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  1. Hey, How do I get a banner or a picture in my forum to link somewhere, i figured out how to put the image in, but not have it linked anywhere??!!!
  2. NÅID Have you heard NÅID (Martin Landquist) new CD? “Varanasi” is by far his ABSOLUTE BEST work ever! The CD brilliantly mixes classic Indian vocals and chants combined with Nordic electronic beats. There are so many AMAZING guest musicians on it including Anders Ahered, Indian Pagannini, G Ghayathri Devi, S Saindhavi, R Shruti, Beata Soderberg, Richard "Huxflux" Nettermalm, Hanna Ekstrom, Caroline Valdemarsson & Johan Karlsson. To see the AMAZING documentary video of the journey to complete the CD in India - and to buy it go to <http://www.kosmicamusic.com/> The CD will be available at retail stores soon but for now you can buy it directly thru the site
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