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  1. PhilBoi

    any rappers here?

    " i say no to drugs "
  2. PhilBoi


    i'll be sure to peep some songs out by them.. thanks
  3. PhilBoi


    i would like to hear some good songs so if anyone knows a few that would be cool.. ex:nofx, blink , less than jake etc.. thanks
  4. :good job: i still haven't made up my mind on which one is better , but it's all good. :bigsmile:
  5. song is dope! i need to hear the whole cd still , but i'm sure i'll get it. :scratchin:
  6. who's heard the remix of this lean back?
  7. PhilBoi


    what about dj smallz - southern smoke 8.. who's heard it? and what you think about it.
  8. sup with this track? drop some feedback on it..
  9. never seen the vid so i wouldn't know what you talking bout ;)
  10. PhilBoi


    best believe dat..the sun down here is killin!
  11. PhilBoi

    Rep. yo City!

    San Benito Texas aka Rio Grand Valley - Down South Near South Padre Island -
  12. "doesn't plan on doing that" :P hell no!
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