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They need to all at least have a market wish they've equilibrium the shit out of the techniques

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I've been attempting gunner but I began with bouncer and although it's pretty fun and easy to work with even in ultimate quests, gunner seems far more entertaining and it seems like it's some mad damage. My only thing is how the heck am I supposed to stay in enemies faces to do more efficient damage? Bouncer has many I-frames lol. The whole cartoon of Sroll is all iframes in addition to PSO2AH Chronolapse having iframes throughout the move except in between the first part and second area where youre invulnerable. Gunslinger spin also has iframes during the animation but its not used for bossing and bossing.

I didn't know that. thanks. Negative question, do you attempt to time for a attack out of an s-roll? Or do you simply go into a PA/attack? And gunslinger spin is good for add clear then right? Yeah gunslinger is simply great for addsout of s roster there isnt a time, you struck a great attack the moment you are able to do an attack. Something to understand is that with a skkill passive about the tree, if you can because you gain 10% more damage, you want to PA following an sroll. I do it occasionally in the video because im also fairly new to gunner and pso2 in general but missing out on the 10 percent damage is huge.

Being a Force user on PSO2 be like

Unless you are on NA in which case you throw out absurd string (Gizonde) over and over and over because everything else is pointless. No joke the things with constant utility are the lightning techs haha. Gizonde(dinosaurs ) nazonde(compound tech judge building on strong mobs or bosses) ilzonde(based motion ) and also the suck everything into one place one. I really like Ilmegid, its array is that of Gizonde also it could hit the same target. Much better out of which Gizonde for whatever motive stops chaining on flying enemies. Downside is it does not have lightning's cost decrease. They need to all at least have a market wish they've equilibrium the shit out of the techniques. So many of these look/sound cool but where is the harm.

Ilmegid is a wonderful concept, but the harm is too low and the pp price is too large. It's fine for low level trash. Megid is strong. The slow buttocks cost megid (ramegid?) Cold has some techs that are decent. Wind is the worst of the lot, and that I was kind of wanting wind to be better. I think the dark technician is namegid? Takes almost six full seconds to bill. Fantastic harm, but dps that is buy Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta horrible. His minions you and the 1 wind technician that does three whirlwinds is good against boss luther find around. Should out dps additional techs if you get the casts perfect. Nonetheless, it's simply worth using against lone or duo bigger minions because gizonde is better for classes.

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