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Backdraft - Rock the Mic / Pole Dancer OUT NOW!

daniella downs

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Backdraft - Rock the Mic / Pole Dancer

Check audio clips including both the VIP Instrumental mix of Rock the Mic at the official Passenger / 777 shop:

Taken from the forthcoming album ‘We Know Where You Live!’ The wait is nearly over. The original Labrat’s have been in their lair for the last 12 months working hard on their song writing skills and developing their sound, ready for the release of their debut longplayer released in November on Passenger.

Paul and Karrie have been an integral part of the breakbeat scene for the past 6 years. Supported by everyone from Meat Katie to Rennie Pilgrim, FreQ Nasty to Tayo, this Stockport duo are one of Passengers most successful bands with a loyal and avid fanbase. Whether they are fusing ragga vocals with electro wobbles, reggae blessed grooves with syncopated beats or just having a laugh, trying to melt the globes bass cones… one thing is always obvious, they do it in style and with passion.

On the first single from their album they have teamed up with Passenger’s own The Ragga Twins for what could well be one of their finest vocal outings to date! As with all of the Twins work, this has a catchy ‘call and response’ chorus and some straight up vocal anarchy that will twist around in your head long after you have returned from the club.

The flipside is true Backdraft madness… doing the rounds on dubplate for the past few months, this tune has a proven track record of ‘doin da biz’. Ladies and gentleman, strap yourself in and get ready for the next 3 months of super dope, straight up cold lamping, head bopping beats that are fresher than a 4 finger gold ring rocked with iron flat fat laces.

IDJ magazine review: Backdraft enlist perennial mic controllers Ragga Twins for a manic excursion on Aquasky¹s prolific imprint. A full assault of ragga breaks, goes for the jugular and is not something for the faint hearted to say the least. Energy packed and aimed at purely for the peaktime, if this is your thing you'll like this a lot!

DJ support: This is one of the strongest breaks releases we have put out on Passenger. Support coming from Annie Nightingale (Radio 1), Jay Cunning & Joe Ransom (Kiss FM), Crystal Method, Aquasky, Tayo, Beat Assassins Jimi Mofo, capoeira twins, Dan Rice, Leeroy Thornhill- Prodigy + more

Plump Dj's - ’Awsome!!! The Ragga Twins on another slammer. Love Pole Dancer'.

Nick Thayer - 'Totally relentless innit….Large!'

Tom Real - 'At last a decent breaks record. Pole Dancer is huge!'.

Plaza de Funk - 'really liking Rock the Mic, full vocal version is my fave!! Will be playing it out for sure ;_-)'

The Crystal Method - 'Big tracks! Will drop on the radio show'

Jimmy Mofo / Beat Assassins - 'yep really likin this'

Tayo - 'wicked. of course.'

Andrea Lai - 'what a sound!!! both tunes are killers!! loving the "nomercy" feel of Pole Dancer and tha supa ragga style of Rock The Mic. well done again!!! 4/5'

Ollywood (Hardcore Beats) - 'Loving pole dance will be playing loads!'

Angel Farringdon - 'Pole Dancer sounds like it's going to be fun to play def !'

Capoeira Twins - 'Oh yes! They're the Manckiest Mancs in Manc Land...their Moms sell crack and their Dads drive Burberry Subaru's...but Backdraft ROCK it EVERY f*cking time! Love all the tracks to bits......Way to go guys!'

Available in these fine shops NOW! All Passenger & 777 releases plus exclusive promos are released first only at the Official

Passenger / 777 shop:

simple-passenger-shop-banner130x54.jpg beatportlogo.jpg djdownload_logo.jpg beatsdigital_logo.jpg

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