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real flawz

every one put some bars in dont have to be a battle and ill rate a winner!!!

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just show me your bars ill set you out and continue off mine each person has to start of the last person bars come on if you got bars out dare stand up and put them in

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all i wanna do is be party of the party

dress up smartly and ware my cardy

have a few drink and think it smartly

spit a few bars then i hide my car keys

you no how it is when your pissed

driving fastly you at risk

topping a ton its not over

thinking your invinsible blad ur not even sober

still driving fastly missing that nova

ive finished spittin but blad this aint over.......

not the best but carry on :P

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The name is Little jayda,
everyone's a hater.
My ex's are all playa's but im over fuckin playin
Im not really mad, im just pointin out well im sayin
i had the boy i "wanted" but we was always fakinn'
Tokin away the world, every morning wake and bakin'
Wakin up early, gettin super fly
when i go into class, all the teachers know im high
not even tryna hide it, i catch him lookin, Yeah Your guy
when you confront your man, you know hes gonna lie
cause i got all the right things to catch a niggas eye
finally where i wanna be, way the bitches goodbye.
Whores tryna fight me,
but baby come and light me.
When i hit the blunt, all the things are beside me.
faded in and out of life,
feelin like a dream.
Lifes a rollercoaster,
always wanna scream(:

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