Rai Slim Harpo - Don't Start Cryin' Now / Rainin' In My Heart Eugene Church - I Ain't Goin' For That / Miami Brenda Holloway - When I'm Gone / I've Been Good To You Clara Ward - God Bless The Child / Gonna Build A Mountain Laddins - If You Need Me I'll Be There/ I'll Kiss Your Teardrops Z.Z. Hill - I Think I'd Do It / Second Chance Brenda Jo Harris - Love Is Like A Hurricane / Standing On The Ou Dee Clark - Cling A Ling / At My Front Door Creators - Yeah, He's Got It / Boy, He's Got It Realinda - Hey Mr. Paul /Hey Mr. Paul (instr.) Bobby Lewis - Mumbles Blues / Oh Baby Milton Grayson - It Ain't Necessarily So / You're Part Of Me Al Wilson - Now I Know What Love Is / Do What You Gotta Do Bernard DuPree - You Are Going To Miss Me / Yesterday Today And Woodrow Bethune & The Gospel Four - I Wanna Die Easy/ Work On Ti Etta James - Top Ten Ike & Tina Turner - River Deep -Mountain High Lps and 45s will be listed all weekends so check us out!
  3. Hi guys, We are in the middle of listing some gems tonight. We do have a mint copy of Bernard Dupree currently listed and it's mint. A link to the sound clip to both sides are provided in the listing. Bernard DuPree - You Are Going To Miss Me / Yesterday Today And Woodrow Bethune & The Gospel Four - I Wanna Die Easy/ Work On Ti The Project - Won't You Serve Him / Good News Betty Wright - Sweet Lovin' Daddy/ Girls Can't Do What The Guys Even more listing! thanks.
  4. Hi members, just getting you a heads up. A couple buddies and myself have started this new website called popculturedude.com and we will be listing tons of 45's daily and weekly. We have about 700 45's listed currently, and we're shooting to have no less than 5000 soul 45 listed before the year ends. We are collector's and we will be listing some cool items. I personally have sold quite a few items on ebay in the pass, like Carleen and the Groovers on Music World, Little Tommy on Sound of Soul and tons more. With ebay rising cost to list we are saying no more! I personally come across several rare finds monthly and will be posting them all on popculturedude.com in the future. So guys and gals, feel free to check us out, my email is connected to the contact us from the site, SEND US YOU LIST OF WANTS! (all we do is look, look, look!). Right now, our site only takes paypal, we will have google checkout and others. I live in SC, so if you like that hard to find southern soul, I come across it regularly and it will be posted. Thanks.
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