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22 Ways To Reduce EyeStrain At The Computer


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Our good buds over at Lifehacker always have some good tips on hand to share. Today's tip comes from "IPG Lighting: here are there suggestions for 3 taking care of those weary computer eye strains we all get:

Do you spend a lot of time in front of the computer? Ever rub your eyes and want to stop working? You may be experiencing Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), the official diagnosis given to a range of symptoms that include:


dry and strained eyes


neck ache

blurred vision

CVS, more commonly known as computer eyestrain, is due to over- or misuse of computer monitors, bad lighting and other environmental and ergonomic factors"

1 Take a Break – an Easy Solution

2 Light Your Workspace Properly

3 Avoid working in a dark room. Your monitor will be like a bright beacon in the dark. Your eyes will have to struggle between the extremes of light and dark. If you must work in near dark conditions, try dimming the brightness of your monitor screen

4 Natural plants in your workspace can increase humidity as well as control dust and other irritating particles.

5 Consider Your Purpose before Buying a Monitor

6 Invest in a flat screen model. Flat screens of any kind provide a much more graphically sound image than those on the old curved screens. Flat screen CRTs offer better refresh rates and a richer palette of contrast and color adjustments.

Flat panel desktop monitors offer the best image for a range of prices.

7 Invest in a laptop.

8 Configure your computer’s graphics settings for optimal visual comfort.

9 Reduce your chances for eye strain by placing your monitor appropriately:

Optometrists recommend a computer monitor be somewhere between 20 and 30 inches from your eyes.

10 ...Opt for an additional privacy feature and models with an anti-static coating that repel dust and other particulate matter. Polarized shields offer top of the line protection. Adjust To Your Specific Work Requirements

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