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  1. been spittin for a month so here goes, 1st bar 24:7 my barz theyre levelin, 1 false move stik a knife in ya head n then ill draw for the ting this rift ill be settelin 16 years in the game im a veteran call for ya mandem blud yull get clapped up go home fam yull find yur mum wrapped up hypin to me blud yull get slapped up scratch wot i sed coz blud youll get shanked up 2nd bar youtes out there theyre lookin for war but why the fuck are they hypin it for i mean they dont know what theyre standing up for when they step to me they get shanked in the core theyre runnin theyre mouth askin for more you know where i live fam just knock at my door but yu be fightin for yur life on the floor stop hypin it blud yur voice is a bore
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