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Free TV Shows and Movie Links


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This thread is constantly being updated - you will find about 50 or more websites with links to free movies and tv shows of all genres. If the links no longer work in this thread, let us know, so we can post them.

For additional websites, see the image below of sites recommended by Nabolisgter, plug in a title in the search engine, and you are good to go.


Search Engines

OV Guide - Movie Search Engine

Globolister - Movie Search Engine (Formerly Nabolister)

Instant Watcher - Movie Search Engine

Surf The Channel - TV/Movie Search Engine


Zeropaid keeps a current list of online TV websites -- start HERE

Hulu is an online video on demand service offering streaming video of TV shows and movies, primarily from NBC and FOX and their cable networks. It's currently only offered in the states.

The following are subject to change ...





Baidu (China's most popular search engine)



BoxSweeper for streaming entertainment, movies, tv shows, etc

Jump Off TV (Hip Hip TV)

TV Link Vault





Steamrick (Features ABC network)

Free TV Search

Surf The Channel

Internet TV Search Engine

Fatboy Media

SS Upload Forums

TV Shack | user: beta pass: beta

DivX Live

EZ TV (Torrents)

Internet TV Search Engine For Movies

Box Sweeper

TV Underground

Kazoop Network

Pics.area755 (Movies Online)

All UC.org Recommended by some of the users at Beatking

Find TV Links

Online Television.TV

Crafty TV

Movies On Demand.TV

Live Online TV

Like Vid

BBC Motion Gallery

SouthPark Zone or Stan's Dad

Family Guy (Watch Any Episode)

Joost (Out of Beta - requires downloading of application)


Great Stuff TV




TV Underground





Free TV Links


TV Nation


Find Internet TV

Ten Movies - Movie Resource for the Middle East

Graboid.com - 130,000 files, many in hi-def

The Pirate City.org/Hancock - Streaming videos



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Watching a whole movie on youtube can kill you :dunno:

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In case you couldn't find a favorite, the following sites have been shut down, or are no longer working:

SuperMoviePlex Forums ???

UKs TV-Links - Shut down 10/19/07

Nitchi 50Webs- Shut down

Stage 6 - Shut down by DivX :sad:

http://teevee.gamefurnace.com-- No Longer Available!

http://www.watchforfree.co.nr/-- Outdated!

http://www.rapetheweb.com-- Outdated!

http://digguser.blogspot.com -- Outdated!

http://tv-posse.piczo.com-- No Longer Available!

http://onlygreatstuff.blogspot.com/-- No Longer Available!

http://moviemadd.piczo.com/ -- No Longer Available!

http://tvlinks.voodeedoo.org/-- Currently Down!

http://www.tvshez.com/"-- Currently Down!

http://www.free2see.co.nr/--No Longer Available!

http://movies.addictivejunk.com/"-- No Longer Available!

http://tv-earth.com/-- No Longer Available!

http://www.bleenks.com/" -- No Longer Available!

http://www.tvfusion.piczo.com/ -- No Longer Available!

http://www.wegotshows.com/ -- No Longer Available!

http://www.showstash.com - Shut down by MPAA

http://www.tv-links.co.uk/ - Shut down by UK

http://www.rapetheweb.com/ - No longer available


http://ttp://www.tvtorrents.com/--No longer working

http://www.collegerage.com/--Videogame site, not working

http://stolenmovies.blogspot.com/--No longer working

Movies6.net - Formerly Simplistic Movies


And beware of http://miivi.com/ - it's a scam site to entrap people

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SoulXTC at ZeroPaid has written a series of excellent articles on watching tv on the web.

1) His first one takes a look at the TVU and Vidoo, which streams free tv using Bit Torrent technology:

TVU Networks currently offers the following TV channels, Sports (ESPN, ESPN (ASIA), ESPN 2, MLB, Star Sports, CCTV 5, Telecapri (Italy), NBA TV), General (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, USA Network, Comedy Central, Disney, Animal Planet, CW, Cartoon Network, TV Land, NASA TV, TeleMundo, Phoenix CN, Star TV), News (CNBC, CNN (low), CNN 1, Class News(Italy), Phoenix Info, CBN, Al Jazeera), Movies (Hollywood, CCTV 8), Lifestyle & Fashion, and Music (LC2, Channel V, Music+, All Music, OnTop TV). They are currently rotating TNT and HBO on the Test Channel 10134

For some of the channels the stand alone TVU Player won't have all the channels listed, like FOX for example, so you have to use its sister site, Vidoo.com instead. Vidoo still uses the TVU client but, has it embedded in the page rather than as a stand alone. Also to note, Vidoo doesn't work in Firefox and must be opened in Internet Explorer for it to run TVU properly.

Read more at Zeropaid

2) In his second article, "3 Quick Ways to Watch Movies For Free", SoulXTC takes a look at PeekVid, Movin' Flick and Junk Nova.

Read more at Zeropaid

3) In his third article, "TV Links Alternatives For Free TV Shows & Movies", SoulXTC explores 'Surf the Channel', 'TV Life', 'Quicksilver Screen", 'FOMDB' and 'Sidereel':

Read the review here

4) In a fourth article, Soul XTC explores "How To Watch Your Favorite TV Programs, Via Bit Torrent" - Read more HERE

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More TV websites for the filesharing crowd:

Bite Me TV

TV Junkies

Cybertelly - Sends a TV feed to a peer-to-peer network, where anyone can tune in, completely anonymously

Uitzendinggemist.nl - P2P TV with tons and tons of educational offerings

PPlive - Chinese P2P TV which boast the largest number of users and content in the world

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Asia Plate TV - if you're into soccer like moi. This is brilliant.

Have to download some software first though.

If you're interested and need some help just ask me or throw me a PM :thumbsup:


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  • 2 weeks later...

Haven't found the right channel yet for you? How about one of these?

E-MusicTelevision "has up to 500 music videos available to choose from, and viewers help select what plays by uploading the videos. The selection tends to lean towards popular - but I imagine the service will grow over time.

Watch Online TV (For Windows) offers up over 2500 channels of televison for free, including some of the US major networks.

Cybertelly allows you to swap live feeds via p2p. Newsweek and Time said this service may well revolutionize television. Windows only :(

SceneBan - no ads, no signup, no hassle.

Choose & Watch TV

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  • 2 months later...

VideoHybrid will search the web for tv shows and movies and then automatically play them in your browser. High quality, too - recommended!

***Currently not working - stay tuned***


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  • 3 weeks later...

Lifehacker has written several excellent articles:

This one takes a look at 'Ted', the new bit torrent ap that allows you to download tv series with the click of a button:

"Windows/Mac/Linux (All platforms): Freeware application ted (torrent episode downloader) is like Tivo for BitTorrent, providing an easy-to-use interface for setting up season pass downloads for your favorite television shows. We've mentioned ted in the past, and I've even posted a step-by-step for getting the most out of ted, but since we last highlighted it, ted has gone through some significant improvements, like its long list of built -in shows complete with show information. When you add a show, ted will download every new episode torrent of that show as it becomes available using your default BitTorrent client. Ted is a free download for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Not up to speed on BitTorrent? Check out our beginner and intermediate guides."

Read more at Lifehacker

Get 'Ted'


In this companion piece, Lifehacker takes a look at another useful torrent website to find television shows - TIOTI - Take It Off The Internet:

"Web site Tape It Off the Internet (TIOTI) is an online television portal designed to help you find and watch your favorite TV shows, either through streaming online video, BitTorrent downloads, or links to purchase the episode or season from iTunes or Amazon. The goal of TIOTI is to make finding and watching your favorite television shows easier than your regular BitTorrent experience—sort of a "non-geek" BitTorrent tracker and then some."

Read more at LifeHacker


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  • 3 months later...

CurrencyTrading.Net lists 20 Free Online TV Channels For Finance Junkies, including:

Bloomberg TV

Forbes TV

Reuters News

Business Week

Dow Jones Video

Traditional television stations


BBC Business

CNN Money

Fox Business Now

Nightly Business Report

Weekly Market Monitor

Weekly Street Critique

Online Specials

About Finances TV

Business Focus TV

Business Update TV

Market News First

Business News Network

Forex TV



Find Links Here

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  • 5 months later...

hey dude hope u doing wellactually i was looking for some thing like that u know don't have much time for switching on the tv..busy person u know so i was looking for some thing online and that a good help i think its works well :)

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Thanx for the recommendation!

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