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Ayham Laham

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  1. Ayham Laham

    End this for me

    Some times I feel like clearing out my mind just like Kurt Cobain, with his shotgun, Just so i can end this pain I'm crying so much,my shirts are leaving me stains Not tears but blood because love turns to hate Why won't you accept me, is it just because of my face? Fuck this life!, my mind is going COO COO too CRAY I can't stay in my mind I'm just to affraid I'm not crazy but i think im going insane I see the death of me everytime i look in the mirror Just like a horror movie, making me live in terror I can't explain this nor make this anymore clearer I want to disconnect from life cuz my hole existence is an error Fuck it, i can't take this no more If it wasn't for my family you would've already seen me on the floor, so therefor im gonna have to live in this war forevermore Otherwise i would've just passed by a claymore I need you, where the hell are you, i thought you were my savior?! God, if this is just a test, please realize That you're fucking me over I don't want to live in pain just so i can die and be in eternal happiness So just take me to hell or take me out of this darkness But if you don't I'll just do it myself, because i need to be free from this madness.
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