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Split Personalities Feat, LBD, Frozen, Messenger.


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I use to have 2 Alias on this site, Frozen was about 10 years ago and messenger about 7. I cant for the life of me remember my login details so had to make a new account. this song is more messing around than anything. i mean my 3 alias are kind of all different sides of me or atleast different sides of me through my writing over the years. with Messenger a more heavy focused on the craft or writing and rap and the message. Frozen being a sick fuck to tell you the truth. and a very jokey side. And LBD i guess is kind of a middle man. more focused on skills etc i always wondered like what it would be like to bring all sides of me together and if i could switch in and out of flows like that so easy. heres my first attempt hope it makes sense



(LBD) So I'm gonna flow on this verse, been 10 years but still hopelessly cursed, cocaine comes first, dopamine and alcohol opening is the only moment i thirst, as the cold is closing in....

Like I'm holding my hurt, no point in opening up and closing it first, for trust I still search, life's like a spec of dust in the dirt......guess i was fucked straight from the birth....

So I'm lyrically raping, video taping, -them covered in spunk and masking tape,- before i even gaped them,- took them on a buttkaked slut vacation.

(Frozen) for fucksake LBD what the fuck have you been taking ?

(LBD) Slut be patient, Hating, pegged from Satan, dread the waiting, death is taking too long so with this song ima demonstrating why,

(frozen)....LET ME just say I......elevate knifes...masturbate on straight guys.....escalate fights....devastate thighs.....of catholic priests at night......

{Messenger} You guys are sick.

(Frozen)  Shut up suck dicks .....LBD butt fuck this slut quick....

{LBD} That's enough of this shit...this verse has gone too sick.

(Messenger) Huh! you think? Pricks.

(LBD} I guess all I was trying to say, my rhyming will slay, and decapitate, any fake rappers I break and decimate 

(Messenger) wait, lets not explore that again,

(LBD} The depressive door mat is back again, didn't you say you were killing yourself in that last song, guess that didn't last long, like a hand job on your dads slon, Im dam strong.

damn you think I'm sick, Frozen flows like a paedophile on school bus with no cctv on....he's a man wronged.

(FROZEN) I slice rectums, rectum wrecker. knifes and weapons as I'm expecting objections. infectious obsessions of adolescents intestines seem to  smell better impregnated covered in blood and devastated.

don't worry though.....I rarely forget a ho...... ill save a Monday slot.......just to dig up your corpse for a money shot.....honeys hot.. no ned for a fluffer but ill keep your mum on the sidelines just incase my dick decides to go softer and is in need of a hungry thot.

(LBD) Ohh Shocker...Frozen's gravitating towards sick Lyricals .... and don't get me wrong this is no education for shit criminals.....decimation of cylibals ......vocal penetration so cynical....elevation so simple....just open my rhyme book and let them levitate to the middle......but at the exact moment they open they hesitate and realise im a nympho.

(Messenger) (spoken)  Cut the fucking mic.....whats wrong with you two.....you guys have forgotten your craft the reason why we started this shit...

Music is our platform to educate our youth. people close to suicide not excepting the truth. the lessons we choose, expressions we use, are all part of the weapon we shoot.

Its time to show protection of youth. cause the neglection is true. even though its hidden like a deception from you the truth is if the youth loose from actions we choose then we all loose too. 

from our experiences our wisdom from pain and hurt can be used to lift an entire generation.

A gift to unite and educate them. re ignite the fires of our entire nation, by simply using music to elevate instead of discrimination.

See it doesnt matter "whos a sick spitter" with dicks bigger, spit slicker. fist hits quicker, this shits litter. 

So drop it....

(LBD) Fucksake i was just rhyming....now my rhymings ruined 

(Frozen) Fucksake i was just drinking some spinal fluid.

(messenger) think about what you rhyme before you rhyming stupid.

Thats the problem you dont think.

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