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  1. im making miracles happen with my spiritual rappin words just trapped ya in the rapture trying to capture the moment so potent this omnipotent exposure ur final disclosure just another daemon scheming to stop me from breathin leavin me feeling wounded like im bleeding so displeasing this reason thats got me reading this scripture it comes to me as a picture my trippin minds eye i follow blind fly like god kinda odd but thats just me trust me eternally portals see immortals be existent ing in every thing is feeling me sing... haha
  2. Heaven or Hell, need to pick ur role, energy feed, to draw ur soul, its all in the choice, so listen to his voice... as these boisterous daemons voices, screaming venomous beaming noises, poison us scheming with lust,/ this matrix so anxious, it seems to torture us, beneath the flux, never stuck in place, nor ever muck the pace, knuckles down with a busted face, buckles the clown in last place, no need to frown, turn it upside down, no longer allow, in, the negative min., that's the beginning, of sinnin... Heaven or Hell, need to pick your role, energy feed, to draw your soul, it's all in the choice, so listen to his voice... and enter his kingdom, his words of wisdom, read em, his people, need em, lead them, reminisin and wishin to envision the mission with in him, its in us all, try never again to fall, by learning to bend the law, why not avoid the flaw, make ties, mend with ya'll, just blessed the call, its all just right, remember always ur in his sight to feel his might, thats the blessing within, ... Heaven or Hell, need to pick ur role, energy feed, to draw ur soul, its all in the choice, so listen to his voice...
  3. so sick of the regergitated so called art so slick and miscreated before the rampart times about to restart rhymes meant to fall apart the apex of illusion eluding not conlcudeing confusing the uprooting of beauty as soul soothing misusing instead of soluteing the dead the solution's ready been read its polluting the mind witholding the plot leaving ppl lost looking in the wrong spot stress till this blood clot bless this stroke upon canvas alot immortality has no rot just another deamon caught
  4. Wake up!!! its morning// what reasons? too boring?// ya slump/ being born in// the galaxy/bump// its no fallacy/ stumped?// its fact/ its reality// step back/ dont get mad me// that this/ is not blasphemy// opened eyes/ and u can see// blatantly/ its not just me// the wise/ realize/ all the signs/ and its on tv// don't be blind/ open up ur mind/ find the truth inside/ pray to God and abide/ to the holy trinity// thats true divinity// the mystical infinity// created within energy// that cannot be destroyed// the form of negative avoid// step back/ change of perspective/ employed// attract/ positively/ left to be enjoyed// devoid/ of uncertainty// the want/ is humanity// daemonic taunt/ plays at fantasy// while perfection is aimed at thee// angels and his judgement lead// but sinners r society// especially/ now// the question is how?// media and political ties/ disallow// this partial matrix shown as lies/ avowed// but the tip is all thats really endowed// loss of lives/ the result/ plowed// adds injury to insult/ gives us reason to revolt// let the canvas be the bolt// lightning struck/ let it molt// devote/ and bleed// for this existence/ read// into the resistance/ lead//ing/ to eternal blissness// thats my business//
  5. i disappoint, disabuse to anoint.. use this joint till bliss becomes amused by history flicks and how it repeats, amiss, power and struggles.. twist.. flowers thru the hour glass, till the sands of time pass, and its ours at last its already been said, words written, but not read, smitten, instead heart on sleeve, till bled, just breathe, or end up dead, media news all bred, are the lies we keep getting fed, end up being the ties, that bind us, as society blind us, fully, its the folly of life, the irony in our strife, its been designed just right, its all in the choice, listen, to the voice, rejoice, glisten, the negative into positive, that's what we need, pick up the feed, fertile the seed or bleed, until we finally succeed...
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