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Hard Knocks part 1

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Hard Knocks: Part 1

by chanbox, Jun 26, 2009

Not the typical hard life you're expecting.

Locked inside a box with no keys and locks,

No bars and blocks, no guards and cops

Just him and his thoughts. Man, he never shot a glock

But I could sure tell you about a life with hard knocks.

Growing up in a religious home, with no means of expression

Except for communion and confession,

He never learned his lesson.

Looking out from a bubble to a world of acception,

He never saw the rubble in its mountains of question

Or the stubble on its legs and the double complexion.

Even with the Hubble, he wouldn't have seen imperfection.

So he tried to break the mold in his old Catholic school

So loaded with rules, that even the diamond jewel

Could get expelled for one scratch from the fool.

So he partied a little bit, and had few sips,

And took a few hits with the some of the lost kids.

Straying from the fold, the Shepherd had to let him go

To test if the world would make him die or grow.


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That was pretty cool.

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