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Has anyone tried this yet. I found it when installing sharaza 2.0

Looks very cool. Looks like they license the streaming rights somehow as long as you actually own the media or at least claim to.

You can create a private group to Dj your tunes too.

Let me know what you think?

I've only used it a few hours but I really like it.

What is it?





Heres a clip

Webcasting Music with Mercora

The Legality of Webcasting with Mercora

Mercora lets you webcast music on the Internet using the Mercora client running on your PC and the Mercora servers located on the domain mercora.com. We have obtained a statutory license for the non-interactive webcasting of digital audio as per the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), 17 U.S.C. § 114 (requires Adobe Acrobat plug-in). This license pertains to the digital performance rights of sound recordings and the associated reporting and royalty payments to SoundExchange® (the independent non-profit organization that represents over 500 record companies and associated labels). We have also obtained all U.S. (and in somecases international) musical composition performance rights through our licenses with ASCAP, BMI and SESAC .   These pertain to the performance rights and associated royalties due to song writers. We take care of all the reporting and royalty payments that are due to these various organizations. You (the end user) do not have to worry about any of this.

How it works

Once you have installed the Mercora client, you can tell the client about the digital music files you would like to include in your Mercora music library.  Once you do this, you can use the Mercora client to organize and play this music locally and also make the music available for webcasting to others on the Mercora Network. The Mercora client webcasts music that you play locally as well as automatically webcasts music when you are online.

In both these cases, it ensures that any webcasts you make satisfy various rules governing the statutory license for non-interactive webcasting, such as: conforming to the sound recording performance complement, minimum duration for looped programming, identification of song, artist and album, etc. For this reason, in some cases you might be listening to one song while webcasting another.

Other Rules You Need to Follow

You are not allowed to do any of the following things:

Publish advance program guides or use other means to pre-announce when particular sound recordings will be streamed or the order in which they will be streamed (this is because we are a non-interactive webcasting service)

Webcast specific sound recordings within one hour of the request by a listener or at a time designated by the listener

Webcast audio content for which you do not have the legitimate legal rights for use (music you have ripped from CDs that you own or music you have downloaded from a legitimate online music store like Apple iTunes is considered legitimate, music downloaded using file-sharing programs like KaZaA are not legitimate) 

Edited by Pablo
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A friend of mine tried to get me to use it but I'm far too lazy to install it. Maybe I will now that I have no mp3s.

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Its a very cool app I give it an A. You can only stream @ 96kbs but thats more than enough for net audio.

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We've talked about doing a Beatking radio thing... Do you think this would be tool to do it? PS--Your posts are always top notch, Pablo...

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I've used Shoutcast before that seems to work well and easy to use.

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Okkaaay I tried it and it crashed.

I have real shit luck with fun things.

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We've talked about doing a Beatking radio thing... Do you think this would be tool to do it? PS--Your posts are always top notch, Pablo...

Thanks man.

Well I've been using it today with about 6 others and so far its great.

The only problem I had streaming was with bandwidth, but I had 3 p2p apps sharing.

If you tone down your upstream it seems to work fine but thats said for everything.

You can easily switch around to different members broadcast with a click.

The chat room is like any other. You can have private chat sessions as well. Also everyroom has a private forum board. Nice to have.

It takes a while to work it out but well worth the effort.

You can stream your entire collection or create a playlist to stream from. So in theory you can decide what you want to stream. However this is not the intent of the software.

They clearly state in the rules that you are not to publisize what you are going to stream. I assume so people cannot prepare to record the streams?

The private rooms are very nice. You send an e-mail invitation to your friends/board members and then they can join. You can set privacy to only stream to them as well. There are plenty of options.

I spoke to them about spyware/adware. There is none. In the future they plan to generate revenue in some form but they assured me it would not be in the slippery fashion.

The creators of Shareaza are involved in the project. Its not an RIAA trap if thats what your thinking.

So in a nutshell. Its a cool way to listen to your friends music and its legal. So what the hell.

Creating a private group is simple. Just install the software and choose create a group.

If you get a BeatKing group up make sure an PM me OK?

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If you get a BeatKing group up make sure an PM me OK?

This sounds like a good idea--any volunteers?

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