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  1. u wana get licked i can show u sum tricks, up n down turn around n do a flip on ya dick, mo pain mo pleasure . see da nut on ur leather, wet pu*** so gushy like flooded weather, what yo kids taste like let me suck out da nut, ill tease u for a while have u ready to bust, never let u leave my home horny wit blue balls, make u think that im a virgin cuz of my tight walls, if u get me satisfied i wuld never band ya, wanna b a porn star den pull out da camera, ride you backwards wen we do it on da couch, ull kno wen it hurt wen i scream out ouch, ima sex fein boy i can get in any position, i wuld b cookn yo body up on da stove in da kitchen. i stay wet never a day dat i went dry, wen u slide in u can slide out da creme pie, in my fantasy is where i stay living, wen we done ill give thanks like thanksgiving, ...come n b my plumber n come n fix my leak, yo girl sweet tooth aint nun but a nasty freak
  2. chilln thinkn of lyrics

  3. i put dese bitches on hush mode, fuck around wit me shid ull get yo man stole, i rock 5 colors of the rainbow, coogi down platinum up cuz i dont really fuck wit gold, stay stacked i keep a big bankroll, both of my pockets look like a lady dat is 9months prego, i spend dat on a couple shoes n a couple clothes, do it all ova again cuz dats jus how da story goes, _____________________________________________________________ my money big stand real tall, built like a mansion jus like a mall, stretch real far like da china walls, pourin down like niagra falls, ..i don came down like da twin towers, got dirty money so it needs to shower, my money stay on full power, keep it rushn like rush hour, ... ... ... ... i got a similar taste to sweet n sour, made jus for u wack cowards....sumen u aint never tasted, im to fast for u hoes please keep up the pace....
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