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  1. I can see tha white light in my reach..too bad i can feel my feet burnin beneath..stuck in this place between heaven an hell..hopin tha next time it aint gonna be that hot shell.but everytime a try ta do tha right thing..i get spit on an shit on like.but yall dont know wha i mean..im mean..i dont giva fuck about yall..so ill keep spittin these raps until my fuckin ass fall..but i think about tha good an notta bout tha bad..i may look pissed but its jus my natural mad.but dont test me bitch..cuz my style is unimaginable.its a hazard for ya....i dont mean to brag but uh...i cant help it...it aint my fault im ill..it aint my fault my steele gotchu when u was slippin still..but thas tha way it goes so this wood ima keep grippin..and that drank i be sippin i cant forget about tha...but anywayz back to wha i was sayin..ima just count my money,do some prayin an collect my change man..itsa a shame man..so for tha ima quit..quit spittin this song cuz cuz its turnin to shit...so be on tha lookout cuz i aint done yet.. youll be wantin more by tha end of tha bet!
  2. I tried to clean it up so yall could read it alil better..I was tryin to fix it so yall could read it with a faster tempo beat an it to make sense..Thats about as good as i could get it ..hope yall like it...Is there anyway i could make a recording an post it??
  3. i liked tha first 2 verses alot..tha secnd 2 need some work but like i said tha style is good
  4. Look man ya gotta good style bro ya just need ta really think about what yur about ta spit and wether its gonna be hot..like tha style man keep wrightin
  5. yo yo yo, not what it looks like flows so right gotchur gurl grippin my dick tight at this hieght,,so high i just might. cause a crash.. off tha dash and through glass from tha past i blast into tha future i clash ..now listen boy.. ima only tell ya one time.out my face if ya wanna see tha sun shine, reely hope i find or catch u slippin, cut u so deep ya viens start drippin now u slippin in a puddle on tha floor an im dippin mane you trippin always be sippin even when tha prison wallz in tha vision you should listen... Look at my diamonds they glisten you should listen.... I spit tha hottest trackz,everything else is just wack, like tha shit you be sayin cuz u think u all that.I got news fur ya homie its about ta change,i got tha style,tha flow and i got tha name, I also got tha game my pimp hand is strong,mutha fucka step to me...ya dead wrong. or maybe just dead i dont know its just a thought in my head,, how funny yur body would look separated from yur head!!!!!!!!!!!!
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