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Favorite Songs


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There is not a thread about this... So, could you possibly pick, out of the vastness of the music, a few favorite songs?!?!

I don't think I can. Let me try:

"Gimme Stitches"- Foo Fighters
"Aurora"- Foo Fighters
"This Is A Call"- Foo Fighters
"Everlong"- Foo Fighters
"Something I Can Never Have"- Nine Inch Nails
"Piggy"- Nine Inch Nails
"Hurt"- Nine Inch Nails
"Right Where It Belongs"- Nine Inch Nails
"Macy's Day Parade"- Green Day
"1979"- Smashing Pumpkins
"Tonight, Tonight"- Smashing Pumkpins
"Thirty-Three"- Smashing Pumpkins
"You Only Live Once"- The Strokes
"Kiss Kiss"- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
"Way Out"- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
"Idioteque"- Radiohead
"You and Whose Army?"- Radiohead
"Karma Police"- Radiohead
"Set Phasers to Stun"- Taking Back Sunday
"Florida"- Modest Mouse
"Heart Cooks Brain"- Modest Mouse
"Ocean Breathes Salty"- Modest Mouse
"Evil"- Interpol
"PDA"- Interpol
"Santeria"- Sublime
"Badfish"- Sublime
"The New Pollution"- Beck
"Timebomb"- Beck
"5/4"- Gorillaz
"Kids With Guns"- Gorillaz
"Dirty Harry"- Gorillaz
"I Will Possess Your Heart"- Death Cab For Cutie
"Half-Jack"- The Dresden Dolls
"Backstabber"- The Dresden Dolls
"Wave of Mutilation"- Pixies
"Here Comes Your Man"- Pixies
"Hospital Beds"- Cold War Kids
"Celebrity Skin"- Hole
"Sweetness"- Jimmy Eat World
"Faggot"- Mindless Self Indulgence
"Pennyroyal Tea"- Nirvana
"Champagne Supernova"- Oasis
"Supersonic"- Oasis
"Old Woman Small Town Something or Another"- Pearl Jam
"It's a Hit"- Rilo Kiley
"Such Great Heights"- The Postal Service
"Runs in the Family"- Amanda Palmer

Well, goddamn that is an exhaustive list. I think I just kept typing and listening to songs in my head. OK I WILL MAKE IT SHORTER LATER BUT I WASTED TOO MUCH TIME ON THIS TO NOT POST IT

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I love the Yeah yeah Yeahs and death cab too. lately the new death cab for cutie songs have been myf avorite. what about everyone else?

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Inspired by another post (top 5 favorite bands), what are your current favorite songs and what are your all time favorite songs? Up to 5 of each!

Long time favorites for me are The Taste of Ink & Blue and Yellow from the Used, You Should Have Killed Me When You Had the Chance (original version) by A Day to Remember, Dark Blue- Jack's Mannequin, Hold Me Down- Motion City Soundtrack

Brothers to the Flames - It Prevails; Disappear (acoustic version) - Motion City Soundtrack, The Weakends- Motion City Soundtrack, If God Smokes Cheap Cigars- Envy on the Coast, So This is My Future- Ice Nine Kills, Sweetest Air (acoustic)- This Time Next Year, Hummannequin- The Color Morale, I Hate Heartley - The Amity Affliction, Montrose- Man Overboard, and way too many Say Anything songs to mention.

I meant to do 5 but I couldn't narrow it down. The currents are subject to change depending on my mood. lol
What are yours?

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Vapor - Little Big Town
Lonely Enough - Little Big Town

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Favorite songs below:
1. Katy Perry - Road
2. Beyonce - Halo
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My Top 5 would be:

  1. Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours - Stevie Wonder
  2. Always - Atlantic Starr
  3. Especially For You - Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan
  4. Reasons - Earth, Wind & Fire
  5. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go - Wham!

Such great, unforgettable songs! :)

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Wow u guys have so many favorite songs, i think my favorite one are those from the top songs of radio listner, after we all get bored for listening too many times!! anyway, music is the only thing which makes me feel better and makes me stay a bit further away from pharmacy reviews because i always need to get there to get meds...music is the only thing which saves me!

Edited by Begile
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I like this topic,so...Can I-The Manhattans..I'm Still Waiting-Patti Labelle An The Blubelles..Guilty-Al Green..Rhythm-Major Lance..Hey Love-Stevie Wonder..Sugar Dumplin-Sam Cooke..River Of Tears-Gene Chandler..B-A-B-Y-Carla Thomas..Shoolgirl-The Five Royales..Oh Be My Love-The Miracles..Come Back-The Five Stairsteps..Raindrops-Dee Clark.

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