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  1. hero-image.png

    SAVE $174: As of Jan. 19, the Sunny Health and Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine is on sale at Amazon for $224.99 instead of its usual $399. That's a savings of 44%.

    Treadmills and ellipticals are all well and good, but rowing machines have been gaining traction in the home fitness realm lately, and for good reason: They provide a full-body workout that's a good combination of strength training and cardio, with little stress to your joints. Done properly, rowing can even promote better posture.

    The only downsides to having a rowing machine? Size and price. The Sunny Health and Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine doesn't do much to alleviate the first concern (though it does fold over for upright storage when not in use). If you have the space, though, it sure is a bargain.

    The machine features an LCD monitor that keeps tabs on your workout, with numbers denoting time, count, calories, total count, and scan. The extra-long slide rail can be adjusted to suit people of any height. Its magnetic resistance is also adjustable, so you can customize the intensity of your workout.

    Silver rowing machine
    Credit: Sunny Health & Fitness

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  2. hero-image.png

    PRICE HIKES INCOMING: Peloton will begin charging its Bike and Tread customers an extra $250+ for delivery and setup starting Jan 31. On the plus side, you'll get a free two-month trial of the Peloton app (a $79.98 value) if you order a machine before Jan. 31 to avoid the new fee.

    Attention, all wannabe Peloton Wives: You've got until the end of the month before the notoriously expensive spin bike and its treadmill counterpart get even more so.

    Peloton will soon tack on an extra delivery and setup fee for its flagship Bike and Tread due to "inflation," the company announced this week. That service is currently included in the machines' prices but will cost an extra $250 and $350 (respectively) starting Jan. 31, bumping the Bike up to $1,745 and the Tread up to $2,845. Meanwhile, the premium Bike+ will keep its original price of $2,495.

    While the Tread has always sat around $2,500 until now, real heads know that price changes aren't anything new for the original Bike. Peloton slashed its cost twice during the pandemic, first from $2,245 to $1,895 upon the release of the Bike+ in September 2020, then a further $400 to $1,495 last fall in an attempt to appeal to more customers.

    In other words, Peloton's new pricing won't be its highest ever (at least for the Bike). But it'll still suck to know you could've gotten your machine for hundreds of dollars less had you just placed your order a little sooner.

    Buy a Bike or Tread anytime between now and Jan. 30 to avoid the new upcharges. That hustle will also earn you a free two-month trial of the Peloton app (a $79.98 value), which unlocks its massive library of live and on-demand workout classes.

    peloton logo
    Credit: Peloton
    Peloton Bike or Tread
    Enjoy free delivery/setup and a free 2-month trial of the Peloton app before Jan. 31

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  3. hero-image.jpg

    SAVE $152: As of Jan. 19, HelloFresh is still running a deal for the new year, which nets you 16 free meals, free shipping, and a few extra gifts for a limited time. Claim it and save $152 off the usual price.

    Planning your meals for the week can be a chore if you aren't a talented cook. How are we all supposed to know which flavors pair harmoniously with others? How are we supposed to have the mental bandwidth to create new dishes when it's just so darn easy to make enough pasta to last you through March?

    If you're not a culinary genius and need a little assistance with creating this week's menu, there's no shame in that, and HelloFresh is a great way to make it happen. For a limited time, the service is offering 16 free meals, free shipping, and a few extra gifts when you sign up.

    HelloFresh is the semi-lazy chef's dream. Each week, you'll get to pick from a diverse menu of food offerings from HelloFresh's catalog, from comforting soups to fancy steak dinners. Portioned meals will get delivered straight to your door alongside step-by-step instructions, and all you have to do is follow them when you're ready. Then, it's bon appétit.

    Become a more competent cook in 2022 — sign up for HelloFresh to get 16 free meals, free shipping, and more for a limited time (saving you $152).

    HelloFresh meal photo
    Credit: HelloFresh

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  4. hero-image.png

    February is almost here, meaning it's almost time for Netflix to roll out new original movies and TV shows for us to binge.

    New Netflix originals include Tall Girl 2 and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a sequel to the horror classic that brought us Leatherface. Other, films joining the Netflix catalog include The Exorcist, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and The Dark Knight. On the TV front, get ready for Shondaland's Inventing Anna, Season 2 of Love is Blind (as well as spin-off Love is Blind Japan), and The Cuphead Show!

    Here's everything coming to Netflix in February 2022.

    Top pick: Murderville

    A mustachioed man sits at a desk
    Detective Terry Seattle is on the case. Credit: Lara Solanki/Netflix

    Meet Terry Seattle (Will Arnett), your new favorite grizzled homicide detective. Every day, Terry partners up with a new celebrity guest to solve a murder case. But it wouldn't be a whodunit without a killer twist, and Murderville has a big one: None of the celebrities have a script. Instead, each guest has to improvise alongside Terry on their way to catch a killer. The result is a madcap romp through crime scene after crime scene.

    Joining Arnett in Murderville are guest stars Annie Murphy, Conan O'Brien, Ken Jeong, Kumail Nanjiani, Marshawn Lynch, and Sharon Stone.

    How to watch: Murderville hits Netflix Feb. 3.


    Anaconda (2/1)

    Anne+: The Film (2/11)

    Batman Begins (2/1)

    Bigbug (2/11)

    Blackhat (2/16)

    Caddyshack (2/1)

    Caddyshack 2 (2/1)

    Child of Kamiari Month (2/8)

    Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2/15)

    Countdown (2/1)

    Despicable Me (2/1)

    Despicable Me 2 (2/1)

    Donnie Brasco (2/1)

    Don't Kill Me (2/20)

    Downfall: The Case Against Boeing (2/18)

    Erax (2/17)

    Fistful of Vengeance (2/17)

    Forgive Us Our Trespasses (2/17)

    Halloween (2007) (2/21)

    Heart Shot (2/17)

    Into the Wind (2/10)

    Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole (2/1)

    Looop Lapeta (2/4)

    Love and Leashes (2/11)

    Love Tactics (2/11)

    My Best Friend Anne Frank (2/1)

    My Wonderful Life (2/28)

    New Year's Eve (2/1)

    Patsy & Loretta (2/1)

    Rabbids Invasion Special: Mission to Mars (2/18)

    Restless (2/25)

    St. Vincent (2/10)

    Tall Girl 2 (2/11)

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2/18)

    The Addams Family (1991) (2/1)

    The Book of Eli (2/1)

    The Bourne Ultimatum (2/1)

    The Dark Knight (2/1)

    The Devil's Advocate (2/1)

    The Exorcist (2/1)

    The Foreigner (2/1)

    The Hangover (2/1)

    The Last Samurai (2/1)

    The Lucky One (2/1)

    The Negotiator (2/1)

    The New Guy (2/1)

    The One (2/1)

    The Other Boleyn Girl (2/1)

    The Other Guys (2/1)

    The Privilege (2/9)

    The Tinder Swindler (2/2)

    Through My Window (2/4)

    Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2/1)

    Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2/1)

    Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming (2/25)

    UFO (2/23)

    Warrior (2/1)

    Watchmen (2/1)


    Back to 15 (2/25)

    Cat Burglar (2/22)

    Catching Killers Season 2 (2/9)

    Dark Desire Season 2 (2/2)

    Devotion, a Story of Love and Desire (2/14)

    Disenchantment Part 4 (2/9)

    Finding Ola (2/3)

    Fishbowl Wives (2/14)

    Forecasting Love and Weather (2/12)

    Gabby's Dollhouse Season 4 (2/1)

    Ideias à Venda (2/9)

    Inventing Anna (2/11)

    jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy (2/16)

    Karma's World Music Videos (2/24)

    Kid Cosmic Season 3 (2/3)

    Love is Bling Season 2 (2/11)

    Love is Blind Japan (2/8)

    MeatEater Season 10 Part 2 (2/2)

    Merlí. Sapere Aude (2/25)

    Murderville (2/3)

    Only Jokes Allowed (2/9)

    RACE: Bubba Wallace (2/22)

    Raising Dion Season 2 (2/1)

    Ridley Jones Season 3 (2/15)

    Secrets of Summer (2/16)

    Space Force Season 2 (2/18)

    Swap Shop Season 2 (2/16)

    Sweet Magnolias Season 2 (2/4)

    The Cuphead Show! (2/18)

    Toy Boy Season 2 (2/11)

    Twenty Five Twenty One (2/12)

    Two Sentence Horror Stories Season 3 (2/28)

    Until Life Do Us Part (2/10)

    Vikings: Valhalla (2/25)

    Worst Roommate Ever (2/23)

    Young Wallander: Killer's Shadow (2/17)


    Mo Gilligan: There's Mo to Life (2/17)

    Ms. Pat: Y'all Wanna Hear Something Crazy? (2/8)

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  5. hero-image.png

    Welcome to Fix It, our series examining projects we love — save for one tiny change we wish we could make.

    Emily in Paris Season 2, episode 4, minute 16: That is when The Sip occurs. It is at this precise moment I fell out of love with series regular Gabriel and had my experience of Netflix's French fantasy forever changed. I'll regale you of the revolting incident that led to our unceremonious split, but be warned: You cannot unknow this. 

    I remember fawning over the TV hottie (played by actor Lucas Bravo) like it was yesterday. Gabriel is designed to inspire audience crushes, of course. The hunky restaurateur, known for his coy smile, sexy hair, and refined taste in cast iron skillets, enchanted many as the flirty friend of the titular Emily (Lily Collins) throughout Emily in Paris Season 1. But more than filling a trope, Gabriel is the exact type of lovable himbo that butters my personal favorite flavor of rom-com croissant. He's charming, but not intimidating; sweet, but not saccharine; a leading love interest who knows just how over-the-top wonderful to be before shit gets unbelievable. His and Emily's secret first kiss? I mean, come on.

    Still, Gabriel's perfectly-imperfect-perfectness passed the point of acceptability for me when he went to apologize to Camille (Camille Razat) in the Season 2 episode "Jules and Em." I take no issue with the impetus for the visit; Gabriel betrayed Camille by hooking up with Emily and an apology was overdue. Rather, it's what he did on his way to make the apology that shook me to my core — and seriously turned my stomach.

    At the 16:29 time stamp, we see Gabriel walk into an art gallery to meet Camille. There are visitors holding glasses of white wine as far as the eye can see. Approaching the room where Camille is, Gabriel stops in front of a waiter holding a tray of three identical, wine-filled glasses. Silently, Gabriel takes one. He sips it, steeling himself against the confrontation to come. Then, as if possessed by some supernaturally unsanitary force, he puts it back. Behold:

    Via Giphy

    It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it kind of moment, but miss it I did not. Immediately upon seeing this horror play out in the middle of my Emily in Paris binge, I rewound. Over and over, I watched Gabriel taint the rim of this perfectly good wine glass. And over and over, I watched the waiter holding the tray do nothing about it. The glass just sits there, a sleeper cell of tannins and someone else's spit. What's worse, Gabriel seems to know what he's done is revolting — making long, confusing eye contact with the unfazed server before wandering away.

    There are a million reasons this troubles me within the universe of Emily in Paris. For starters, it's nasty and could get someone sick. (The show doesn't acknowledge the IRL pandemic, but other germs exist!) It's also utterly incongruous with who Gabriel is as a character. This man is a culinary expert, presumably well-versed in not just the preparation of food but the polite consumption of it. He would know not to do this. (For reference, if you ever find yourself at a cocktail hour with a glass you would like to get rid of, the broadly accepted etiquette is to leave it politely on an empty serving tray or at an unoccupied seating area.) 

    Outside of the world of Emily in Paris, it just plain old annoys me. I'm nitpicking, yes. But this show, the glorious trash fire that it is, sucks me in every time I cue it up, and thoughtless moments like this make me feel silly for caring about its story and characters. Ensuring actors' blocking makes sense is essential to selling any scene, yet here no one could be bothered. So I got totally sucked out of the story. Let Gabriel take the glass with him or skip the wine altogether. Just, for the love of France, don't make him put it back.

    Emily in Paris is now streaming on Netflix.

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  6. hero-image.jpg

    In what might be one of the nerdiest film references from scientists to date, Jeff Daniels now has a parasitic worm named after him.

    Newly discovered by scientists at the University of California, Riverside, the "Tarantobelus jeffdanielsi" is a nematode capable of killing tarantulas. The name is a nod to the 1990 classic horror-comedy, Arachnophobia, in which Daniels starred.

    With research published in the Journal of Parasitology, scientists claim this nematode — a microscopic worm-like organism, some of which act as parasites — is only the second ever found to infect tarantulas.

    In Frank Marshall's '90s film, Daniels' character, Ross Jennings, faces attacks from a new species of deadly arachnids in the small town of Canaima, California.

    "His character in the film is a spider killer, which is exactly what these nematodes are," UC Riverside parasitologist and lead researcher Adler Dillman told the university's news site. But in this case, it's the clearly worms that are the villain.

    And look at it:

    Image of the tarantula-killing parasite Tarantobelus jeffdanielsi.
    Behold, Tarantobelus jeffdanielsi. Credit: Adler Dillman / UCR

    Informed of the discovery and its title, Daniels offered up the perfect response for someone who's had a worm named after them.

    "When I first heard a new species of nematode had been named after me, I thought, 'Why? Is there a resemblance?'" Daniels told UCR. "Honestly, I was honored by their homage to me and Arachnophobia. Made me smile. And of course, in Hollywood, you haven’t really made it until you’ve been recognized by those in the field of parasitology."

    Film still from "Arachnophobia" starring Jeff Daniels, Brian Mcnamara, Julian Sands in a lab.
    Not pictured: The actual scientists involved with the discovery. Credit: Moviestore / Shutterstock

    According to the university, the study began in 2019 when lead researcher Dillman was contacted by a tarantula breeder whose spiders had been plagued by infection. Study found these to be nematodes, heralding a particularly nasty plight for the spiders. Infection from the jeffdanielsi worms was found to be lethal, with the parasitic creatures only inhabiting the tarantulas' mouths (!) and paralyzing the organs that work a tarantula's fangs. Meaning the tarantualas were dying of starvation.

    "It may take months because tarantulas don't have to eat particularly often. However, if they get this infection, they will die of starvation," Dillman told UCR. "It isn't clear that the nematodes feed on the spider itself. It’s possible that they feed on bacteria that live on the tarantulas."

    They've yet to discover how exactly the worms are able to control the tarantula's fang organs and stop them eating (again, what). The researchers have discovered how the jeffdanielsi worms reproduce, being mostly self-fertilizing, and that a single worm can produce 160 babies over its 11-day lifespan.

    However horrific this all is, it's a fun day for fans of Arachnophobia.

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  7. opensubtitlesnew.pngOpenSubtitles is one of the largest and most popular subtitle repositories on the Internet. Millions of subtitle files are downloaded every week in many languages, often to be paired with downloaded movies and TV shows.

    The site was founded in 2006 by a Slovakian programmer who came up with the idea while drinking a few beers at a local pub. Following an announcement late yesterday, more beers might be needed to cope with an emerging crisis.

    OpenSubtitles Hacked, Millions of Subscribers’ Details Exposed

    In a post to the OpenSubtitles forum, site administrator ‘oss’ reveals that the site – which has millions of members – has been hacked. Apparently the development isn’t new either.

    “In August 2021 we received message on Telegram from a hacker, who showed us proof that he could gain access to the user table of opensubtitles.org, and downloaded a SQL dump from it. He asked for a BTC ransom to not disclose this to public and promise to delete the data,” the post reads.

    “We hardly agreed, because it was not low amount of money. He explained us how he could gain access, and helped us fix the error. On the technical side, he was able to hack the low security password of a SuperAdmin, and gained access to an unsecured script, which was available only for SuperAdmins. This script allowed him to perform SQL injections and extract the data.”

    Hacker Gained Access to All User Data

    According to ‘oss’, the hacker gained access to email addresses, usernames and passwords, but promised that the data would be erased after the payment was made. That promise was not kept.

    While no member data was leaked last August, on January 11, 2022, OpenSubtitles received new correspondence from a “collaborator of the original hacker” who made similar demands. Contacting the original hacker for help bore no fruit and on January 15 the site learned that the data had been leaked online the previous day.

    Indeed, searches on data breach site Have I Been Pwned reveals that the database is now in the wild, containing all of the data mentioned by OpenSubtitles and more.

    OpenSubtitles Hacked

    “In August 2021, the subtitling website Open Subtitles suffered a data breach and subsequent ransom demand. The breach exposed almost 7M subscribers’ personal data including email and IP addresses, usernames, the country of the user and passwords stored as unsalted MD5 hashes,” the site reports.

    Measures Taken By OpenSubtitles

    OpenSubtitles describes the hack as a “hard lesson” and admits failings in its security. The platform has spent time and money securing the site and is requiring members to reset their passwords. However, for those who have had their data breached, it may already be too late to prevent damage.

    The hacker has already had access to data for several months and now the breach is in the wild, problems could certainly escalate. Those with exceptionally strong passwords may be safer than those who chose an easy-to-guess option but according to OpenSubtitles, the former are in the minority.

    Threats to OpenSubtitles Members

    Perhaps the most immediate threat concerns users who used the same email address and password combination on other sites. With these in the wild, an attacker could breach third-party accounts so immediately changing these credentials should be a priority for those affected, perhaps with the use of a password manager service such as 1Password.

    Another concern for OpenSubtitles users is that many are likely to be members of pirate sites. If they used the same credentials on those then that is clearly an issue but if the report from Have I Been Pwned is correct, their email addresses can now be matched with their IP addresses too.

    Only time will tell if that will prove of interest to third parties but in privacy terms the situation is certainly not optimal. OpenSubtitles has been officially labeled as a pirate service in a number of regions and courts around the world including those in Australia, Greece, and Norway have ordered the platform to be blocked by ISPs.

    Further information on the breach and actions to be taken can be found here

    From: TF, for the latest news on copyright battles, piracy and more.

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  8. hero-image.jpg

    TL;DR: As of Jan. 19, a lifetime individual license to Mail Backup X is just $49.99 instead of $179; that's a 72% discount.

    The widespread importance of email is often overlooked. Despite the rise of instant messaging and video chatting apps, like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom, email still remains king of the business world. Half of the global population — almost 4 billion people — use it, and you can reach virtually anyone from any place in the world. What would happen if, suddenly, your email was hacked and you could no longer access your archives, going back decades?

    With Mail Backup X, an email solution trusted by over 42,000 businesses and home users, you’ll never have to worry about an email disaster occurring. This seamless tool offers simple management and backup for your email and safeguards you against potential hacks, crashes, or other mishaps. It works with all major mail clients, including Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and Office 365, plus all major mail services, including Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. You can even mirror your backup to popular cloud storage solutions (Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox, etc.) or a USB drive.

    Add military-grade AES 256-bit encryption and your own private key to your backups, whether on the cloud or locally stored offline. That way you don’t have to worry about your precious emails being seen by the wrong eyes. It’s 100 percent private and can only be unlocked by you.

    Mail Backup X has rave reviews across the web, with 4.5 out of 5 stars on G2 and 5 out of 5 on CNET. And when you stop to think about how much we all rely on email to make it through the workday, it’s easy to see why. Save 72% and snag a lifetime individual license to this one-stop solution for mail backup, archiving, email management, and mail conversion for just $49.99 (regularly $179) for a limited time.

    Prices subject to change.

    Blue mail backup x page with graphic of person on computer
    Credit: Inventpure Software
    Mail Backup X Individual Edition
    $49.99 at the Mashable Shop

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  9. hero-image.jpg

    TL;DR: As of Jan. 19, the SOLUS⁺ Smart Infrared Heater is on sale for 20% off, so you can get it for $479.20 instead of $599.

    If you're going to add a heater to your home, there are a lot of things to take into account. Whether you always forget to shut yours off, have a pet or child who always knocks things over, or just want to find an option that won't run up your energy bill, this smart heater from SOLUS gives you a warmer space and a little more peace of mind in the winter.

    The SOLUS Smart Infrared Heater is a flat, sleek, and innovative contraption that attaches right to your wall with the included mount. The heater itself weighs less than 10 pounds and is under half an inch thick, so it adds a modern look to your home without sticking out or being bulky. It also won't take up any floor space, which is huge. There's no cost to install it and no professional needed to come over and set it up for your home. All you have to do is plug it in and you can have it up and running in just a few steps by using your mobile phone.

    With the SOLUS + Smart Home App, you can check-in and see exactly what your heater is doing. You can schedule the heater to turn on or off, monitor how much money it has cost you to run it in real-time, and even set up zonal heating. But because this heater is so efficient, you'll actually end up using up to 30% less energy each month than with a traditional electric heater.

    See how easy it is to install the SOLUS Smart Infrared Heater in your home:

    This energy-saving, space-saving heater retails for $599. But for a limited time, you can shave 20% off of its regular price and take it home for just $479.20.

     Prices subject to change.

    Black rectangular heater
    Credit: Koleda
    SOLUS⁺ Smart Infrared Heater
    $479.20 at the Mashable Shop

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  10. hero-image.png

    Not even a year after Hulu put out a documentary on the rise and fall of WeWork, Apple TV+ is releasing its own limited series based on the scandal. Jared Leto stars as Adam Neumann, the co-founder of WeWork who was ousted from his position in 2019. The House of Gucci star is joined by Anne Hathaway as Rebekah Neumann, Adam's wife who played an important role in WeWork's founding — and also happens to be Gwyneth Paltrow's cousin.

    WeCrashed is based on the popular podcast of the same name. From the looks of the trailer, this show leans heavily into WeWork's cult-y vibes. Adam even claims that he looks like God at one point. Sure, buddy.

    WeCrashed's first three episodes hit Apple TV+ Mar. 18.

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    REUTERS/Mike Blake/File Photo

    Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) shareholders on Tuesday asked a judge  to find that Elon Musk forced the company's board of directors into a  deal for SolarCity in 2016 and wanted the CEO convicted, the electric vehicle maker one of the largest judgments in history paid $13 billion.

    "This case was always  about whether the acquisition of SolarCity was a bailout from financial troubles, a bailout orchestrated by Elon Musk," said Randy Baron, a shareholders' attorney, at the Zoom hearing.

    The closing arguments listed the key findings of a 10-day trial in July when Musk spent two days at the stand defending the deal.Lawsuit from union pension funds and wealth managers alleges  Musk forced Tesla's board of directors to cut the deal to approve for cash -strapped SolarCity, in which Musk was the largest shareholder.

    Musk has countered that the deal was part of a decade-old master plan to create a vertically integrated company that would transform energy generation and consumption with SolarCity's roof panels and Tesla's cars and batteries.
    Evan Chesler, one of Musk's attorneys, said at the hearing that the deal was not a bailout and that SolarCity is far from insolvent and that its finances are similar to those of many high-growth companies.

    "They were building billions of dollars of long-term value," Chesler said of SolarCity.

    The all-stock deal was valued at $2.6 billion in 2016, but since that time Tesla's stock has soared.

    Shareholder attorney Lee Rudy urged Vice Chancellor Joseph Slights of Delaware's Court of Chancery to order Musk return the Tesla stock he received, which would be worth around $13 billion at its current price.

    Musk said in court papers such an award would be at least five times the largest award ever in a comparable shareholder lawsuit and called it a "windfall" for plaintiffs.

    Rudy said Slights should consider Musk's contempt for the deposition and trial process, in which he repeatedly clashed with and insulted shareholder attorneys.

    "It would be a windfall for Elon Musk if he got to keep shares he never should have gotten in the first place," Rudy said.

    Chesler called the request to order Musk to return the stock from the deal "preposterous" and said it ignored five years of unprecedented success at Tesla.

    Tesla's stock was down 1% at around $1,040in afternoon trade.

    Tesla acquired SolarCity as the electric vehicle maker was approaching the launch of its Model 3, a mass-market sedan that was critical to its strategy. Shareholders allege the deal was a needless distraction and burdened Tesla with SolarCity's financial woes and debt.

    Shareholders claim that despite owning only 22% of Tesla, Musk was a controlling shareholder due to his ties to board members and domineering style. If plaintiffs can prove this, it increases the likelihood that the court will conclude the deal was unfair to shareholders.

    Musk's lawyers said the celebrity entrepreneur had no authority to fire directors or control their salaries and withdrew from price negotiations in the SolarCity deal.

    "Without Elon Musk, Tesla couldn't exist, let alone be worth $1 trillion," said Vanessa Lavely, Musk's attorney. "That doesn't make him a controller. This makes him a highly effective CEO.
    Slights ended the hearing by saying he expects to rule in about three months. He said last week that he intends to retire in the next few months. And a request for related shareholders contesting Musk's record pay package was transferred from Slights to another judge.

    Source: Reuters

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  12. Activision

     (Mike Blake, Reuters)

    Microsoft Corp (MSFT.O) is buying "Call of Duty" maker Activision Blizzard (ATVI.O) for $68.7 billion in the biggest gaming industry deal in history as global technology giants stake their claims to a virtual future.

    The deal announced by Microsoft on Tuesday, its biggest-ever and set to be the largest all-cash acquisition on record, will bolster its firepower in the booming videogaming market where it takes on leaders Tencent (0700.HK) and Sony (6758.T).

    It also represents the American multinational's bet on the "metaverse," virtual online worlds where people can work, play and socialize, as many of its biggest competitors are already doing.

    "Gaming is the most dynamic and exciting category in entertainment across all platforms today and will play a key role in the development of metaverse platforms," Microsoft Chief Executive Satya Nadella said.

    Microsoft, one of the biggest companies in the world largely thanks to corporate software such as its Azure cloud computing platform and Outlook franchise, is offering $95 per share - a 45% premium to Activision's Friday close.

    Activision's shares were last up 26% at $82.10, still a steep discount to the offer price, reflecting concerns the deal could get stuck in regulators' crosshairs.

    Microsoft has so far avoided the type of scrutiny faced by Google and Facebook but this deal, which would make it the world's third largest gaming company, will put the Xbox maker on lawmakers' radars, said Andre Barlow of the law firm Doyle, Barlow & Mazard PLLC.

    "Microsoft is already big in gaming," he said.

    However, a source familiar with the matter said Microsoft would pay a $3 billion break-fee if the deal falls through, suggesting it is confident of winning antitrust approval.

    The tech major's shares were last down 1.9%.

    The deal comes at a time of weakness for Activision, maker of games such as "Overwatch" and "Candy Crush". Before the deal was announced, its shares had slumped more than 37% since reaching a record high last year, hit by allegations of sexual harassment of employees and misconduct by several top managers.

    The company is still addressing those allegations and said on Monday it had fired or pushed out more than three dozen employees and disciplined another 40 since July.

    CEO Bobby Kotick, who said Microsoft approached him about a possible buyout, would continue as CEO of Activision following the deal, although he is expected to leave after it closes, a source familiar with the plans said.

    In a conference call with analysts, Microsoft boss Nadella did not directly refer to the scandal but talked about the importance of culture in the company.

    "It's critical for Activision Blizzard to drive forward on its renewed cultural commitments," he said, adding "the success of this acquisition will depend on it."


    Data analytics firm Newzoo estimates the global gaming market generated $180.3 billion of revenues in 2021, and expects that to grow to $218.8 billion by 2024.

    Microsoft already has a significant beachhead in the sector as one of the big three console makers. It has been making investments including buying "Minecraft" maker Mojang Studios and Zenimax in multibillion-dollar deals in recent years.

    It has also launched a popular cloud gaming service, which has more than 25 million subscribers.

    According to Newzoo, Microsoft's gaming market share was 6.5% in 2020 and adding Activision would have taken it to 10.7%.

    Executives talked up Activision's 400 million monthly active users as one major attraction to the deal and how vital these communities could play in Microsoft's various metaverse plays.

    Activision's library of games could give Microsoft's Xbox gaming platform an edge over Sony's Playstation, which has for years enjoyed a more steady stream of exclusive games.

    "The likes of Netflix have already said they'd like to foray into gaming themselves, but Microsoft has come out swinging with today’s rather generous offer," said Sophie Lund-Yates, equity analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown.

    Microsoft's offer equates to 18 times Activision's 2021 earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA). That compares with the 16 times EBITDA valuation of "Grand Theft Auto" maker Take-Two Interactive's (TTWO.O) cash-and-shares deal for Zynga last week.

    According to Refinitiv data, the Microsoft-Activision deal would be the largest all-cash acquisition on record, trumping Bayer's $63.9 billion offer for Monsanto in 2016 and the $60.4 billion that InBev bid for Anheuser-Busch in 2008.

    Tech companies from Microsoft to Nvidia have placed big bets on the so-called metaverse, with the buzz around it intensifying late last year after Facebook renamed itself as Meta Platforms to reflect its focus on its virtual reality business.

    "This is a significant deal for the consumer side of the business and more importantly, Microsoft acquiring Activision really starts the metaverse arms race," David Wagner, equity analyst and portfolio manager at Aptus Capital Advisors said.

    "We believe the deal will get done," he said, but cautioned: "This will get a lot of looks from a regulatory standpoint."

    This article is copy paste from Reuters Check the original article here

    Source: Reuters

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  13. WhatsApp

    The Android app will get new pencil and drawing  tools in a future update, while WhatsApp Desktop will get new chat bubble colors. The desktop app  also gets a new dark blue color that is only visible in dark theme mode.

    The instant messaging app is also testing a new emoji message reaction info tab and new  message reaction notification settings.

     WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo said that WhatsApp is introducing new drawing tools to its Android app. You get two pens, including one thinner and one thicker than your existing pen. The app is also working on a blur  tool that may be added  in the future. 

    The new features appeared in the WhatsApp Beta for Android 2.22.5 update, but they are disabled by default. These features are still under development and may be made available to WhatsApp beta testers soon.

    The WABetaInfo report said the app is also introducing new colour to its Windows and macOS apps with WhatsApp beta for Desktop 2.2201.2.0 update. The new colour scheme will be visible in the dark theme and the chat bubbles seem to be greener compared to the existing colour.

    Other elements of the app will also see colour changes with chat bar and background colour now reportedly have a blue tinge.

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  14. AVvXsEj0pIobLED9xBROnGrOxUJXQKRgbuYOf_EH
    Photo Credit: Fabrice Coffrini | Reuters

    At present, there is no evidence  that healthy children and adolescents need booster doses of the COVID-19 vaccine,  World Health Organization chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan said on Tuesday. 

    Speaking at a news briefing, she said that while there seems to be some waning of vaccine immunity over time against the fast-spreading Omicron variant of the coronavirus, more research is needed to determine who needs a booster shot.

    "There is currently no evidence  that healthy children or heavy adolescents need boosters. No evidence at all," he said. 

    Israel began offering boosters to children as young as 12, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration earlier this month authorized the use of a third dose of the Pfizer and BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for children aged 12 and 15. 

    Last week, Germany became the latest country to recommend that all children between the ages of 12 and 17 receive a COVID-19 booster shot. Hungary did it too.

    Swaminathan said the WHO’s top group of experts would meet later this week to consider the specific question of how countries should consider giving boosters to their populations.

    “The aim is to protect the most vulnerable, to protect those at highest risk of severe disease and dying. Those are our elderly populations, immuno-compromised people with underlying conditions, but also healthcare workers,” she said.


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