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  1. it would be really nice if i could get some more feedback on this topic...what do yahll think....i see the posts but no opinions? any?
  2. no problem...now a days its hard to find music that is refreshing and that has substance....but his approach is a blessed ministry that I feel will bridge many gaps.....thanks for the reply!
  3. Im new to this site and Im blessed to be here. Recently I have been perusing myspace and Ive been catching the new gospel music emerging on there. People are really elevating their ministries and finding new ways to spread the good word. I ran across a fella who has really struck a nerve with me his name Vince Wilson. I recommend his music for something refreshing. I am thoroughly impressed by his production which incorporates sounds and melodies new to Gospel. His ministry is a blessed one and I hope yahll share the same feelings. Let me know what your opinions are on fresh approaches to God's Music. check him out and let me know what you think.... http://www.myspace.com/cjmusicforchrist click on the flyer to preview this refreshing ministry.....
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