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Beatle Being Probed


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Sir Paul McCartney is to be questioned by police following a scuffle with a photographer in September, as the former Beatle watched illusionist David Blaine's glass box 'starvation stunt'.

Detectives will talk to McCartney as a matter of routine before deciding whether to take matters further.

As previously reported on NME.COM, the star became embroiled in a row with London Evening Standard photographer Kevin Wheal at 1am on September 19 after Wheal approached McCartney with a camera on what had been intended to be a ‘private visit’.

New Musical Express

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I've got a lot of sympathy for McCartney and others bothered by paparazzi. Frankly, I think paparazzi activities should be punishable under stalking laws. Celebrities should expect public interest ... but being followed around, day and night, can easily get out of hand ... and no celebrity should be made to feel like a prisoner in their own home in order to enjoy privacy.

I'm also surprised there haven't been any paparazzi "deaths." I know that, about a year ago, someone was taking photos from a plane above some actor's estate and the plane was shot at. What really surprises me, though, is that some famous/rich celebrity hasn't done a "tit-for-tat" ... paying someone to follow a "paparazzi" around day and night -- hanging around their homes, taking photos of them and their family members (even through the windows of their homes) -- and making their lives hell. As the old saying goes, what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander. Certainly, paparazzi photographers would sound silly complaining about their privacy being violated when violating the privacy of others is their business.

Heck, hehe, that would make a great website. Imagine a bunch of stars get together and launch a "Paparazzi Dirt" website ... hiring private investigators to take photos of them and their families day and night, relentlessly - and do background checks on them to find every scrap of dirt they can and publishing it all online. And, if a paparazzi or paparazzi's spouse has a particularly disburbing past (crimes or indiscretions), they could print out the facts and make certain his/her neighbors receive copies of them.

Stars may have skeletons in their closets ... but I'd bet that even paparazzi photographers (or their spouses) have a few skeletons in theirs, too.

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