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Everything posted by ODIN{SmG}..

  1. Feels like i'm behind on life i've wasted too much time/ These thoughts that are pacing through my mind,, cause me to be loosing ma patience when i should be concentrating on the task insight/ Constant hesitation means that times jus passing me by// In my time i've bin deprived, deprivation of the finer things in life/ So the temptation it always overides, n i'm the roads at night, with coplications close behind/ posed to strike/ Causing confrontation in ma mind, untill i'm blinded, cant decide on wots right n wos wrong/ Cos while were organising crime n violence tryin to be da don/ Theres children frightened fighting for the right to live on/ But still we lie to our own kind so the cycle keeps on...
  2. Grime Ting.. You try to act like i, but you aint got ya mind right/ thats why ya stuck onda side lines/ dont give a fuck if you dont like my rhymes... dont like yours!/ say that ya sick, but i've got da cure/ spray one 16 n bruk up ya jaw/ cut up ya tounge so i shut you da fuck up for sure/ cant mutter, cant talk/ your not a tough man, man got bored/ you chat your a gunman so walk da walk/ still think that ya bad, well come man draw// na... thats what i thought, your a fake your a fruad/ i dont play wiv your sort/ i jus spray da four four/ dont give a fuck if i'm breaking da law/ snake on ma man den i'l take you to war/ dun no man 'l be raging for sure/... like ghetts dun wana see nutin but brains on the floor/ dont need to be hench when i got a chain saw// you fink you can take the pain, but i take it to another level, take it to a level thats raw...
  3. I'm emittin these cylibals like i put da clip in, cock n pull da trigger, n i'm aiming at'em any man who beg to differ, get disfigured/ cos i fuse da riddem with encrypted lyrics/ keep on rippin till i blew da system n i'm raisin spirits/ new excistance of lyrical wisdom n ya no where near it/ listen deeply to my speach or you wont hear it, wont depict the picture i configured in ma lyrics/ when ma pen touches the paper i become a wizard, delivering feelings to ya mind thats scientifically defying physics/ using lyricism i'm grippin millions of children, n switching how there thinking till they see things different/ see the bigger picture in the distance/ cos lifes a bitch within a minute might be non-excistant, anyman might find themself in that postion/ so for survival nowdays many mansdem they will roll with a strap/ thats no prediction, thats the world we live in, so it's a fact/ even so called honest people always sinning, how are we ment to look upto that/ the whole government is full of currupt twats... i've had enough i'm breaking free, taking what was ment for me/ no more delaying, already i'm upto speed/ infecting fakers wiv desease/ ma only weaponry is speach// n i'm threatening the scene because these emcees there perception isn't deep/ when i'm connecting with the beat perfections what you see/ cos collectively the best are out of breath, obsessing over SmG/ i no this is ma destiny, so i keep on going till i no that i'm the best that i can be// i no ma flows unique, because i neva chose it, it jus came to me like satan in ma dreams/ there the sort of thoughts i'm facing when i sleep, it's awkward, raw corpses dere rotten n morbid/ ya thoughts are not of importance, so pause... ...bitch, n stop all dat talking/ i'l click, cock back n bore him/ drop da gloc n keep walkin, i'm done with this warin, you man are jus boring me... Sum Little Hip-Hop Ting i Been Working On... What You Think?..
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