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  1. breakspoll_splash.jpg

    ez all,

    it's the time of year again for BREAKSPOLL. We @ Dead Famous have hit the ground hard this year, and definitely trying to win best label at the very least. That's where you fine people come in. We need YOUR help!

    This year, Dead Famous has strived to not only put out quality breaks tunes, but we've done techy house, driving techno, mental dnb, and tripped out dubstep as well. That said, we’ve focused the majority of our efforts on the breaks that we love. Techy, driving, acid breaks at that.

    Have a peep at our new website for a refresher course on what we've been up to this year - http://www.deadfamous.org/

    We're asking for your help in these categories –

    Most Importantly - Best Label - Dead Famous

    If you feel so inclined to help us out in these other categories as well, we’d be ever so grateful.

    Breakthrough Producer – LuQas

    Best Small Club / Event - Slackers Convention

    Once you vote, an email will be sent to the address that you entered on the Breakspoll site asking you to click a link to validate your votes.

    A big thank you to everyone that votes for us. We couldn’t’ve had the year we’ve had without you all.

  2. bodiesartwork.jpg

    Robosapiens - Bodies (Original / Hedflux) / You Can’t Spell Slaughter Without Laughter / The Nine [DF27]

    OUT NOW :: at Beatport for the next 2 weeks, and then everywhere else afterwards.

    We here at Dead Famous want to close out the year with a bang, and this release is definitely that. Dead Famous label heads the Robosapiens deliver a triple shot that, while a bit different than what you’ve come to expect from them, are all equally as impressive. First up is Bodies, with it’s vocal samplings and oldskool break that gives way to driving sick-as-it-comes techno. Note the complete and utterly destructive breakdown in the middle. Bodies marks somewhat of a new sound for the Robosapiens, as we’re seeing them branch out into more techno oriented territories and on a mission to make it their own. On the remix front, Broken Robot’s Hedflux has taken up the challenge of transforming the lead track for the psy-breaks masses. Keeping a thick techy feel, Hedflux has created a mental monster that builds and builds and might actually make your brain literally pop when it hits the main break. We absolutely love this remix, and think he’s done the original massive amounts of justice.

    Next up, we first see a thick thick thick techno/breaks hybrid in You Can’t Spell Slaughter Without Laughter. Crafting a brooding beast that is heavy on groove Slaughter is the perfect mood builder and carries the flow excellently wheather you’re playing house, techno, OR breaks. From the moment you hit play on this tune, you’re treated to a dark (but warm) groove that builds and builds till a slick apex of insanity. Lastly, rounding out the package we see The Nine. Melding House and techno into one dark cauldron of techy funk, The Nine is a driving number aimed squarely at the dance floor with it’s big bassline and memorable vocal hook – this tune is guaranteed to take the floor up a few notches in no time.

    Don't take our word for it, here's what others had to say about the Bodies EP (and tis rather nice this go round!):

    Meat Katie "Killer package!!! Best Dead Famous release to date IMHO"

    Far Too Loud "Great release here. Love the rock crossover in Bodies but I think The Nine is my favorite out of the originals as it's just insanely funky. Hedflux remix is great too and I've already been supporting that."

    Karton "Love the Hedflux mix - proper tech-breaks. Breakdown in the original will destroy as well. You Cant Spell Slaughter is massive too - solid package."

    EK "Great tracks all round but especially luvin Bodies original mix and The Nine."

    Future Funk Squad "Really loving the original (of Bodies), especially that drop in the middle"

    Hexadecimal “Like the Nine and You Cant Spell Slaughter, both should be really useful, nice crisp production,”

    BSD "Hedflux remix is our favourite from this release. He make an hypnotic progressive Breaks with a real punch. Dance with all your bodies, Breakers !"

    Mr. No Hands / Mixmag "really like this one!"

    Kiwa "Been digging this quite a lot. The crossover feel in Bodies is cool and the heavy metal drop part really kicks some ass! .. Hedflux's hifi production remix gives the track a really fresh approach. Both dancefloor fillers. Dropping these for sure! A very cool release altogether."

    Matthew McCurry "Smokin' originals from Robosapiens, & one of Hedflux's best remixes to date!"

    Access Denied "Robosapiens - The Nine - Really groovy! Full support!"

    Kickflip "Hot release once again, Loving the slick dark groove in You Can't Spell Slaughter (Without Laughter), and Hedflux's rework on Bodies is rather tasty too!"

    601 "Another fantastic package from DF,"You Cant Spell Slaughter without laughter" is my favourite cut here"

    Llupa “The original of Bodies is a great slab of head down techno, then it's a heavy as fuck metal tune, wtf!! - this is nuts and is gonna send the dance floors into chaos - perfect! Classic crisp as you like production from Hedflux turning the original into a psy-tech-breaks-groover - all over this.“


    Until next time, Keep it Evil.


  3. deadfamouslogosmaller.jpg

    It's no secret that we at Dead Famous HQ love acid drenched music. Long is the time that over 50% of dance music that was released was heavily helped by the Roland 303. Lately, there are a number of labels really trying to push the acid sound that was so prevalent 15 years ago, and as many of you know, Dead Famous is one of them. In the spirit of bringing it back, we're holding a contest all centered around, you guessed it - ACID.

    We at Dead Famous are looking for new acid producers, The prize? We're offering a release with Dead Famous Recordings to the producer who turns us in the best acid inspired tune. That said, while we are breakbeat focused, by no means do all entries have to be breaks. We encourage everything from house and breaks, to techno, or dubstep - whatever! The only rule is that it must use acid. How much is up to the producer, but it must be present. Between us, and a few other great labels, we are all working hard to bring this sound back to the forefront...and discard a few brain cells along the way.

    *The winner's tune will see a release on Dead Famous Recordings over the next year.

    *All entries must be sent to us in 320 format by September 30th, 2009. Please email entries to [email protected]

    *All genres welcome - but note the types of music we release. While you may like your 180 bpm acid gabber tune, the chances of us releasing it are not great.

    *Entries are allowed to contain known material, however - we're not trying to release a bootleg here, so use discretion, and be clever about how you do it. (we understand that sometimes things just fit in context), No Lady Gaga remixes with heaps of acid, please.

    *All entries must contain acid. In what form, and how much is up to the producer, but the more it melts our face off, the better a chance you have.

    And now for free music. We're big fans of giving back to the people that have supported Dead Famous over the years, and for that reason, have decided to give away the Ghosts in the Machine bootleg of dj Spooky's "Stereo" from a few years back that up till now was only available on vinyl. We will be making a habit of giving back to everyone in the form of free music in the coming months, so definitely watch this space.

    Grab the bootleg HERE

    Good luck to everyone who enters, and we look forward to hearing what everyone's got!

  4. http://www.leecoombs.co.uk/mix/Lee_Coombs_...ased_Remix).zip

    Here is a free download of the Unreleased remix of Lee Coombs - Future Sound of Retro track.

    It was given away as part of the promo for the 2008 remix of The Future Sound of Retro (Lee’s early breaks classic) with Finger Lickin late last year.

    So for anyone who didn't get it.. Grab it while you can!

    Look out for Lee Coombs and Uberzone – Right Now – Lot49 records – Available Now!


  5. breakthebox5.jpg

    Break the Box - Rock the Mic (w/ Remixes by High Eight, Attack Release, Metachemical, & Robosapiens) [DF17]

    OUT NOW :: at Beatport & DjDownload

    Originally signed to the great Sinister Recordings, Break the Box’s Rock the Mic now sees the light of day on the Robosapiens’ imprint Dead Famous. Delivering the sound that has made Break the Box a household name when discussing breakbeat, Rock the Mic does not skimp on heavy funk with an upbeat techy influence. This tune has been a staple in Robosapiens sets for quite some time, and now we are proud to give it a proper release.

    First up is newcomer Metachemical. Fresh off a string of releases on Scrape Recordings, He takes the energy of the original and bottles it up, converting it into straight up electro tinged bassline nastiness. This is definitely one for the peak time techfunk lovers out there. Moving in a slightly different direction, techno newcomer Attack Release crafts a thick and trippy techno remix that will definitely flex some soundsystems. Attack Release is definitely one to watch this year, and we’re happy we have him on board with the Dead Famous camp.

    Not to be outdone, label honchos the Robosapiens turn the bangin-ness of the original into a dark, groovy, acid-laden number. This one is definitely for those times when you can’t see quite straight. Generally at 3 AM. Finally, Re:Connect boss High Eight, deciding that the original just didn’t have quite enough bass, cranks the dials to 11 and issues a statement of utter destruction. Watch the breakdown on this remix, it just might cause bodily injury if not prepared for.

    B-Phreak "wooow, what a phaaaat release, absolutely great remixes! very hard to pick one favourite"

    EK "Digging the Robosapiens mix"

    Precision Cuts "sounds twice as big as everything else, nice groove with just enough merry go round but not too much. good work mr box"

    Kickflip "Metachemical's remix is wicked, sounding a bit like Rektchordz from a year or two ago! Plenty of gnarl to the bass and a dynamic arrangement make this one the choice for me"

    LuQas "Something really different here from the Robosapiens and probably my pick of the bunch - big radioactiveman-esque bass, a nice switch up half way through and the trademark 303 makes an appearance - wicked!"

    601 "Wicked solid release here.My favourite mixes have to be the High Eight and Metachemical mixes and im really into the 303 flourishes on the Robosapiens mix"

    Cut la Roc "Love..Orig mix, Robo’s remix and Attack release"

    Lee Martin (Dusted Breaks) "Original is ace! love the use of guitars that BTB uses in this one. Also like High 8's but the one for me is the METACHEMICAL remix! right up my street mate!!"

    JMekka "WOW to your (the Robosapiens) remix. All I can say!!"

    Mark Rumbler (Yellowfinger) "A scrumptuous selection box of sweet remixes from the deadfamous crew. The Attack release and Robosapiens remixes hit my sweet tooth :D"

    Jeroen van Aken "Good release! The original is well done and I'm also feelin the Attack Relase remix. My firm favourite though is the Metachemical remix - Fat, funky and grinding!"

    Tony Tay "The Original and Hight Eight Mix are my fav. Can hear this going off... !!!"

    Vital Substance "Love..Orig mix, Robo’s remix and Attack Release Mixes"

    Piwi (Lucky Break) "Original is once again solid work by luigi and will work very good on the floor. My favourite is the Robosapiens Mix. Like the funky groove.... Also High Eight Mix is very nice!"

    Starting next month, we go to 2 releases per month, so Watch this space next month firstly for for the release of the Dead Famous Remix EP - where some of our favorite artists have taken up some classic Dead Famous material and definitely made it their own.

    Keep it Evil.


  6. The brand new album from Future Funk Squad 'Disorders of Skill' is available now to Pre-Order on CD from the en:vision shop...


    For a limited time (until the release date of the 3rd July) once you have pre-ordered the un-mixed 12 track CD (the digital release will be 10 tracks) you will receive an instant email with a link to a zipped file containing the following free 320mp3s!!

    1. Blue Song (FFS Remix) - Mint Royale [previously unavailable]

    2. Break Da Mould - Valve Man [FFS Alias, previously unavailable]

    3. Da Funk Squad [FFS Breaks Bootleg]

    4. Gorecki (Breaks Mix) - Lamb [Hacker Release]

    5. Impact (Breaks Mix) - Orbootal [Hacker Release]

    6. Mr Breakside - The Killers [FFS bootleg of Mr Brightside, previously unavailable]

    7. My People (DIM/FFS Breaks Edit) - The Presets [previously unavailable]

    8. Protection (Breaks Mix/James Zabiela Re-Edit) - Massive Attack [Hacker Release]

    9. Raven (FFS Breaks ReEdit) - Proxy [previously unavailable]

    10. Satisfaction (Breaks Mix) - Benni Benassi [Hacker Release]

    11. Your Not Alone (Breaks Mix) - Olive [Hacker Release]

    So what are you waiting for? head over to the en:vision shop now!!!


  7. DF16_banner.jpg]

    Fisso & Spark - You Are Right (w/ Remixes by Andrea Lai, Eshericks, LuQas, Wasabi, & Hyx) [DF16]

    OUT NOW :: at Beatport & Addictech

    Having alerted the masses to our return with the well received White Line / Robots, Dead Famous is now getting down to the business of maximum techfunk destruction. This installment sees the first release on Dead Famous for the new to the game Italian duo, Fisso & Spark - in the form of the all out techno assualt "You Are Right" . Taking influences from a wide variety of places, Fisso & Spark craft a raw number that is reminiscent of older Chemical Brothers in the way it brings out the emotions that dirty warehouse rave techno should. This is not for the faint of heart, and should be played very loud.

    First up on duties is recent superstar of the universe, Andrea Lai. Melding nuskool breaks, techno, and dubstep, This remix is a complete aural twist on what you think you know reality to be - Much like a musical translation of a Clockwork Orange. While not overt, the energy levels on this remix are outstanding, and it shows why Andrea is one of the most in-demand producers about right now. Next up we have Wasabi. The Erase Records front man has delivered something that holds a special place in the hearts of the Dead Famous camp. Taking the bang of the original, Wasabi has crafted a tech house mix that hits the spot just perfectly. Brighton's LuQas sent us over his remix, and the moment we heard it, we jumped and signed him immediately. Crossing the vibes of producers like Break the Box, and Introspective, LuQas is making quite a name for himself in the breaks community as of late. This remix is definitely something for the 3am out of your mind sessions.

    Washington DC's own Hyx gives us something new to Dead Famous. Taking the DF vibe, and mangling it into Drum and Bass, Hyx shows on this remix why his tunes are regularly found in the bags of well known dnb dj's such as Ed Rush and Robot Death Squad. Lastly, but surely not least, En:Vision's recent signing, Eshericks, does exactly what he's known for - Peak as they come techy breaks with a hint of progressive. This remix is LARGE, and definitely not one to be missed. Expect to hear this remix blasting from speakers this Summer.

    General Midi "Eshericks for me- if you ain't dancing you're dead"

    Si Begg "Andrea Lai mix....*booooooom*"

    Robot Death Squad "The Hyx mix is pretty massive sounding, those atmos. are great"

    Cut la Roc "Full support on this, Eshericks remix for sets but all remixes are nice, good work :D"

    Robosapiens "Absolutely love the original. Definitely will rock dancefloors"

    Kickflip "Andrea Lai's remix is firing! Broken up but held together well, plenty of variation with a fresh sound. Eshericks mix is a massive big room thumper loaded with energy, and LuQas' tech-funk rejiggle ticks all the right boxes

    Attack Release "Wasabi mix is exactly the kind of stuff i've been feeling recently."

    Vital Substance "All about the LuQas mix for me...absolute banger!! Loving those sneaky little glitchy edits on the break! Quality"

    Krone "I love the progressive intro nice vibes on the Hyx mix. The drums are sweet!"

    Lee / Dusted Breaks" Great Package there dude! It's all about the eshericks mix for me. Pure broken disco Filth!!!"

    Kraymon "Andrea Lai one is my favourite of these."

    Hexadecimal "I think the Eshericks mix and LuQas mix are my favourite tracks from the package, probably more likely to play the Eshericks mix, seems to tick all the boxes"

    EK "Digging the Eshericks remix. very nice work!"

    Steve Maccabe "Really like the Eshericks & Luqas remixes! Great package all round."

    Watch this space next month for the long awaited release of Break the Box's "Rock the Mic", with a host of remixes.

    Keep it Evil.


  8. FOR006_ART.jpg

    Marcus Rombo - Bringing w/ Peo de Pitte & Leo Nathorst Remixes

    Flatout couldn’t resist a housier tip this time after stumbling Swede Marcus Rombo.

    Marcus Rombo, one half of the Swedish production duo Yeah! Woohoo!, and responsible for several well received bootleg remixes in 2008 supported by everyone from Herve to Annie Mac delivers "Bringing", the first track produced under his own name.

    To this we have added a thumping breaks-baltimore remix from International man of Mystery, Peo 'de Pitte'. Leo Nathorst from Boeoes Kaelstigen goes for another direction and delivers us a fantastic bigroom version.




    DJ Support

    Sinden - Yeah the Peo mix is really decent. Im gonna try that out later.

    Fakeblood - Yeah I like the Peo de Pitte mix

    Drumattic Twins - all about the Peo de Pitte remix ... Tasty ;)

    Plump DJ’s - Wicked tracks. Like the glitchy drums on the Nathorst remix.

    Japanese Popstars - lovely production nice melody nice easy listening :)

    Kid Massive – The Leo mix is awesome!

    The Shapeshifters – Heavy Support!!!

    Baobinga - Thumbs up for the Peo de Pitte Remix

    General Midi - Peo De Pitte take is refreshingly original and the original & Nathorst mixes are lovely 2!

    NAPT - Cool stuff from the Flatout crew! Hope to see them do big thingsss big upsss!!!

    Plaza de Funk - Really lking the Peo de Pitte remix good stuff from Flatout!

    Ben & Lex - The Peo De Pitte remix is the bollocks. so much energy and fun thrown in there. going to be playing this loads'

    Splitloop - Love the Peo De Pitte remix proper madness!

    Joe Ransom, Kiss100 - Wicked beats. I really like the build in the Leo Nathorst rmx. thanks

    Flore - i LOVE the Peo de Pitte remix, it's great :) will play it on DeLaBreak.

    Cut la Roc - Afternoon due, yeah count on my support for this :)

    Diverted - Peo, Just to tell you again how much I love your stuff. Your remix is amazing! Keep up the good work.

    Adam K, Kiss 100 - Hey Guys Really love this..Really classy and just a big fan.. Keep up the good work and i'll push for airplay on FNK..Keep um coming..

    Dumb Dan – Leo-mix is a f*****g rocket. I will treat is as Gary Glitter would treat a virgin!

    Joss Jinx in Dub (Against the Grain) - Peos mix is sick bang on my chart!!

    Peter Gelderblom - Played it several times , killer track thanks

    Mixmag – Confirmed Tune of the Month (March Issue) 5/5

    M8 – Electro Section Confirmed (April Issue) 6/8

    ATM – Confirmed (March/April Issue)

    Raveline – Confirmed (March Issue)

    Marcus Rombo's Bringing is available exclusively at Beatport now. You can jump right to it by clicking the beatport logo below.


    As always, thank you for your support!

  9. deadfamouslogosmaller.jpg

    We at Dead Famous have a wonderful opportunity for everyone. In the coming months, we will be releasing a Remix EP, where some of our favorite artists around have picked their favorite Dead Famous release, and are turning out killer 2009 remixes of them. To coincide with that release, we will be hosting a remix contest for DHD's seminal slab of techfunkery, "Scene". I am sure most people remember this tune for it's sampling of a well known guitar riff, coupled with vocals about reading on online forums that the scene is dead. We think that new remixes of Scene from today's artists has the potential to blow the roof off, so we decided to put it to a contest. Entries are not limited to breaks, in fact we encourage remixers from all musical styles to enter. Everyone is eligible unless you already work for Dead Famous (not in a release/remix aspect), at which point you already know that you can't enter. We fully expect to hear some awesome interperetations of this already great tune from of everyone who enters.

    To enter, all you have to do is download the parts from this message. Send all completed entries in either 320 kbps mp3 or Wav format to [email protected]. The deadline for entries is May 1st, 2009. We will then take a few days to listen to all the entries, and announce the lucky winners on May 11th, on www.nuskoolbreaks.co.uk.

    Prizes (The important part)

    1st Place

    - Your remix will be featured on the Dead Famous Remix EP coming out later this year.

    - You are guaranteed one future original release on Dead Famous.

    - You are guaranteed one additional remix on a future Dead Famous release.

    - The entire Dead Famous back catalog in mp3 form.

    2nd Place

    - You are guaranteed one remix on a future Dead Famous release.

    - The entire Dead Famous back catalog in mp3 form

    3rd Place

    - The entire Dead Famous back catalog in mp3 form.

    Download the parts via Megaupload here!

    Download the parts via ZShare here!

    Download the parts via Sendspace here!

    As some already know, Dead Famous has some massive plans for 2009, and this is just one small part of it. We hope that you all enjoy the project, and we look forward to hearing your entries. Best of luck to everyone who enters!

  10. Thugs_Artwrok.jpg

    Mobius - Thugs w/ 601 Mix

    Ape is back and for this installment we have the pleasure of presenting Mobius and ‘Thugs’

    ‘Thugs’ is a massive dirty party smasher with huge sub, rollin drums & snappin snarez that lead you to its wicked breakdown and then out the other side to the immortal lil hip hoppin’ sample ‘We’re not against rap…. But we are against them Thugs’ and then… Blap!!!!! Smacks ya in the face like a pissed up Vinnie Jones in a pool bar.Packed full of bad attitude and growlin synths this is one sure to send them peepz on tha dancefloor into a bowel droppin’ fury! Think tearout meets booty breaks and you’ll

    be only halfway to the monster that is THUGS!!

    For the Remix we’ve drafted in those dirty northern monkeys the 601 boys!!!!! And by my nan’s meat pie mining hat have they brought the rave!! Flipping the original and throwin it back with some full on mental dancefloor magic. Wicked original ragga-tinged beats lead to fat bass & tearing synths that will undoubtedly destroy any floor you care to put ya dancing feet on.

    Click here for a sample of Mobius's 'Thugs'

    Click here for a sample of the 601 mix of 'Thugs'

    A little about Mobius -

    The pair met in the year 2000 whilst running nights and DJing on the Southampton Clubscene, a lasting friendship was quickly formed due to their shared love of the dance music scene in it’s many forms. Ali ran and DJ’ed at the successful Debauchery night in Southampton from 2000-2002 (Voted Ministry club of the south in 2001), and Jon ran a weekly Drum & Bass night – Toast, with the pair also collaborating for the Mixmag Recommended Offshore Boat Parties, fusing many dance styles under one roof.

    The first track to be completed under the Mobius name is ‘Thugs’, taking influences from Hip Hop, Miami House, Drum & Bass and the contemporary Breaks scene, and adding a ‘clean but grimy’ ethic to their sound. Other Mobius tracks have been picking up plays all over the breaks scene from DJs including Tayo, Ben and Lex, Kickflip and Richie Balboa. The 601 remix of Thugs has also received plays on Annie Nightingale on Radio 1.

    Mobius Myspace

    Thugs is available on Ape Recordings from these fine shops now:

    beatportlogo.jpg djdownload_logo.jpgjunodownload.jpg trackitdown_logo.jpg

  11. LOT49036.png

    Lee Coombs - Control w/ Remixes by The Rogue Element, 10 Rapid, and The Dolphins

    1. Lee Coombs - Control

    2.Lee Coombs - Control (The Dolphins Remix)

    3.Lee Coombs - Control (The Rogue Element Remix)

    4.Lee Coombs - Control (10 Rapid Remix)

    Meat Katie’s Lot49 has had an incredible 2008 so far but with a few months of the year to go, the label looks like it has no

    intention of letting up in its constant stream of quality with “Control” by Lee Coombs.

    Coombs needs little introduction. As one of the people instrumental in fusing breakbeat and house, he has become a name

    synonymous with acid-fuelled dancefloor tracks that have won support from everyone from The Plump DJs through to Pete

    Tong and Lee Burridge. In “Control” we see Coombs use his considerable engineering talent and dancefloor nous to create

    an out and out killer peak time track. 4:4 Kicks provide the stomp around a saw tooth bassline of epic proportions while vocal

    snippets and some superb LFO synth tweakery provide all manner of hooks. Lot49 continue their superb record in remix choices

    with The Rogue Element, The Dolphins and 10 Rapid stepping up to tackle “Control”.

    The Rogue Element, an artist known for a bit of tweakery himself, delivers an outstanding clipped, chopped and edited mix

    which manages to keep a tight groove while delivering some serious angular synth action.

    Fresh from a release for Dubfire’s Sci+Tec Audio, Italian techno-trio The Dolphins show exactly why they’re getting so much

    attention right now with a banger which manages to be subtle, warm and groovy as well as massive.

    Finally, Dom Gentry aka 10 Rapid delivers his take on “Control”. A sure fire “one to watch”, 10 Rapid’s mix is a stuttering

    electro assault with some bass drops that will unsettle more than few stomachs.

    IDJ review::::

    Well in last months issue Lot 49 boss admitted he was a lot more techno these days, and the latest

    spinner on his label from Lee Coombs, certainly has all the right elements as far as I’m concerned.A wicked 4/4 groove,

    accompanied by a fat bassline and clever stabs and rides works nicely and a number of remixes also hit the spot.The Dolphin

    supply more of a chunky minimal techno version, stripping the elements right back but keeping things just as fat, while The

    Rogue Element steams in with an effort that is absolutely going to tear the roof off at the first drop… umm unless you happen

    to be playing outside of course. K1 ***** RECOMMENDED

    DJ Support

    Laurent Garnier, Funk D Void, Dubfire, Wally Lopez, Plump DJs, Nic Fanciulli, Meat Katie, Aquasky, Paolo Mojo, Aston

    Shuffle, Dylan Rhymes, Ivan Smagghe, , Elite Force, Medicine 8, DJ Emerson, General Midi , Joachim Spieth, Ante Perry,

    Hector Romero, Dadalif, The Crystal Method , Dopamine, Randall Jones, Malente, DJ Hyper……..

    Control is available at these fine shops now!

    beatportlogo.jpgdjdownload_logo.jpgjunodownload.jpg chemicallogo.jpg

    ..and also available now is...


    30hz - Reherded

    1. Crazy

    2. Crazy (Samuel H Simpson remix)

    3. Electric Sheep (Extended mix)

    4. Consume Daphne (Lee Coombs remix)

    5. Innocent ft Yolanda (Far Too Loud remix)

    6. Subliminal Criminals with the Beat Monkeys ft SirPlus (Magik Johnson remix)

    7. Mutated (Pinch rework)

    8. Nine Tomorrows (The Beat Monkeys remix)

    9. Daddio ft Yolanda (Miles Dyson remix)

    10. Space Age (Alex Metric remix)

    11. Daddio ft Yolanda (Trevor Loveys remix)

    12. Innocent ft Yolanda (Far Too Loud dub remix)

    After the success of the 30hz ‘Electric Sheep’ LP last year, Lot49 follow up the producers debut with the aptly titled ‘Re-Herded’

    which see’s Pinch, Alex Metric, Lee Coombs, Magik Johnson and more re-interpret key tracks from the original album

    alongside exclusive, new material.

    ‘Crazy’, a brand new cut, is big, brash and infectious with distorted riffs and chopped vocal edits that are fast becoming a

    feature of 30Hz’s intricate style. Samuel H Simpson remixes ‘Crazy’ from it’s direct, in your face vibe into a stripped, simple

    but effective house cut not dissimilar to the tech-house sounds of 2000 And One or Radio Slave.

    ‘Re-herded’ continues the flow with an extended version of the track from the original album and Lee Coombs’ acid-tinged

    rework of ‘Consume Daphne’ before Far Too Loud take their audio toolbox and set about dismantling the vocal monster

    ‘Innocent’ featuring the distinctive vocals of Yolanda and turning it in to something really quite special.

    Next in line Magik Johnson displays his pedigree with a typically quality house version of ‘Subliminal Criminals’, Pinch drops

    dubstep delight with mutated ‘Mutated’ and The Beat Monkeys do exactly as their name suggests when handling ‘Nine


    The final selection sees both Trevor Loveys and Miles Dyson take on ‘Daddio’. A cascade of vocal hooks in its original form,

    the track becomes the plaything of two of the finest talents in the house/techno/breakbeat/bassline crossover melee.

    Finally, golden boy Alex Metric turns his hand to recreating ‘Space age’ while Far Too Loud deliver a dub of ‘Innocent’ for those

    who like things a little lyrically lighter.

    beatportlogo.jpg djdownload_logo.jpgjunodownload.jpg chemicallogo.jpg trackitdown_logo.jpg


  12. SVN016-cropped.jpg

    Aquasky feat. Blu Rum 13 - Tell Me You Love It

    Check audio clips including the 2 Bad + Slipz and Dapz mixes at the official Passenger shop: aquasky.co.uk/shop

    VIP Breaks mix available now only at Beatport (click here)

    Aquasky are back and this time the boys have hooked up with Ninja Tune vocalist Blu Rum 13 for some of their genre-hopping bassline madness.

    This has the vocal stripped back for maximum club impact and all mixes come with the official Aquasky stamp of originality and madness as expected on one of their own labels, 777 Records (full vocal versions available digitally along with exclusive remixes)

    With the 2BAD Mix Aquasky are ripping the classic drumbreaks but adding a little jungalist twist to the end result with a layer of old school memories. From a crew who grew up through the late 80’s rave scene and have been apart of the d&b scene since the beginning of the 90’s, you know they aint going to lose their groove!

    The flipside has a more breaksy kinda vibe with a big beat backbone. Full on bass action as always and a perfect accompaniment to any roadtrip or drag race depending on your sensibilities…

    Exclusive to the digital release is the ’purely for club’ VIP Breaks mix and a bass monster 4/4 Bassline Niche remix from Nottingham crew SliPZ N DaPZ. And for good measure we have included the rather fat Acid Crunk mix which shows off Blu Rum’s excellent vocal.

    M8 magazine review:::: 'Big tune, party, dance, hands in the air for this booty, pumper, genre mash / hook up with Ninja Tunes vocalist .. and yes, I DO LOVE IT.. All mixes defo worth forking your hard earned cash on, plenty of quality Aquasky bass action loads of different mixes.... Aquasky at their best!....'

    Beatmonkeys - “Dropped the acid crunk mix and the crowd loved it! Big things from the acid crunk massive!”

    Cicada - “Don’t like all breaks- can be a bit dull, but this is great”

    Sonny Wharton - “Killer release from one of my fav labels - all mixes rock!!!”

    Riva Starr - “Lovin the original”

    Lee Mortimer - “Crunk remix is awesome, definitely getting lots of plays from me!”

    Ian Pooley - “Old Skool in da House!!! I love it”

    Marc Roberts - “Acid crunk mix for me - big, fat and naughty!”

    Hexadecimal - “I like the breaks mix”

    Francisco Farfa - “2BAD Mix IS A GOOD ONE. SYMPATIC”

    And on top of all that - Tell Me You Love It was used on Sky Sports Soccer AM TV program a couple of weeks ago. Take a look!

    Tell me you love it is available in these fine shops NOW! All Passenger & 777 releases plus exclusive promos are released first only at the Official Passenger / 777 shop located at aquasky.co.uk/shop

    simple-passenger-shop-banner130x54.jpg beatportlogo.jpgdjdownload_logo.jpg beatsdigital_logo.jpg junodownload.jpg


    ..and also available now is...


    Aquasky & Blu Rum 13 - The Hip Hop EP

    Audio clips can be found at the official Passenger / 777 shop: aquasky.co.uk/shop

    This is a project that Aquasky have been working on behind closed doors for the last year. With a history dripping in hip hop heritage and a passion for all things ‘B-Boy’ the trio of Brent Newitt, Kieron Bailey and Dave Wallace have stepped out of their dance music comfort zone and have approached some of their buddies in the hip hop scene to work with them on an EP of old school proportions with the view of extending this into a full length album featuring a barrage of exclusive and exciting guests.

    Blu Rum 13 is better known as the Ninja Tune artist who has worked on some scene-defining moments alongside DJ Vadim. DJ Format is the UK’s answer to DJ Shadow. A beat digger who was a childhood friend of Aquasky’s, his first ever outing on vinyl was back in 1994 on one of Aquasky’s early releases! DJ Woody completes the project with his turntable skillz, previously crowned as the first ever European to become an ITF World DJ Champion and is also the inventor of the ‘woodpecker’ scratch!!!

    This is a 5 track EP inspired by years of growing up listening to Arthur Baker, Marley Marl, Dynamix II and Large Professor. A nod to the classic 96 era of DJ Shadow, Jurassic 5 and P*rn Theatre Ushers is also contained. It’s pure, heavyweight funk.

    Aquasky have also composed the title music for the forthcoming World IDA DJ Finals that will take place in Warsaw in December. The track features World DMC champion DJ Rafik, previous World DMC Champion PFel, previous World ITF Champion DJ Woody and Poland’s Number One DJ Eprom. The accompanying video will be shown in all major cinemas across Poland for the next 2 months and has been backed and financed by Reebok and Myspace.

  13. PASA045-front-bluesmaller.jpg

    Backdraft - Rock the Mic / Pole Dancer

    Check audio clips including both the VIP Instrumental mix of Rock the Mic at the official Passenger / 777 shop:

    Taken from the forthcoming album ‘We Know Where You Live!’ The wait is nearly over. The original Labrat’s have been in their lair for the last 12 months working hard on their song writing skills and developing their sound, ready for the release of their debut longplayer released in November on Passenger.

    Paul and Karrie have been an integral part of the breakbeat scene for the past 6 years. Supported by everyone from Meat Katie to Rennie Pilgrim, FreQ Nasty to Tayo, this Stockport duo are one of Passengers most successful bands with a loyal and avid fanbase. Whether they are fusing ragga vocals with electro wobbles, reggae blessed grooves with syncopated beats or just having a laugh, trying to melt the globes bass cones… one thing is always obvious, they do it in style and with passion.

    On the first single from their album they have teamed up with Passenger’s own The Ragga Twins for what could well be one of their finest vocal outings to date! As with all of the Twins work, this has a catchy ‘call and response’ chorus and some straight up vocal anarchy that will twist around in your head long after you have returned from the club.

    The flipside is true Backdraft madness… doing the rounds on dubplate for the past few months, this tune has a proven track record of ‘doin da biz’. Ladies and gentleman, strap yourself in and get ready for the next 3 months of super dope, straight up cold lamping, head bopping beats that are fresher than a 4 finger gold ring rocked with iron flat fat laces.

    IDJ magazine review: Backdraft enlist perennial mic controllers Ragga Twins for a manic excursion on Aquasky¹s prolific imprint. A full assault of ragga breaks, goes for the jugular and is not something for the faint hearted to say the least. Energy packed and aimed at purely for the peaktime, if this is your thing you'll like this a lot!

    DJ support: This is one of the strongest breaks releases we have put out on Passenger. Support coming from Annie Nightingale (Radio 1), Jay Cunning & Joe Ransom (Kiss FM), Crystal Method, Aquasky, Tayo, Beat Assassins Jimi Mofo, capoeira twins, Dan Rice, Leeroy Thornhill- Prodigy + more

    Plump Dj's - ’Awsome!!! The Ragga Twins on another slammer. Love Pole Dancer'.

    Nick Thayer - 'Totally relentless innit….Large!'

    Tom Real - 'At last a decent breaks record. Pole Dancer is huge!'.

    Plaza de Funk - 'really liking Rock the Mic, full vocal version is my fave!! Will be playing it out for sure ;_-)'

    The Crystal Method - 'Big tracks! Will drop on the radio show'

    Jimmy Mofo / Beat Assassins - 'yep really likin this'

    Tayo - 'wicked. of course.'

    Andrea Lai - 'what a sound!!! both tunes are killers!! loving the "nomercy" feel of Pole Dancer and tha supa ragga style of Rock The Mic. well done again!!! 4/5'

    Ollywood (Hardcore Beats) - 'Loving pole dance will be playing loads!'

    Angel Farringdon - 'Pole Dancer sounds like it's going to be fun to play def !'

    Capoeira Twins - 'Oh yes! They're the Manckiest Mancs in Manc Land...their Moms sell crack and their Dads drive Burberry Subaru's...but Backdraft ROCK it EVERY f*cking time! Love all the tracks to bits......Way to go guys!'

    Available in these fine shops NOW! All Passenger & 777 releases plus exclusive promos are released first only at the Official

    Passenger / 777 shop:

    simple-passenger-shop-banner130x54.jpg beatportlogo.jpg djdownload_logo.jpg beatsdigital_logo.jpg

  14. svn015-front-smaller.jpg

    The Beatmonkeys - How You Like Me Now w/ Rico Tubbs & VIP Remixes)

    The only place to get all 4 versions including the Rico Tubbs 'Gangsters' mix and viny release is at the official Passenger / 777 shop:

    Samples can be heard on the Beatmonkeys myspace by clicking HERE

    The Beat Monkeys, famous DJ’s currently being filmed by MTV have stepped out of their residency at Chibuku Shake Shake in Liverpool and into the studio for this damn fine piece of musical madness. After the success of their top 10 breaks chart remix of 'Freaky Ho' by The Body Snatchers they continue the quality with 'How You Like Me Now?'.

    The flipside see’s the hot talent of Finnish beat moulder Rico Tubbs step forward to remix the buggery out of it, and he has done so with pride, giving it his ‘gangsters’ seal of approval. With forthcoming joints on Sinden’s label, this chap is out to do the damage.

    DJ Mag review: 'Shot through with block party hip-hop attitude, the original is a hearty party-starter then that man Rico Tubbs turns up again!'

    DJ support: This release is getting rinsed by loads of jocks! Including Crystal Method, Freq Nasty (licensed for his forthcoming Fabric Mix CD), Jay Cunning (Kiss FM), Herve (licensed for his Mixmag cover-mount CD) & Sinden (Kiss FM), Trevor Loveys, Aquasky, Nick Thayer, Lee

    Mortimer, Robb G, Napt, Tommie Sunshine, Catapult, 30Hz, Simon Dehany & Mark turner (DJ Mag) + More!

    Tim Hancock (Capoeira Twins) - 'This is f***ing awesome! …bobby dazzlers here. Genius'.

    Si Begg - 'Go on the tubbs!!!'.

    The Crystal Method - 'Great release... really diggin it'.

    General Midi - 'Oooooo! its a coin toss between the VIP and Ricos Gangsters mix which wins by a nose :-) good stuff'

    Tommie Sunshine - 'This release is fucking massive!!!'

    Streetwise - 'HUGE !! Loving the Rico Tubbs Gangster mix and the Beat Monkeys VIP. Be playing both !!!'

    Robb G - 'Floor pounding release from every angle. Loved the Rico mixes..'

    ...and also out now is...


    Disco of Doom (aka Tom Real & the Rogue Element) - The Click / Loud and Clear

    Samples can be heard on the Disco of Doom's myspace by clicking HERE

    'Tune Of The Month’ - IDJ magazine

    'A seriously powerful release' – Mixmag

    'Evil, twisted and hotter than a f*** in hell!' - DJ Magazine

    The Disco Of Doom is a place of unspeakable depravity from whence, once every cycle of the moon, Tom and Rogue deliver a twisted monthly mix featuring nought but the most reprobate of new releases, filthy new productions from their very own Dungeon of Doom, and exclusive

    guest mixes from other degenerates who are inspiring the duo or who are just well, rocking tings up proper.

    Now the duo have signed a pact with the forces of darkness (AKA Passenger Records) and the time has come to prepare yourselves for the debut Disco Of Doom EP, which is imaginatively titled EP 1 as it is the first of many of Satan's wild love tools of destruction and will be unleashed amongst you mere mortals this September.

    With the vinyl release featuring two tracks kicking off with The Click a ragga-tinged, acid drenched, drum'n'bass inspired weapon of darkness ably abetted by Loud & Clear on the flip featuring a well-known UK radio star of the 80s on vocals and a breakdown to send you into hell without a return ticket. Mwwoooo haaa haaa haaa etc.

    If you're rolling with the new school the digital release will also feature a very special Fucking Zombie Remix of lead track The Click which sees Tom and Rogue get fruity with the bass and reworking the beats to deliver an alternative ending, a 'happy' finish if you will.

    Tronik Youth - 'The Click track is insane... sounds like its gonna implode. Will deff give The Click a play at the weekend'

    Meat Katie - 'This track is f***ing awesome'

    Dave Jenkins / Larry Nelson (IDJ) - 'Easily the best thing either of you have ever done'

    Acid Jacks - 'Love the zombie f***ers mix'

    Available in these fine shops NOW! All Passenger & 777 releases plus exclusive promos are released first only at the Official Passenger / 777 shop: aquasky.co.uk/shop

    simple-passenger-shop-banner130x54.jpg beatportlogo.jpg djdownload_logo.jpg beatsdigital_logo.jpgtrackitdown_logo.jpg

  15. taken from Lee's Myspace -

    Meat Beat Manifesto - Radio Babylon - Lee Coombs 2008 VIP remix

    An absolute legend of a tune, i'm really surprised that it hasn't been rubbed before. Here is my current interpretation of it.

    This is a remix i made just for my DJ sets over the summer festival season, it came out pretty good.

    Feel free to download and use in your DJ sets, this track will not be for sale as i don't own the rights to it. There is a link on the News page of my website.

    Free Download avail. @ LeeCombs.com



  16. uaa012sm.jpg

    Elite Force - No Turning Back (Remixes) [Re:Vision 005] [uAA012]

    OUT NOW :: Exclusively on Beatport

    Elite Force returns with surely the strongest instalment to date in his Re:vision remix project featuring no fewer than 5 remixes of 4 tracks from a bygone era, disembowelled and reanimated by a selection of the great and good from today"s underground electronic music scene.

    The ball is set rolling by Mowgli & Solo who slice up "No Turning Back" into a bouncing and shuffling gem of a track, with teasing top lines, vocal stabs and a bottom end that just keep on bumpin". This is pure, deep Dirtybird classiness from the Italian wonk-king

    Next out of the gates is stable mate Butter Party who takes his shot at re-crafting "No Turning Back". A tough 4/4 drum pattern quickly launches into a bottom end driven frenzy with jacking percussion offsetting the growling distorted bass. A sizeable breakdown leads to a syncopated rhythm section before sliding back out the other side and into the madness once more. This is taking no prisoners!

    Just as things are reaching a pinnacle of sound overload, the door is opened to Bearweasel who slide into the control seat and turn their deep house alchemy to EF's 'Gasoline Alley. Things get stripped to the bone and rebuild into a simple but highly effective dub house version that gives real balance to this package.

    As day turns to night, so the understated gives way to the bold and brutal. And so enters Dylan Rhymes. Once again he brings his inimitable production skills to bear on "Haiku" and gives us a dirty, fidgetty and raucous reworking that challenges you to keep still. Outstanding as always.

    Finally we have Kid Blue who gets the chance to deconstruct "Vapour Trail" and splice it back together in his own image. The result is a piece of quality big-room jackin electro house that closes things off perfectly.

    A great selection of mixes that's received the best and broadest reaction yet of any release on U&A!



    Elite Force - No Turning Back (Mowgli & Solo Mix)

    Key DJ Supporters : Kruder & Dorfmeister, Solomun, Dopamine, Dan Kahuna

    Elite Force - No Turning Back (Butter Party Mix)

    Key DJ Supporters : Plump DJs, Malente, Dylan Rhymes, Crystal Method

    Elite Force - Gasoline Alley (Bearweasel Mix)

    Key DJ Supporters : Sasha, Cass Deadset, Daniel Becker (Tricksi), Martin Stimming, Kevin Griffiths (Tsuba/Isst)

    Elite Force - Haiku (Dylan Rhymes Mix)

    Key DJ Supporters : Tom Real, Bassbin Twins, Uberzone, Heavy Feet

    Elite Force - Vapour Trail (Kid Blue Mix)

    Key DJ Supporters : Ctlr Z, Ben & Lex, Bitrok

    "No Turning Back (Mowgli and Solo mix) will play this. No Turning Back (Butter Party remix) is great with the shuffled break." - [Peter Kruder (Kruder & Dorfmeister / K7)]

    "Elite force f*cking solid as usual. will bang this joint tonight bitchez!!!" - [Dj Dan (InStereo)]

    "Dig this sound ... dope remix from Dylan Rhymes!" - [Uberzone (LA)]

    "Butter Party mix in the box. cheers." - [Andy Gardner (Plump Djs / Fingerlickin)]

    "All tracks are top notch & very difficult to pick a fav, loving the squelchy vibes on the Butter Party & Dylen Rhymes mixes but the Kid Blue one is definitely more of the sound we push in our dj sets, wicked stuff!!" - [Ryan (Bitrok / Dead Famous]

    "Wow! I love this very deep and driving bearweasel remix. these crazy cats are getting better and better!" - [Daniel Becker (Trickski)]

    "Cool package of mixes. Feeling the Dylan Rhymes and Butter Party remixes." - [Scott Kirkland (Crystal Method / Indie 103.1 FM)]

    "Kid Blue Mix is Banging!" - [Ctrl Z (The End / Pyro Radio)]

    "This one of the best mix packages i had in a long time still not sure which is my fav but i do like Mowgli and Solo" - [Sonique

    "Loving the deepness, Bearweasel are on fire at the moment. Great release." [Richard Belsom (Cubism / Club Class)]

    "nice electro house monster from BP" - [Kevin (Fine Cut Bodies / Chi)]

    "we love M &S!" - [Zombie Disco Squad (London)]

    "the Dylan Rhymes mix is the one i'll be playing out - Greatness!" - [Peter Tall (Bassbin Twins)]

    "5 absolute bangers here! full support from me as usual. The Mowgli and Solo remix of No Turning back is just gobsmackingly good. I fucking LOVE it!!! U&A are killing it at the moment! raaaah!!!" - [Dopamine (Title Fight / Fight Club)]

    "Another slammer from U&A. Beaver turns up the heat on this one! Big sound. Will be rinsing... " - [Heavy Feet (Potty Mouth)]

    "i LOVE butter parties stuff and this remix is top draw indeed. proper squelch bisniz. The dylan rhymes mix is freaking awesome as well. proper dirty vibes. kid blue drop the party action ahoy .. in fact this whole package is excellent. Chartng Butter Party at No.2" [Ben & Lex (Beatz and Bobz / NSB Radio / Brap.FM)]

    "Great to see more of my favourite EF tunes getting reworked!!!! All 3 remixers have totally done them justice and their versions complement the originals very well indeed. Hats off to you guys, this is exactly the type of stuff I want to be hearing more of in dance music. Another solid set of tunes from U&A, which confirms my belief that it's by far the best label going at the moment. Dylan Rhymes mix Charted at No.1" [Introspective (Ministry / Sinister)]

    "Big fan of Mowgli's already so this mix is spot-on. Will definitely play it." - [Lee Mortimer (Wearhouse Music)]

    "Dylan Rhymes mix is sick!" - [Tom Real (Fakt / Samurai FM)]

    "the bearweasel dub for me!" - [Martin Stimming (Stimming / Diynamic)]

    "All good but Butter Party throwing it down. Loving the 3/4 time breakdown!!!" - [Dylan Rhymes (Lot 49)]

    "lovin the Bearweasel vibes!!" [Kevin Griffiths (Tsuba / Issst!)]

    "Feeling the Haiku Remix" [Napt (Funkatech)]


    Many thanks for the continued support,


  17. Lot49033-label1-copy-smalle.png

    Lot 49 Presents Lee Coombs Sampler

    Samples can be heard on Lot49's myspace by clicking HERE

    To coincide with the release of the Lee Coombs compilation album on Lot49, the label is releasing a special sampler with exclusive tracks taken from the mix. Coombs has been one of the forces that helped shape the sound of Breakbeat and later Tech Funk, whilst bringing a multitude of other influences to his production and DJ sets. His ability to draw on breaks, house, techno, electro and acid is what set him apart from the masses and is clearly reflected on what is being hailed as his most innovative mix compilation to date.

    First up with have the man himself, partnered up with Australian talent Nick Thayer. ‘TFM’ is a straight for the jugular breaks animal with a huge atmospheric feel and rolling B-line to die for. This is a track that beautifully

    reflects the vibe of the mix itself and is set to create dancefloor devastation.

    Next in the blocks is Elite Force, the man behind the last Lot49 compilation and legend of the tech funk scene. ‘Engine’ is a one man musical monologue of everything that is good in breaks, tough and driving and produced with the finesse that seems to come so naturally to Shack, the man behind the Elite Force moniker.

    Finally, label boss, Meat Katie puts his stamp on ‘God is Green’ the Alloy Mental track that was turning heads for the Skint label last year. Previously unreleased this mix perfectly jells the techno-centric sounds of Phil Kieran’s Alloy Mental project with Mr Katie’s undeniable dancefloor sensibilities. Outstanding stuff.

    All in all, this is an energetic and near perfect fusion of some of the best tracks from today’s A list tech funk producers

    Bassbin Twins - all great the favorite being the meat katie mix of 'god is green' - yes!

    Plump DJs - Cooombsey and NT track works best for me. look forward to hearing the whole comp.

    Crystal Method - Solid release! Elite Force's Engine works very well!

    Mark Dynamix - Solid breakbeat action from the best!

    General Midi - Engine is massive! absolute killer :-) TFM comes in a close second MORE!!!

    Dopamine - 3 solid tunes. the mk remix and 'engine' will get plenty of plays from me.

    Aston Shuffle - Will def be giving the Elite Force & Alloy Mental tracks a rub for sure

    Aquasky - Lots of quality here. Am already playing the Engine track which is wicked

    Nick Thayer - Smashing. Can't wait to hear the CD. Will be playing all of these...

    Madox - YESSS! lovin the Alloy Mental rmx

    Available in these fine shops NOW!

    beatport_logo.jpg djdownload_logo.jpg beatsdigital_logo.jpgtrackitdown_logo.jpg myspace_logo.jpg


  18. lot49032.png

    Dylan Rhymes vs. Blende Ft. Odissi - Stars

    Buy it on Vinyl @ Streetwise

    Buy it on Mp3 @ Beatport

    DJ Hyper "Loving the K & B mixes of this"

    Bassbin Twins "4 great versions- great package set-"

    Elite Force "Liking the Baob & the Jelo mixes, I just love Odissi vocals"

    Anne Savage "Amazing track, original has signature Dylan Rymes bassline, love it, but I think I'll be hammering Koma & Bones Remix too."

    Dave (Aquasky) "Baobinga and IDs Big Monster remix - now thats what im talking about !!!! 9 /10"

    Aston Shuffle "Will be smashing the sh_t out of the Koma & Bones mix"

    Janette Slack "That’s a strong there. Really LOVING the original. One of the best tunes I’ve received this year!! Koma and Bones and Jelo mix are pushing my buttongs too, but it’s the Original that’s really got my full attention"

    Ahead of his forthcoming artist album on Lot49, label co-owner Dylan Rhymes steps up with a collaborative release that is set to take the world’s dancefloors by storm.

    For this track he teams up with the hotly tipped Swedish producer Blende and the inimitable Odissi, who once again provides unique vocals in the way that only she can.

    The original is a rough tech funk cut that blurs the lines between house, breaks and techno, turning in a monster tune with swirling distorted synths and a speaker tearing bassline. Odissi draws the listener in with her edgy and provocative vocals and makes this a record that grabs the attention from the off.

    Remixes come courtesy of Jelo who gives an ‘in your face’ killer electro reworking that is bound to do damage, Baobinga & ID who turn in a driving no holds barred version that strips the track to it’s bare bones and rebuilds it into a totally new monster. Next up there are vocal and dub versions from the Koma & Bones,

    who lift things up with remixes that crank up the atmosphere and add a instantly catchy melodic element. To round it off a radio edit for those who need things a little shorter!

    The Dylan Rhymes album will be dropping later in 2008 and if this is anything to go by then it will be well worth the wait.


  19. deadfamous.jpg




    Buy it on Vinyl @ Breakbeat Online

    Buy it on Vinyl @ Streetwise

    Will be available on beatport very soon. i'll make a post in this thread when it is.

    DJ SUPPORT: Jawa, We Don’t play, Will White, General Midi, Vandal, Tony Tay Zouk, Mole & Aya, Jmekka, Diverted, Break The Box, Jariten SOH, Heretik, Bitrok, Freeflow45, Sifter & Adan, Crystal Method, Luke Vibert(Warp).

    Robosapiens – Infected Play Sample

    After a successful tour with Phil Collins, being cleared of all charges and a stint in rehab Dead Famous label bosses the Robosapiens are back. “Infected “with its tale of backstage excess (Thank you Collins) and insistent fans wears its twisted tech funk sensibilities bold and brash. Tight phat drums drive the track whilst the techy bass pounds the listener into submission. Add the boy’s love of all things acid, phat synths, a punk vocal hook and you are left with a dance floor bomb. Already gaining major support and fast becoming an anthem in the Sapiens sets Infected gives the listener the first preview of new material from the boys.With their album dropping later in the year, Dead Famous night starting in their hometown of Bristol, Annie Nightingale Radio 1 session and a hectic gigging schedule 2008 is shaping up to be an exciting year.

    D.H.D – Scene Play Sample

    Dead Famous records are proud to present D.H.D (Die Hippie Die) the joint project between the Robosapiens and Edit Records boss, Sneaky Kreeps. Since moving to Bristol the boys have been introducing Mr Sneaky to the joys of the city, hanging out at Dead Famous HQ and trepanning. Like an angry spoilt child D.H.D is the result. “Scene “is the first instalment of evil with new tracks and remixes both on Edit and Dead Famous forthcoming. Metal samples, techy synths, pounding drums make this one heavy track. You have been warned.

    “You can run but you can’t hide bra – Duane “Dog “Chapman

    “I’m dead now but I still love this record” – Bob Monk house

    “Hearing this makes me realise ive lost it since the Beatles “Sir Paul McCartney


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