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'Skyfall' Featurette Explores James Bond's Home City

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One of the most defining elements of "[url=""]Skyfall[/url]" is going to be the fact that it is so largely set in London. As proven with the [url=""]opening moments[/url] of the London Olympics, James Bond is one of the most beloved characters in recent British history. That's why star Daniel Craig and director Sam Mendes set out to make the character inherently British in the new movie.

"Sam and I wanted to make it British," Craig said in a new featurette, courtesy of [url=""]The Huffington Post[/url]. "And it's not some flag-waving thing that either one of us is interested in. It's just about basing Bond in Britain."

He continued, "It was very exciting just to get out on the streets and show London for what it is. We made it look very beautiful and very dark and sinister at times, but it's Bond's home."

That proved difficult at times, for as Mendes points out it's "not a particularly photogenic city." But the "Skyfall" team was able to leverage the Bond name to get into areas of the British capital that wouldn't be open otherwise.

"So we got the chance to close down Whitehall," Craig said. "We used the London underground, we closed down tube stations and things."

In the end, all the care for the character of London seems to have made for a better Bond" movie.

"We tend to shoot in the expected areas, but hopefully in unexpected ways and from unexpected angles," Mendes said. "To me, it's just about how you look at the place. And I think in that respect it's useful to be a Londoner."

"Skyfall" hits theaters on November 9.

[i]Are you intrigued to see a Bond movie set in the character's home country? Tell us in the comments section below or on [url=""]Twitter[/url]![/i]

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