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  1. The debut album from ‘BUKOLA’ entitled ‘Which Way’ is available now! You can get the CD version from http://www.goyamusic.com/ Or you can get the download version from<p> http://www.tunetribe.com/Album?album_id=1046386 If you live in London and want to see Bukola Live with her band, including guests like Marc Mac (4hero) and MAD (Groove Armada) – then come to the album launch….. It’s FREE! Saturday 10 November 2007 @ the award winning Luminaire, NW6 Email your guest list to [email protected]
  2. Folks, Dont sleep on this classic! The debut album from BUKOLA entitled Which Way is just starting a massive radio, press and online campaign in the UK and South Africa! Featuring MAD from Groove Armada plus many more........ Official release is 29 Oct 2007. UK and South African tour dates to follow. www.bukola.biz www.myspace.com/bukolabiz Smashing it up!
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