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Elite Force - No Turning Back (Remixes) [Re:Vision 005] *OUT NOW*

daniella downs

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Elite Force - No Turning Back (Remixes) [Re:Vision 005] [uAA012]

OUT NOW :: Exclusively on Beatport

Elite Force returns with surely the strongest instalment to date in his Re:vision remix project featuring no fewer than 5 remixes of 4 tracks from a bygone era, disembowelled and reanimated by a selection of the great and good from today"s underground electronic music scene.

The ball is set rolling by Mowgli & Solo who slice up "No Turning Back" into a bouncing and shuffling gem of a track, with teasing top lines, vocal stabs and a bottom end that just keep on bumpin". This is pure, deep Dirtybird classiness from the Italian wonk-king

Next out of the gates is stable mate Butter Party who takes his shot at re-crafting "No Turning Back". A tough 4/4 drum pattern quickly launches into a bottom end driven frenzy with jacking percussion offsetting the growling distorted bass. A sizeable breakdown leads to a syncopated rhythm section before sliding back out the other side and into the madness once more. This is taking no prisoners!

Just as things are reaching a pinnacle of sound overload, the door is opened to Bearweasel who slide into the control seat and turn their deep house alchemy to EF's 'Gasoline Alley. Things get stripped to the bone and rebuild into a simple but highly effective dub house version that gives real balance to this package.

As day turns to night, so the understated gives way to the bold and brutal. And so enters Dylan Rhymes. Once again he brings his inimitable production skills to bear on "Haiku" and gives us a dirty, fidgetty and raucous reworking that challenges you to keep still. Outstanding as always.

Finally we have Kid Blue who gets the chance to deconstruct "Vapour Trail" and splice it back together in his own image. The result is a piece of quality big-room jackin electro house that closes things off perfectly.

A great selection of mixes that's received the best and broadest reaction yet of any release on U&A!



Elite Force - No Turning Back (Mowgli & Solo Mix)

Key DJ Supporters : Kruder & Dorfmeister, Solomun, Dopamine, Dan Kahuna

Elite Force - No Turning Back (Butter Party Mix)

Key DJ Supporters : Plump DJs, Malente, Dylan Rhymes, Crystal Method

Elite Force - Gasoline Alley (Bearweasel Mix)

Key DJ Supporters : Sasha, Cass Deadset, Daniel Becker (Tricksi), Martin Stimming, Kevin Griffiths (Tsuba/Isst)

Elite Force - Haiku (Dylan Rhymes Mix)

Key DJ Supporters : Tom Real, Bassbin Twins, Uberzone, Heavy Feet

Elite Force - Vapour Trail (Kid Blue Mix)

Key DJ Supporters : Ctlr Z, Ben & Lex, Bitrok

"No Turning Back (Mowgli and Solo mix) will play this. No Turning Back (Butter Party remix) is great with the shuffled break." - [Peter Kruder (Kruder & Dorfmeister / K7)]

"Elite force f*cking solid as usual. will bang this joint tonight bitchez!!!" - [Dj Dan (InStereo)]

"Dig this sound ... dope remix from Dylan Rhymes!" - [Uberzone (LA)]

"Butter Party mix in the box. cheers." - [Andy Gardner (Plump Djs / Fingerlickin)]

"All tracks are top notch & very difficult to pick a fav, loving the squelchy vibes on the Butter Party & Dylen Rhymes mixes but the Kid Blue one is definitely more of the sound we push in our dj sets, wicked stuff!!" - [Ryan (Bitrok / Dead Famous]

"Wow! I love this very deep and driving bearweasel remix. these crazy cats are getting better and better!" - [Daniel Becker (Trickski)]

"Cool package of mixes. Feeling the Dylan Rhymes and Butter Party remixes." - [Scott Kirkland (Crystal Method / Indie 103.1 FM)]

"Kid Blue Mix is Banging!" - [Ctrl Z (The End / Pyro Radio)]

"This one of the best mix packages i had in a long time still not sure which is my fav but i do like Mowgli and Solo" - [Sonique

"Loving the deepness, Bearweasel are on fire at the moment. Great release." [Richard Belsom (Cubism / Club Class)]

"nice electro house monster from BP" - [Kevin (Fine Cut Bodies / Chi)]

"we love M &S!" - [Zombie Disco Squad (London)]

"the Dylan Rhymes mix is the one i'll be playing out - Greatness!" - [Peter Tall (Bassbin Twins)]

"5 absolute bangers here! full support from me as usual. The Mowgli and Solo remix of No Turning back is just gobsmackingly good. I fucking LOVE it!!! U&A are killing it at the moment! raaaah!!!" - [Dopamine (Title Fight / Fight Club)]

"Another slammer from U&A. Beaver turns up the heat on this one! Big sound. Will be rinsing... " - [Heavy Feet (Potty Mouth)]

"i LOVE butter parties stuff and this remix is top draw indeed. proper squelch bisniz. The dylan rhymes mix is freaking awesome as well. proper dirty vibes. kid blue drop the party action ahoy .. in fact this whole package is excellent. Chartng Butter Party at No.2" [Ben & Lex (Beatz and Bobz / NSB Radio / Brap.FM)]

"Great to see more of my favourite EF tunes getting reworked!!!! All 3 remixers have totally done them justice and their versions complement the originals very well indeed. Hats off to you guys, this is exactly the type of stuff I want to be hearing more of in dance music. Another solid set of tunes from U&A, which confirms my belief that it's by far the best label going at the moment. Dylan Rhymes mix Charted at No.1" [Introspective (Ministry / Sinister)]

"Big fan of Mowgli's already so this mix is spot-on. Will definitely play it." - [Lee Mortimer (Wearhouse Music)]

"Dylan Rhymes mix is sick!" - [Tom Real (Fakt / Samurai FM)]

"the bearweasel dub for me!" - [Martin Stimming (Stimming / Diynamic)]

"All good but Butter Party throwing it down. Loving the 3/4 time breakdown!!!" - [Dylan Rhymes (Lot 49)]

"lovin the Bearweasel vibes!!" [Kevin Griffiths (Tsuba / Issst!)]

"Feeling the Haiku Remix" [Napt (Funkatech)]


Many thanks for the continued support,


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