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coolest site ever


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Other than BK, the coolest site for me is


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I feel sorry for children, and people who receive the infection from blood transfusions and other more "non-voluntary" means. I suppose I can feel for those in third world countries with no education whatsoever.

However, I have no sympathy for many very stupid individuals who contract the disease even though they've been warned adequately and live in 1st world countries with proper medical care.

HIV is not like the flu or some other easily transmitted affliction.

This didn't come out of nowhere to destroy all of humanity. A lot of people can actually decide their fate and not contract the disease. It all starts upstairs in that thick skull of theirs.

On another note, come on Alicia Keys, shell a little out and build some hospitals in Africa you dumb bitch. Talk is cheap unless it’s educational.

Sometimes all this "AIDS awareness" stuff gets on my nerves because.....

A. The people preaching can donate large sums of money to the aiding of those who really need it (third world education, children, rape victims, etc.).

B. They really make is sound like a mass plague. It's not really the same thing. Again, this isn’t the flu.

C. Rich bastards flapping their gums should come to the lower and middle class for MONEY only after they’ve exhausted themselves. This, of course, depends on how much they REALLY care. I know insincerity is common.

If this seems like ranting, it’s probably because it is.

I've been exposed to enough commericals on Television to warrant being put into a mental institution.

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Partly I do agree.

When my son was about 12, he and his friend were talking about aids and i overheard them.

Jan, the friend, said: 'aids is for gay and for junks. So I can't get it'.

I got into the conversation and told him:

Jan is a good guy and he only 'does it' with the girl he will marry (they were 12!)

And this girl 'does it' only with Jan. She says.

But some girls do lie.

Once, she had done it before, only once,

with a boy who never had sex before, with a girl.

But on bording school, once, he experimented with a room mate

only once

and the room mate was infected.

You can be infected when you are quit harmless, you see!

But I also get very mad, when I speak to a friend, she was 37 at that time and a widdow with 3 kids. She had a new boyfriend and did not need to bother about safe sex, because they already knew one another for five months.....

The site, btw, is awsome!


reading the figures

I had to think about a song

Leonard Cohen wrote it:

Everybody knows that the ship is sinking

Everybody knows that the captain lied

Edited by megabitch
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nice posts Ken and Bitch but let's not forget our animal instincts(spelling?). Get in a bar, get drunk, fuck without protection or hot babe/stud inviting you home, talk while music plays and lights are low, fuck.

I am careful but some people (can't blame them) are not.

Like a very wise person once said, "shit happens".

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I am careful but some people (can't blame them) are not.

Like a very wise person once said, "shit happens".


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