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  1. To go to the page directly, go to http://www.l7-i.com/music.htm
  2. In these daze, so far far out and away from where the center is, I have found a place where the music is free, the people are friendly, and a big ZAP forces me to bring forth the spark of life. If this means much, or if it mean nothing, then obviously those are just opinions of individuals - what really matters. What REALLY matters is not what YOU think, but what I think, and what I think that YOU think of me. Oh so so incredebly pompus. It doesnt matter. The key point is: For cool and wackiliy far out music, all for free, and VERY popular in CHINA for some reason, go to this URL: http://www.l7-i.com/music If that doesn't work, go to http://l7-i.com/music . Thats all! Barney
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