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Posts posted by alexb33

  1. Hey, Check out a new musician out of Boston, Massachusetts: David Weissman

    Dave has his own original music (that I LOVE) - you can find it on iTunes under "Dave Weissman," his album called "Dancing with the Devil"

    My favorite tracks are California and Streetlight, but they're all SO great!!

    Dave plays around Boston at local clubs- one of which is Jake Ivory's, the famous dueling pianos bar on Lansdowne St next to Fenway Park. There, Dave and another piano player will DUEL, and play the crowd's requests! Aside from the great music, it's a fun bar- and everyone gets really wasted and sings along!

    But- bottom line, check him out! He's worth the minute!


  2. I'm a lover of good music - and sharing good music with others!

    A while back I saw Dave Weissman, one of the piano players at Jake Ivory's in Boston, and he rocked! SO, I googled him - and he's his own original music on iTunes, and a website:


    Sometimes he goes by Piano Dave, but on iTunes he's listed as "Dave Weissman"

    Anyway, I've been listening to his music non-stop! You can stream it on his site for free (what a nice guy) but I bought it to support his art! Like I said, I love music!

    and he's pretty cute...;-)


    Piano David Weissman

  3. I'm writing this after a night at the bar - I dont necessarily mean for it to rhyme -

    I just want to share what is about to go through my head with the world:

    As I sit here eating Parmesan flavored Goldfish snack-crackers one by one,

    I ask, can we ever have enough?

    Not just Goldfish, because I know the answer to that narrow question... but just,


    Can we ever have enough money to satisfy our tacit desire for it?

    Can we ever have enough strength to overcome the shortcomings of our ancestors?

    Courage to fight?

    Guilt to admit our mistakes?

    Can we ever have enough pride to truly appreciate our own achievements?

    Can we ever have enough? Or are we all just gluttons of satisfaction - always looking for more, never satisfied. Is our appetite always whet for more sugar? Salt?

    I don't know the answer - but I finished the bag of Parmesan flavored Goldfish snack-crackers... and I'm headed out to buy more...

  4. I just like the candy.

    I can't say I like this current trend of pop/rock bands... Maybe I'm a product of 90's grunge, but today's pop/rock is just.... crap.


  5. I've been listening to a lot of Dave Weissman lately - he's sort of underground right now I guess... but the music is kind of Pop/Jazz which to me is an interesting combo. I've been playing music for a long time, and I can hear the sophistication in his writing and chord structures... even though it's definitely pop music!

    check it out on iTunes... his name is Dave Weissman, and his album is called "Dancing with the Devil"


    let me know if you hear what I hear!!


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