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my version of council estate of mind


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blud, i got to sleep i dont have dreams i dont have nightmares
whats left to fear when the nightmare is living right here
people wanna front like their tight wit u but they dont really care
we all get tarred with the same same brush and that aint really fair
we've all got our own little hustle but some above board
i wanna do this music ting get in the studio and start to record
but unfortunatly studio time is a lot more than i can afford
so was someone lying when they said the pen was mightier than the sword
because the path to success is frought with dangers and there aint a map
dont ask strangers for help around here cos u could get jacked
its a fact that its a dog eat dog world out there and some remain strapped
some man dont and can only be identified by there name tags
and there aint nuttin new there just rude youts and crack shottas
and police wonder why we give them aggro whenever they stop us
cos lifes kinda milintant, drug addicts and street crime
nuttins equivalent to this council estate of mind

so these are lyrics for my people, stuck in the streets who
wanna get out before these rough roads defeat u
but if u got a council estate of mind they'll never beat u
hold ya head head up high and think positively i can teach u
and u can hear what i say but do u really listen
have u done anything in life to try and change ur position
or have u dismissed all i said as just a load of bullshit
go back to the ends with the mandem drive around and let off a full clip
and thats exactly wat the problem is, londons like wat compton is
its hard growing up around here, not wat u really want for kids
but ask the olders here and they wont wanna be livin here either
in a place where u are categorized as a destined under acheiver
even if u make it through school the opportunities are limited
to use your initiative get plucked from obscurity and reach the top of the pyramid
cos lifes still kinda militant
kids with guns commiting street crime
but nuttins equivalent to this council estate of mind

bless please comment thats verse 1 and 2 currently working on verse 3 :)

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