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  1. SAP S/4HANA, cloud version is intended for undertakings that need institutionalized cloud combination offerings that cover the center business situations and the line-of business cloud arrangements. For the cloud release, the fundamental reconciliation innovations are SAP HANA Cloud Integration and Web administrations. In view of the chose degree and membership show, clients can use the completely incorporated, secured, and oversaw SAP S/4HANA, cloud version by SAP. Much of the time, the required client combination situations are provisioned, designed, and actuated from SAP Cloud Operations and SAP Cloud Service Center, or SAP gives self-setup UIs so clients can arrange the arrangement. The arrangement of augmentations in the HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) is a rich method to improve S/4HANA frameworks or to construct totally new applications, which alluded as guided customizations. S/4HANA joins the demonstrated arrangement of center business usefulness, in numerous dialects and for about all nations, with the capacity to wander into totally new measurements of uses. This capacity is key when business forms are creating at a regularly expanding pace and center venture frameworks can't simply be supplemented by point arrangements however need to likewise suit these progressions. This lessening in unpredictability additionally brings down the edge for littler organizations to change to S/4HANA. The present SAP S/4HANA, cloud version as of now covers particular business situations for the showcasing line of business and for the expert administrations industry. The undertaking version incorporates: fund, bookkeeping, controlling, obtainment, deals, fabricating, plant support, venture framework, and item lifecycle administration. The substance is coordinated with SAP APO Course cloud arrangements, for example, SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central, SAP Ariba, SAP Hybris Marketing, SAP Jam, SAP Financial Services Network, and outsider joining with Vertex for impose count. Customization by creating code out of standard usefulness is dependably an enormous test and includes with spending plans and assets. However, for beyond any doubt making customization decrease is a decent proposal up until this point; keep center advancement at least and non-center customizations on outside applications, so while going into new forms non-troublesome reception truly happens. Proposal is, HANA Cloud Platform has devices for code improvement and expansions on standard usefulness, a design approval for customization ought to be headed to pick the correct part to develop new code. Previously ought not think about S/4HANA cloud version if center improvement is taken as a business procedure. So S/4HANA on-start will be the best alternative. So far despite everything we prescribe remaining on standard procedures completely through the change
  2. We have a PEGA frontend, from where we are entering in twofold byte characters like Japanese and being send to disseminated java webservice through pivot. This is working fine when we send singlebyte characters. Just falling flat while utilizing twofold byte characters. The encoding utilized is UTF-8 in the xml which is being passed. Twofold byte characters are by and large appropriately rendered in PEGA front end. Indeed, even the PEGA logs indicates characters in place. Pivot adaptation: 2 PEGA gets the reaction while summoning webservice... Error:problem getting to the parser. Parser as of now got to! Did different mix testing and found the accompanying... single byte-working chinese - working japanese Hiragana - working katakana - working kanji - not working For kanji, PEGA isn't notwithstanding hitting the circulated code, it comes up short with parser blunder "issue getting to the parser. Parser as of now got to!