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where everybody at??

Windy City

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Ok so check it, i come on BeatKing to wreck it
But to my surprise my eyes show me the last post was on the second..
Of last year, i always look forward, don't worry about the past year
cause last year i struggled to battle when i was in my last gear

So i took time off and reconfigured my method
And instead of throwin shots i learned to intercept em
Some call it genius, i call it common sense
Now my flows go so hard it rips through a solid fence

Rebuilt myself, started from the foundation
Worked hard while i was high, now i look like a brown asian
So tell me how im hatin? We all know that you do it
I wish you COULD reply to this jus so i could respond to it

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Its been two days and I still have no answer
Maybe cause my flows sick, the bitch causes cancer
All i get is views but no one steps up to fight
Sounds like yalls dicks have a curfew, it cant stay up tonight
And YOU cant stay up to fight cause boy i'll knock yu down
When boxing is a hobby nobody can stop yu now
Especially if yu pack a punch, so nigga jus pack a lunch
cause while yu wait for yur money ima be busy stackin up
N i see yu backin up, Yu see me crackin up?
I seen yu feenin in the streets cause yu dont smoke crack enough
So homie jus back em up, before yur night goes wrong
Inhale then use my tool, exhale and life goes on

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wow be carefull bud when directing a diss at every writer on the site. theres alot of very good writers on this site that would destroy this verse in a few bars. anyway nice peice keep at it. im gonna try and get a good 6-8 people involved in a little tourney. so ill count you in. ill let you know when its all arranged bud.

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[quote name='Windy City' timestamp='1317231688' post='197025']
not a diss at all lol just tryin to freestyle a little. I hope no one takes it the wrong way i've seen plenty of good writers here. Keep me posted on the battle
You got no answers,
cause your shits wak.
My flow effects instantly like anthrax.
And sensitive writers,
go to the jazz section and relax.
Don't come to freestyle section,
if you get your shit pushed back.

A battle means its on.
So who the fuck is this guy,
that looks like the fonze?

BeatKing super member?
when you battle,
you find a contender.
This is where people talk shit,
so next time remember.

Don't get you panties in a twist.
This should be where,
people come to get dissed.

I never heard of a sensitive MC.
Ja rule sold out,
for money.
And so did puffy.

Eminem felt bad,
for his negative influence.
He kinda turned truance,
To cps, or dss.
Can't blame the man,
for having regrets.

Any way,
want to battle,
whats good?
I'll show you
What's really, really hood.

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