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  1. AKA(DaddyStokes) We de mandem boys Now listen up im a rough kid thats white wouldnt seem it when my barz are tight barz are heavy even though im light cant see me with the hood at night Dont try to beef me blud Coz ill shank you ull be spittin blood , Place be flood , ya understood . Ill show too much aggression , Ill spit venom in every direction . im a phantom most powerful handgun call me the magnum no disrespect or you get a shanked son im insane Ill give you 2 shots and ill damage ur brain Itll hurt so much youll jump like the house of pain remember my name, You better hang a picture of me on your wall Witta gold metal frame On step up and ill go BAP Ill leave u wit one eye Looking like fetty WAP. So next time ya tryna beef me Take a look at wall before ya diss me ya dickhead Ayyy rudeboy enuff said .
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