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  1. CG Mastering Services - we'll make it tight! http://www.facebook.com/cybergroovemastering About Us A mastering / mixdown / mix mastering service. All mastering done by Subsonik (http://www.facebook.com/mark.subsonik.official.page). Mission We at CG Mastering offer the best quality digital mastering for your money. Company Overview We perform mastering work and mixdown work for labels, individual artists, bands and the like. We offer top-notch masters for your release regardless of any format (CD & Digital) We have competitive prices, and 100% satisfaction guarantees on all
  2. DOSVEC - Mashup Dance Event feat Krunkpony at Knitting Factory - Brooklyn, NY [attachment=26947:dosvec1.jpg] July 10, 2012 (Tuesday) 9pm - 4am $10 all night All Ages (Bar is opened for 21+) Knitting Factory Event Page: http://bk.knittingfactory.com/event/127615/ Buy tickets at: http://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/127615 //BIO http://www.DOSVEC.com/ http://www.YouTube.com/DOSVEC http://www.SoundCloud.com/djwhatt/tracks "If you aren't dancing, I'm not doing my job" - DOSVEC DOSVEC has been taking the mash up world by storm with a music catalog that boasts hun
  3. CG AM Tours [DnB/Dubstep/Electro] & Printing Specials What a great year we had in 2011!! It has been a pleasure touring our artists around to the fine promoters we have relationships with. We would be nothing without all of you…the promoters and the fans who come out to support this music You are all a pleasure to work with and entertain…straight class. As you may have noticed our family has grown close to 200%, and so we can keep up with all the additions we added a number of staff members. Our staff should be increasing more as time goes on and as our roster continues to g
  4. xKore & Falinox North American tour | Dubstep & DnB [b]FaceBook | YouTube[/b] http://www.facebook.com/xKoreOfficial | http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=xkore&aq=f&aql=t http://www.facebook.com/falinox | http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=falinox&aq=f&aql=f [b]Cyber Groove AM Profile:[/b] http://cybergrooveam.com/xkore.html http://cybergrooveam.com/falinox.html [b]Press Kit[/b] http://www.CyberGrooveProd.com/xkore_presskit.zip http://www.CyberGrooveProd.com/falinox_presskit.zip [b]DATES AVAILABLE: [/b] November 7th - November 28th
  5. CG AM Tours | Total Science | Gridlok | Dylan | Optiv + more Hello all, CG AM has been busy recently building up our roster with names we feel should spark some interests with promoters/fans alike. End of Summer/Fall Tours!! http://www.cybergrooveam.com/tours.html MC Tali - North America (Sept 16th - 30th) http://eepurl.com/eefKL Q-BiK - North America (Sept 6th - Nov 3rd) http://eepurl.com/dLGEk Gridlok - North America (Sept 1st - Oct 31st) http://eepurl.com/eYhs6 DOSVEC - North America (Sept 1st - Oct 31st) http://eepurl.com/e61x2 Dylan & Robyn Chaos - North Ameri
  6. [quote name='daniella downs' timestamp='1313156405' post='194477'] lately, i keep getting emails from this site. i've come back and turned off notifications when people start new posts, but i still keep getting them. can someone explain why this is? [/quote] same thing is happening to me
  7. CyberGrooveAM.com Version 2.0 | New Additions/Tours [img]http://www.cybergrooveam.com/images/CGAM_logoweb.jpg[/img] Cyber Groove AM is proud to present to you our newly designed website coupled together with a number of new additions and our announcement of our tours through November Please make your way over to: http://www.CyberGrooveAM.com The Cyber Groove Family is now: North American/International Roster Drum and Bass/Electro/DubStep 6Blocc w/ Prolific | Axiom | Cain.1 | Cast the Sky | Disaszt | Edward Oberon | Falinox | Fourward | Futurebound | Gridlok | High Maintenan
  8. bump!!! This is Tali's Farewell tour!!! Book this tour to see her this September, we don't know when we will see her next here in the states...
  9. Matrix and Futurebound | July Tour | Drum n Bass/Dubstep Hello forumers! I am writing you because we are about a couple of weeks away where we are going to be closing up the bookings for Matrix and Futurebound first North American tour together. This tour is going to be a massive one with a mixture of drum and bass Viper Recordings style in addition to some sick ass dubstep all in one set by one of the best duos in our scene. Tours like this don't come around often so be sure to hit us up and ask about what it is going to take to bring these two to your town. Tour site: http
  10. CG AM Tours | 6Blocc | Jade | Optiv (C4C) | Matrix + Futurebound | [email protected] Hello forumers, This spring/summer is going to be a heavy one. Heres the tours we have going on (listed in date of occurrence) ******************************* 6Blocc w/ Prolific - April/May (Opened) Tour Page: http://eepurl.com/cSBnQ ******************************* Jade • Available dates May 6, 8-12, 14-19, 22 - 27 Profile: http://www.CyberGrooveAM.com/jade.html Tour Page: http://eepurl.com/cdXnj ******************************* Optiv (Cause 4 Concern) • Available dates June 1, 4 - 14, 1
  11. Cyber Groove January Newsletter | Mixes | CG News Hello forumers. Happy New Year, Jan has come and been gone, sorry for the delay on this for people who enjoy these...here is what Cyber Groove has been up to. http://eepurl.com/cBsO- (CLICK THE ABOVE LINK TO VIEW NEWSLETTER) If you can not wait to hear the news on the end of the month keep it close to http://www.cybergrooveprod.blogspot.com for the most up to date Cyber Groove news!!! BELOW IS A DISCRIPTION OF WHAT CAN BE FOUND IN THE LINK ABOVE This month we have the following mixes available for download: The Risky P
  12. Cyber Groove AM Tours | Drum & Bass | Spring 2011 Hello forumers, This spring/summer is going to be a heavy one. Heres the tours we have going on (listed in date of occurrence) Prolix • Available dates April 18, 19, 24-27 http://www.CyberGrooveAM.com/prolix.html Jade • Available dates May 9-12, 15-19 http://www.CyberGrooveAM.com/jade.html Matrix and Futurebound • Late May - June (opened) http://www.CyberGrooveAM.com/futurebound.html Optiv (Cause 4 Concern) • June (opened) http://www.CyberGrooveAM.com/optiv.html View our entire roster @ http://www.CyberGroov
  13. Drum and Bass | Optiv (C4C) Cyber Groove Mix | Spring Tour Hello all, Optiv (Cause 4 Concern) and Red Light Records label man will be going on tour this Spring hitting North America. Now taking dates in June 2011 Here is a mix he got over to us to support the tour...straight bananas if you ask me. [url]http://cybergrooveprod.blogspot.com/2010/12/optiv-c4c-exclusive-cyber-groove-mix.html[/url] To book Optiv or any other Cyber Groove Tours/Talent contact: Scott McCusker Cyber Groove Artist Management [email][email protected][/email] CyberGroove2K < AIM/Skype
  14. Prolix North America Tour - April 2011 [img]http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc3/hs090.snc3/15745_323637055550_610265550_9763972_5499331_n.jpg[/img] CG AM Profile: http://www.cybergrooveam.com/prolix.html Prolix EPK: http://www.cybergrooveprod.com/prolix_presskit.zip April 18th – May 2nd 2011 With releases on leading labels such as Ganja Tek, Renegade Hardware, Virus and Bad Taste, Prolix continues to push the sonic boundaries with his unique style across the drum & bass scene. 2010 is shaping up to be the biggest year yet for this highly-respected producer & DJ. A he
  15. Jade's Exclusive Cyber Groove Podcast | Spring Tour [img]http://www.twuagency.co.uk/images/artists/jade_1.jpg[/img] Jade CG AM Profile: www.CyberGrooveAM.com/jade.html Press Kit: www.CyberGrooveProd.com/jade_presskit.zip SoundCloud: www.SoundCloud.com/jadednb Lifted, Black Sum Empire Recordings, Citrus, 1210, Moving Shadow, Project 51, Cyber Groove AM To support Jade's [b]May/June North American tour[/b] here is an exclusive mix for us, Cyber Groove Productions/Artist Management. Bookings still available for all of the US and into Canada...reach out!!! [email protected]
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