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  1. for the ones who dont feel me give me a chance i know i have a place for this its all in my hands its just a matter of motivation time is waisten my man throw on a beat and il show you my plan yo yo listen up listen up yo yo i go by hawkins and i get shit poppin ill out talk a talker so yo keep on walkin seek on spotten if you like hip hop, im all about the rap dude not whos hot and i havent forgot what spot i claimed its just a matter of when and il have shit made money and fame gettin paid for spitten throw down some beats and yall start trippin im straight up nova scotian man who am i kidden all the shit i spit mans all pre written ...
  2. I have a great passion for bashin,you all who try actin And for that youl get smacked on the track when asked to start rappin this is talent not magic blow up and start blastin take toll and let go yo my flows are fantastic, click clack i get crackin so fast your out fashioned when you get passed then double laped when i react to this rap shit like a chainreaction takin tokes and relaxin il set off and attraction kicken ass an im laughin you cant even imagine come see wut the fuck happens when u man up to the challenge and get killed by this savage...
  3. Im not one for hesitation so fuck debating i cant wait for the day i get to cave your face in full of frustration youv done tested my pations the second you said shit and i went straight to the station. you gave my ass up the second shi got mentioned wit no interagation.what you break under tension? your lucky i was in cuffs but noiw im not and im waiten you better do time or barakate in the basment you heard wut im sayin yo you heard wut i said your nuttin but a midget wit a price on his head
  4. Hawkins


    could someone get the "soldier boy" lyrics, thnx
  5. Hawkins


    starin of into space take one look at my face and youl know that im stoned with a case of the pastys so waisted and lazy out smoke you like a baby throw me a half a pound and il kill it cause im crazy i got lungs like balloons and im ready to fill them with that poutent pot smoke its like a herbal helium bc skunk and that purple haze aint got shit on out sydney schwag buy one bag and your in for a bang go smoke it with the boys n theyl know wut im sayin im a true pot head for life i love it hydro ponics in my closet and its the best shit goin those you buy it are worthy of smoking but those who dont dont even know im growin
  6. people seemed to enjoy it,lol
  7. I'll throw you in a tub full of battery acid to watch your ass disolve just like and advil tablet I'm a pyscho a savage i just have to have havok certified to cause so much mayhem and madness strap you to a mattress leave you left with gashes soak you with gas and let your ass burn to ashes
  8. Hawkins


    Throw me in a hole and fill it full of dirt. So you can come and visit me when ever your feeling hurt. Stand above my grave while I lay six feet under. Listening to your crys while you just cant help but wonder. Full of greif and sadness while you leave me fresh flowers. Cutting the visit short before it starts to shower. Tears of sorrow stream down the sides of your face. Because you all know this is my finall resting place.
  9. anyone wanna spit ?
  10. Give me one good reason why i shouldnt drop these hammers Droppin bombs on you bitches picture perfect bring your cameras Run your mouth out on the streets Your days are done the day we meet face to face and your guna see that you was wrong to fuck with me No discussions just cuncussions consequences cause distruction reputationis arnt worth nuttin when you layin six feet rottin so bring your boys lets have a brawl fuck a few yeah call them all few might stand but most will fall in the end you all will crawl youv gottin yourself into a unfixable problem there aint no resolvin so dont even bother Back yourself up bitch be a man Take what you gettin and understand you cant pretend this aint make belife dont expect to run your mouth and not take the heat you guna feel the ground lift from up under your feet try me ****** come lets squash this beef bring your boys lets have a brawl fuck a few yeah call them all few might stand most will fall but in the end ima break your jaw Broken bones beatin n bloodied torn and tatterd ripped apart Yous a pussy ass puppy i aint afraid of your fuckin bark If its because i fucked your sister that you wanna come start shit You better get your shit straight cause shes ben around the block bitch Yeah shes a whore like yer mother peice of garbage gold diggen cheap slut lookin for that hard dick so keep it in the family fuckin panzy come lets start this now bring your boys lets have a brawl fuck a few yeah call them all few might stand but most will fall in the end ima kill yas all
  11. i always get so far into writing and then i get stuck, any ideas why ?
  12. bitch you never really loved me you was in it for the dick i should of listend to the boys when they told me yous a trick but i didnt wanna belive them and i guess they all wer right that the pussy i was fuckin really wasnt all that tight so ima get a new girl one better in bed whos friends with a dyke an theyl both give me head
  13. thanks dude, yea im workin on it jus ben busy
  14. Every passing day i always thank god and tell him how blessed i really am to have an angel sent down from heaven never in my life did i get so much attention from a girl whos so full of love and never ending affection I just wanted to mention with out any questions how i love the condition or relationship is in look at where we are after all this time after all we gone and been threw it just blows my mind to see us still together side by side lovin one another till the day that we die
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