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  1. Fraykerbreaks Presents - Bar Funk (Volume 3) The 3rd Volume of Funk Joints Taken straight outa your Fav 70's Cop show Bar & Club Scene, i am not a fan of funk compilations cause the word "Funk" is sometimes used a little loosly and 45's sometimes stuck on cd's here and there cause they are labled funk 45's though they lack substance so here is another bunch of funk shite Researched Sourced and compiled for your pleasure. Enjoy!!! Link http://www.divshare.com/download/4387511-290 http://fraykersrevenge.blogspot.com/
  2. Fraykerbreaks Presents - El Dragon De Fuego Ripped For Your Pleasure, The Latest Platter of Obscure & Rare Music From the VAULTS of The Fraykerbreaks Crates! This Time under the Disguise of A 70's Kung Fu Flick conatining Funk Soundtrack music that should off, could of, or has been used to create this soudscape of B Movie Kung Fusion, well who really cares anywaze, the music speeks for its self, Enjoy!!!! I did this Off the Cuff, so anyone wanting to know of any tracks on the set, just let me know what time the tune comes in and i can digg it out for ya!!! Link; http://rapidshare.com/files/105635107/Fray...on_De_Fuego.mp3 http://fraykersrevenge.blogspot.com/
  3. thanks glad you liked the artwork!!!... alot of the music was sourced from Old Library Records from the UK, France, USA, etc, they never apear on any soundtracks to cop shows of the 70,s but Spoted Purring the Background of those Bar Scenes for instance, starsky & hutch, mcloud street of san francisco, if you want the first part i can post that as well,
  4. Bar Funk (Volume 2) Fraykers 35th Avenue Funk Boutique been digging deep for some funk nuggets for the second part of Bar funk Compilation. all source music used in those seedy bars of the 70's in your favourite Cop Show...i a am not a fan of funk compilations so i have prepared one myself,. enjoy these rare gemms.. Full Link: zSHARE - fraykerbreaks presents bar funk - volume 2.zip http://img104.imagevenue.com/img.php?image..._122_1177lo.jpg
  5. Hi there guys, another couple of funk track id's i was wondering if anyone could help me identify these two Funk snippets Tracks, one organ driven the other flute driven, not sure who but i am guessing its one of the heavy weights i know i should have thesein the crates somewhere, its doing my head in, lol much appreciated for any help nailing these , thanks for your help Link. ftsnippeta.mp3 - 0.80MB ftsnippetb.mp3 - 1.06MB
  6. Ah i managed to id, two of these tracks, both are on the the same lp, Herbie Mann - Bird In A Silver Cage (1976) tracks are the title track & Birdwalk... Fraykerbreaks
  7. yip you gotta have the hustle in ya too move with the funk, but unfortunetly just checked out old van mcoys - do the hustle and unfortunetly wasnt the wan, so the hunt continues, thanks again for your help, this was record i was talking about, an instructional hustle dance lp, :D Fraykerbreaks.........
  8. hi Dudeasincool, thanks for your help checking out the little snipets, who was it that done do the hustle? is that the do the hustle dance lesson lp ? Thanks again for your help Fraykerbreaks...
  9. Hi guys and Gals, Just new to the forum, and hope to contibute some knowledge of the Funk!!! (many thanks) I was wondering if any fellow funk music lovers could help me with id's for these tracks? i have been hunting these for ever now and just cant seem to nail them its just 3 very short snippets of funk tracks on the one mp3 file, its not the best of quality it was recorded on mic from an old vhs... thanks alot for your help nad hope someone can help id these tracks i would be very greatfull , best wishes Fraykerbreaks.. Link ==== http://www.zshare.net/audio/379262333b13aa/ ==== Mirror Link ==== http://www.mediafire.com/?8t4o05nvzph ====
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