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the one

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The One

by chanbox, Jun 30, 2009

Is she really your true love?

Is this really it?

Is she the one

Who can steal my heart

Like a thief on the run?

Or does she hold the gun

With the muzzle to my chest,

Ready to blow my heart to pieces

If I think she's not the best?

If I think she's like the rest

And leave her behind,

Will her tears eat away

At my heart, soul, and mind?

Am I so blind

That I only see I love her

When I threaten to leave

and put myself above her?

Will I ever know unless we part?

Either way will break my heart.


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I don't think you ever really decided whether she is or not. As such, the open ended nature of the poem doesn't cary much emotion. I think I would come back to this one and spend some more time developing it.

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