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  1. The recent death of pop icon Michael Jackson was a devastating shock for the millions of fans who adored the King of Pop. What surprised many cultural observers was the overwhelming sentiment of fans who rejected the inevitable muckraking in favor of remembering Jackson as he was during his most creative period, from his time with The Jacksons through his blockbuster album, Thriller. For those fans, Chronicle Books releases Michael Jackson: Before He Was King, a collection of 100 images, most never-before-seen, taken by Todd Gray, who was Jackson’s personal photographer during the golden period between 1974 and 1983, just as Jackson bloomed into unprecedented international stardom but before he became insulated as the King of Pop. Gray documented Jackson in performance, for magazine covers, on tour, at home and at play. Gray was granted personal access to the private Michael, with his family and fans, as well as to his incredible career-making live performances and the video shoot for “Beat It.” Michael’s obvious comfort, candor, and pure joy shine through in the images. Michael Jackson: Before He Was King captures the star the way that his fans will want to remember him. Click the link below to get your own copy! http://bit.ly/MJBeforeHeWasKing
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