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Cham - Ghetto Story Lyrics

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I remember those days when hell was my home

When, mi & mama bed was a big piece a foam

And mi never like bathe & ma hair never comb

When mama gone a work, me guh street guh roam

I remember when Danny dem tek mi snow cone

An mek him likkle bredda dem kick up Jerome

I remember when wi visit dem wid pure big stone

An di bwoy danny pop off sup'm weh full chrome

I remember when wi run, Fatta get him knee blown

An mi best frend Richie get 2 ina him dome

I remember a suh di avenue turn ina war zone

An Mikey madda fly him out caa she get a loan

But Mikey guh to foreign & guh turn Al Capone

Mek whole heap a money & sen een our own

Now a wi a lock di city & that is well known

Yesterday Mikey call mi pon mi phone, mi seh Mikey.


Wi get di ting dem, dem outta luck now

Mi sqeeze seven & di whole a dem a duck now

Wi have whole heap a extra clip caa wi nuh bruk now

Raa, raa, raa, raa

Wi get di ting dem suh, dem afi rate wi

Caa wi a tek it dem wicked of lately

An now di whole comunity a live greatly

Raa, raa, raa, raa.

I remember bout eighty jamaica explode

When a trinity & tony hewitt dem a run road

Dat a long before Laing dem & even Bigga Ford

When Adams dem a corporal nuh know di roadcode

I remember when wi rob di Chiney shop down di road

An rumour have it seh di Chiney man have a sword

But, wi did have a one pop weh mek outta board

Suh yuh know di next day mama pot overload

I remember when wi stick di poll clerks

An dump di ballot box pon tivoli outskirts

An hold a plane ticket & guh chill over turks

When mi come back a still ina di hole mi a lerks

I remember those days when informer Derks

Get one ina him face & wi nuh get nuh perks

Caa di bigga heads dem are a couple of jerks

Caa a dem a get di money when a we mash di works (but)


Jamaica get screwed true greed & glutton

Politics manipulate & push youths button

But wi rich now, suh dem caa tell man nutt'n

Caa a we a mek, mama nyam fish & mutton

Hey, over deh suh mek mi tell unu sup'm

True mi deh a foreign now I guy kill mi cousin

Yo mi hear seh T did deh deh but him seh him wasn't

Anytime mi fly down him a get bout dozen



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