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TechTV Dark Tip: Media Destruction Roundup


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As much as the "Screen Savers" praise the practice of backing up data, Kevin Rose is going to show you how to do just the opposite on today's show. We're going to kick your data's face in.

On tonight's Dark Tip, Kevin will show you a bunch of devices that shred, scrape, and mash CDs, rendering all the data contained on them unreadable and unrecoverable.

Whether you're an international spy, paranoid because RIAA agents are hiding in your shrubs, or just trying to eliminate every digital-photo memory of your ex-girlfriend, these devices should do the trick.

Weapons of media destruction

# Alera DVD/CD Shredder ($49.99)

This is the cheapest and most desktop-friendly option in our destruction roundup. It doesn't really "shred," but it etches deep grooves into a disc that render data unreadable. It also makes your CDs look like they've got chicken pox.

# Alera DVD/CD Shredder Plus ($119)

Thanks to its 1/2 horsepower motor, this one really shreds. Offending CDs go in, shiny strips of destroyed data come out. When it's done wreaking havoc, it spits the detritus of destruction into a 4-gallon wastebasket, which comes with the shredder.

# Royal CD/Media Destroyer & Paper Shredder ($150)

If you want to have a ticker-tape parade with your shredded CDs, this is the machine for you. It looks like a harmless kitchen appliance, but don't be fooled. It pulverizes CDs, paper clips, and 14-page manuscripts into confetti, then dumps the debris into a slide-out bin. Also makes a mean ham salad.

# Fellowes PS70-2CD Shredder with Basket ($170)

If you're running a small office, you might want to give this one a try. Everything gets julienned into delicious quarter-inch strips. Also, the nice little window in the front of the 7-gallon wastebasket lets you take in the show.

# DX-CD Manual Destruction Device ($1,300)

If you prefer driving cars with manual transmissions, this might be your best option. This heavy-duty, crank-operated unit carves data-destroying gashes into the face of your CDs. The $1,300 price tag is steep, but it's a fair price for this Department of Defense-approved, ultimate CD-destroying machine.


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or you can just melt them

or smack them with a hammer, then melt them

or give them to a 3-5 year old for 3 minutes

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or give them to a 3-5 year old for 3 minutes

That's the best option; less work.

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Me, I put them in a vice (wearing safety glasses, of course).

I slowly close it and watch them shatter under the pressure. Its great for AOL CDs & failed CD-R burns and it helps relieve stress.

I also put them in the microwave for a few seconds and totally fry them. It makes for some interesting patterns on the disc itself.

A word of caution, it could totally wreck your microwave if you do that for any real length of time, so be warned.


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I have always just chucked them in the campfire its very effective.

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