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Clinton CASH

Real Flawz v.s. Clinton CA$H

You Decide  

1 member has voted

  1. 1. Who got it?

    • Real Flawz
    • Clinton CA$H

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The shotty's is lubed up

I'm bout to fuck this nigga real hard in his pussy (faggot ass nigga) and I hope that his tube's tucked

get a crackhead to stab his eyes for two bucks

it'll be more then ya brains and intestines that's screwed up (get rid of that whack shit you holdin)

the shit that I'm gettin on

will leave this niggaz body so hot you can only touch him with mittens on (Mmm)

skulls get crushed and backs get twist

stuff his ass back in the hole of that crackhead bitch

Uh! my minds more serious, thoughts more skeptical

I'll steam his ass up like a vegetable "F" ya crew

I told ya'll once it ain't much to prove

so I win and I only chose to win cuz it sucks to lose

and I advise you to duck

cuz I ain't giving no warning spray til the fucking morning is up

so bye-bye lil nigga bout to die lil nigga

and when you get there see how high Heaven is up.


Edited by Clinton CASH

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Maybe I didn't do this correct. Could someone tell me how you guys do this whole battle thing on here? :huh:

You did fine. Now we need your competitor to post and see who gives who a woopin'

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Wow that was quick. I give it to you guys, you on ya shit!

Dude has an implant in his head that notifies him whenever there's a new post.

I try not to post too late at night.

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Where you at Daddy! Come holla at me man. We gettin tired of waiting :glare::sleep::thumbsdown::mad::jipper::mad2::blink:

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