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concerts in houston, tx

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:bigsmile: both Moodyblue and I work for concert venues in Houston, TX

from time to time we will both be giving opinions on the concerts we have worked

For myself, my opinion on the concert at the Woodlands Pavilion on 7-


Puddle of Mud, Nickelback and 3 Doors Down

didn't really hear much of Puddle of Mud, was working outside the gates, to me Nickelback was the best of the three. They must have had great pyro effects because I keep jumping every time I heard a boom :lol:

Really, I did like Nickelback the best, maybe its because I am just more familiar with their songs, although 3 Doors Down was pretty good too :lol:

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I think that anyone's opinion of a concert they attended would be welcome, except maybe mine. :lol: Here goes anyway.

For the Jurassic members at beatking, I recently saw "Steppenwolf" and "Tommy James and the Shondells".

John Kay sounded as good he ever did. Steppenwolf was great on every song.

Tommy James sounded great on some songs but not on all of them. Something was a little lacking on some of the songs. Sweet Cherry Wine was probably his best but none of them were bad......just not quite as good as back in the day.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Why oh why did I say I would come in?!!!!!!!!!! :blink: ........

I worked the Judas Preist with Slayer show at the Woodlands Pavilion, TX on 8/8...

Slayer I didn't care too much for....I don't know any of their songs and they were LOUD, very loud!! And they are alittle too heavy for me.

Judas Preist was okay......there were a few songs I did not know....

They did do "Breaking the Law" and "You got Another Thing Coming" and "Hell Bent for Leather".....

This was my first time to see Judas Preist and I thought they did a good job....at least with them you could understand the words!!

I was suppesed to have the day off, but I got called in and I said I could come in...Well I'll never do that again!! I really don't like dealing with drunks at concerts. Although sometimes they are funny to watch...the ones that are really,really drunk.....

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worked the Priest/Slayer/Black Label Society Concert also, I couldn't see them (I worked the chute, that grey area where the public can't go in, the people from backstage can go back and forth with a good laminate and the cops take all the unruly :lol:) But I could sure hear them.

My pick, Black Label Society...........I think they sounded great

Slayer, too loud, you couldn't catch anything

Priest, pretty good for an old band :lol:

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It is. I should have mentioned that the first time I read it, but I was blown away.

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Interesting thread!

:lol: ok, are you all being smart asses :lol:

it is really difficult to get a play list, let alone any pictures from any of the concerts at The Pavilion, they don't let you do that, or you will be FIRED.........but we really do get to see, hear some great concerts :lol:

We can't even speak to any of the bands, unless we are spoken to first :o:lol::lol::lol: :bigsmile:

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No really, your jobs are quite unique, especially from a music forum viewpoint. Out of curiousity, which bands seem to be most down to Earth, and which (other than Prince :evil: ) seem to be very uncaring toward their fans and the concert crew?

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:) well I have seen, heard, been around some really good bands,

1; Creed

spent some time backstage with them (2 days, 7 am until past midnight, both days)Scott is a prima donna ( a pain in the ass), Mark Tremonti(spelling) was as good as you could get, gave me a private concert (acoustic) while he tuned up for the concert( kept asking if he was too loud!!!!!). It was great, he brings in his own weight training crew.

2. Jerry Cantrell form Alice in Chains, Fantastic.......very nice and personable

brought his extended family along

3 Tommy Lee (ex Motley Crue) very stand offish

4. Chad Kroegor from Nickleback, seemed like any guy you could just have a chat with, any time , anywhere. Very interested in the people he was talking to and the opinions they had.

5. Gregg Allman, really great funny person, invited you in to talk.

6. Jimmy Buffet, tight security, but was alot of fun back stage.

Some of the ones I remember...........

there are more, but I didn't work back stage.

Bad Company was great

Styx was great

Stone Temple Pilots and Aerosmith

Rush, twice, probably the best concerts I've heard at the Pavilion

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Journey was pretty cool...the lead singer talked to me for awhile....

Steven Tyler kind of freaked me out a few years ago...

I had come in early...when they showed up he stopped in front of me and introduced himself (like I didn't know who he was!), then went up to his room....came back down, looked at me and gave me a thumbs up and went to the stage. Came back and stopped again, by then there were a few more people backstage, including three of my supervisors, he then said that he wanted a picture with me (I thought, COOL!!), their sound guy was coming from catering and Steven asked him to pose with me (he said that we looked like brother and sister). Someone handed Steven a digital camera and he took our picture.

The only thing the sound guy and I had in common was the blonde hair and blue eyes...... and he was well over six feet tall!!

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ok, are you all being smart asses
no! I really find your stuff interesting
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:D ok, cool, we will keep doing more :D Moodyblue does more concerts that me,she works for the bigger venue here in Houston,

anyway, next ones coming up for me are;

Toby Keith 8/13/04 ( I am not a big country fan, we will see how that goes)

The Cure 8/15/04 ???????

I am going to both Dave Matthews concerts (8/19/04 and 8/20/04) LOVE DMB :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: (funny huh, Moodyblue)

and then a concert I am really looking foward to, Deep Purple, Joe Satriani(sp) and Thin Lizzy, I think it's around the 28th of Aug, not really sure of the exact date, that should be really good :bigsmile:

after that Sting some time in Sept :)

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That Sting concert would be my pick of the litter! I have a feeling, though, that he would be one of the more unfriendly guys you'll run across.

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That Sting concert would be my pick of the litter! I have a feeling, though, that he would be one of the more unfriendly guys you'll run across.

:lol: Koop, I have that same feeling :lol: I don't know, just have to wait and see :lol: If I have become sure of anything, it's don't go into any of these concerts with any "already formed opinions"

It doesn't work that way, I've been wrong too many times :lol:

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Actually Koop, the last time Sting was at the Woodlands Pavilion, I came early that day (can't remember when it was, a few years ago) he came in around 3ish and walked right by me and the other people I was working with and nodded hello to us.

He didn't seem standoffish to me at all.....seemed like a really nice guy.....

Sting wasn't like some of the stars that come through there.....they don't even look at you much less say hello...Wynonna was one of those "don't look at me" types.

I even got a half smile and a wave and a nod out of Roger Waters :wub: I was too tongue tied to say hello to him.....I don't think it would have come out in English anyway!!!

And Moonglow....get some taste!!!!!!!!!!! Dave Matthews....YUCK!!!! ;) :bigsmile:

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:bigsmile: I knew you would pick up on the DMB thing really quick, Moodyblue :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile: I love DMB and and Moodyblue don't care for them at all :bigsmile: :bigsmile: She teases me because you can always spot my car in the lot because of the DMB stickers :lol:

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:sick: I shall suffer for two days they are at the pavilion :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick:

He may seem like a nice guy, alittle on the weird side, but I just can't stand his music or his singing voice!!!

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Don't like them, don't like them :P ........

But if you really like them you can keep them!!

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:rofl: you know me well enough to know I will keep em :rofl:
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Okay, for those of you who like Country music...

Toby Keith was at the Woodlands Pavilion (TX) on friday 8/13....two opening acts Terri Clark and I can't remember the first one.....

They dropped a big white sheet like screen down and then showed Toby and his dog driving around in his big Ford truck, like a mini movie....pulled it down and the show started..

Here is the set list

















Band intro (Lil' Chuckie Dance) don't know what that was about!


18. FAN FAIR/ ANGRY AMEERICAN (don't know if that was a typo or if it is spelt that way)


When I got to work (around 5pmish) he was playing Basketball backstage by the busses with some of his crew....I worked on the floor so I got to see the whole thing whether I wanted to or not (I am not a fan of country music)

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The Cure's "Curisa" Tour came to the Woodlands Pavilion on Sunday 8/15...

Here are the bands that were there....

Auf Der Maur

Cooper Temple Clause (from England)

Head Automatica




The Rapture

and of course The Cure

There were two stages going- the main stage and one they had set up in the Gold parking lot...didn't see any of these bands. They had the Gold lot fenced off so that the guests could go from stage to stage without having to worry about the 'no re-entry' rule.

Cooper Temple was the first band on the main stage. I couldn't tell you who else played on the main stage as I have never heard of any of these bands except for the Cure. The show was okay, I think the Cure did the best job.

I don't know many of their songs, but here are the ones I do: 'I will Always Love You', 'It's Friday, I'm in Love' and 'Boys Don't Cry'. I was not able to get a set list for this show. The music started at five and the Cure finished the show at 11pm.

I saw some very interesting hairstyles!

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:bigsmile: well here it goes :bigsmile: DMB was great tonight :bigsmile: The Graham Colton Band opened for DMB and they were fantistic, a fine band from Austin, Tx that people should really start paying some attention to......

but on to DMB and I might as well say from the beginning that I am a huge fan of Dave, Carter, Boyd, LeRoi and Stephan :bigsmile: These guys out did themselves tonight :bigsmile: I just can't say enough about how 5 guys can play music like they do

On to the set list;

Tripping Billys


Joy Ride

Grace is Gone (one of my personal Favs :bigsmile: )

When the World Ends




To Jane


Ants Marching( another of my personal favs :bigsmile: )

Typical Situation(another of my personal favs :bigsmile: )

Crazy(another of my personal favs :bigsmile: )

Grey Street(another of my personal favs :bigsmile: )

Best of What There is(another of my personal favs :bigsmile: )

and... All Along The Watchtower(another of my personal favs :bigsmile: ).....

allI have I have to hear tomorrow night is 1. Bartender 2. Satelite and 3. Crash

and I will be one happy soul

I love DMB :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

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Glad you had a good time Moonglow....atleast one of us did!!

Sorry, but his music or his singing don't do anything for me.....

And Thank Heavens it didn't rain!!


(although it did rain some during the day) If the rain holds off for saturday's show, I will be a happy camper.....I really don't like working in the rain!

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